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Here's to some good ole shootin times with Timbodon, Sacha and Chris.


I did a Verto of this scene earlier. This one is of 2 RAW tuned thru ACR - one for the sky .

LARGE paves the way


One from my archives. Had processed it but missed posting .


The light shone on this in a subtle manner and the exposed sea bed/ coral bed at low tide absorbed/reflected less light than that surface layer of water at that here we go...

agrifoglio, melagrana, cero:


Questo è quello che auguro per il 2015, a tutti voi, amici di flickr...

... j'ai 5 ans sur Flickr en ce mois de février (10 ans dans ma tête, un peu plus sur mes papiers officiels) et je tiens à vous remercier pour cette belle aventure d'échanges, de partages, de découvertes et de rencontres entre nous, pour certains.

Merci pour votre fidélité, bonne soirée et bon week-end à vous !

LARGE . Be there


Ran outta titles ! Me no garfunkel ;-)


One from my archives....DRI


This was taken at Pasir Ris - Low Tide. Combination of short n long exposures. some blending concoctions.

LARGE is best


A muted sunset , but a bout 45 deg off , the sky turned pink ! I was on this ledge. The water was about the same height flowing by.


DRI from 5 exposures- 1 for the sky. 2 for the rocks and a couple layered for the water.


Location: Someshwar Beach, Ullal, Karnataka, India



Across the Singapore river. To the right and under the umbrellas - white are the restaurants by the river. Abuzz with activity...esp on weekends. to the left is the famous Riverside point.

Exquises inconnues...


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"Te hai un dono sovrannaturale,riesci a realizzare scatti eccezionali con qualunque strumento e credimi non e' facile."


è uno scatto umile, un soggetto umile, un pezzo di ferro arrugginito, modellato sin dall'origine per uno scopo ben preciso...e fino alla fine mantiene salda la sua missione.


trovo che ci sia un potente simbolismo in questa foto.


..e c'è quel po' di tecnica in più ora, non è ancora perfetta, lo so, ma è sincera...ed è solo per te.


Grazie Maestro .



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LARGE - Feel the moment.


This was taken before sunrise (to the right). A pano of 2 sections. Each section is DRI'ed from 3-4 exposures. Manually toned to get the sky seamless. One long exp (f22, 70 secs , ISO 200 for the water).


The overlap is about 60%. Left the railing at the bottom right....liked it :o). Given the 60% or maybe even 70% overlap allowed me to get the buildings in about 15% larger and also align them well. I was at a 45deg angle (as you cans ee from the railing ) to backplane . Good one...enjoyed this ;-)



Loved the sky here. Tells us how small we are >

Explore Front Page, Thanks a lot Guys,

A la une de Flickr Explore, Merci beaucoup les Amis.


Also, I wish to thank Ignacio for the nice Testimonial.

وتكفى طلبتك..دخـيلك..لاتواخذني !

خذني على قدعقلي يا نيكون..ولاتخلّيني


fedaaaiteh ana =$ lOl


النسخه الرجاليه مثل ما طلبتم :P



here is the girlish version

MUST View this 1 LARGE


Our first evening at heaven's gates. Shot at Sentosa rocks. Low tide.


Been a while since I had a go at seascapes and waterflow !


DRI only.


Daniel & me.

no photoshop, from my machine to flickr

big, please.


The Charlatans - Then


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The web of domination has become the web of Reason itself, and this society is fatally entangled in it. ~Herbert Marcuse~


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Every now and then we visit this little village in the middle of a typical Dutch landscape which we love so much!

It is always a pleasure to be here and enjoy the scenery:)


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I saw this fella against the yellow light from the setting sun ...


single exposure.

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Camera : Nikon D800


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Another take from the 50th floor. I struggled to get some good dip in/down angles, thanks to the metal railing and my bulbous lens.


I did this on a full tripod extend over the railing , and then DRI + perspecticve corerection./scaling. Should have also used some mixed focal point shots ....this is off a single focal point on the building to the left, hence the mid ground was a bit soft.

"..There are very many places

I would like to go

But I can't find the key

To open my door..


"The Weight Of My Words" - Kings Of Convenience


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Shot at woodcutters trail with Sai. Been awhile since we did am shoots. Probably even longer until I do another one !


See this large and you'll see some trasnaprency and reflections at the front end.

Revisiting older photographs, finding ones that I can apply different editing techniques to. There's going to be an influx of uploads to my Flickr Account today, bear with me on this one!


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Back to some seascape . LARGE - Be There


Location: Someshwar Beach, Ullal, Karnataka, India


Flat rock. I had to perch at the far end and time the wave and see the extent of it's reach. The sun had just set to the far right. Thw water is a composite - layered from 2 sections timed separately - 1 for the mid rock - flow over and one for the near field.

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this one is just a new profile picture for facebook.. I thought i have to post it to flickr, because of this amazing colors! Hope u like them as well ;)




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LARGE is best


More from the monsoon festival... The sky patterns, contrast, flood /peepholes of light all awesome....only once :-). The little boat to the left was submerged thanks to heavy rains during the night. The stiller water in that boat took more of the sheen.


This was shot at the break of dawn or probably before....thanks to the clouds.


DRI - sky comes of one exposure. The water and boats worked off 2 exposures.

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