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Photography on the prairies in places that are eerie silent and quiet can send the pulse racing with possibilities, while other times diving one to solitude madness. When I walked up to this scene, I suddenly wished I packed a film camera across the Saskatchewan border, thinking nobody's going to believe this scenario coming from a digital sensor. At least the matches were waterproof, it's chilly out here.


*Textures courtesy of Skeletal Mess and Cathairstudios


**Please view LARGE for maximum rural detail

Today at noon, the Sun will be at its lowest altitude in the sky above the horizon. I thought that this would be a good day to share my Christmas card with all of my Flickr friends.


Have a wonderful holiday, everyone! The folks on Flickr are a true community. I've had the opportunity to meet some of you and have corresponded with many more. Your kind comments mean a lot to me. And, I know my photography has improved by seeing so many wonderful photos on Flickr. Thank you!


Northern Flicker

Colaptes auratus


Member of the Nature’s Spirit

Good Stewards of Nature


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Fun with champagne bubbles!




Explore on 29/12/2014

The Northern Flicker is a ground foraging wood pecker. Its favorite food is ants.


Another rainy day here today - off for my Sunday run - at least it won't be hot - LOL. Thanks for stopping by - will be by to see you all when I return.

New 2014 series where I use in camera techniques NOT photoshop to freeze moments in time of famous london landmarks. I really like the unpredicatble and interesting results I get.


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Salmon Berry, Muir Creek, Southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. ( I'm sorry to say I ate this Salmon Berry after I took the photograph. In addition I ate about 300 more Salmon Berries located within walking distance of this particular morsel. )


I would just like to say that this Salmon Berry that I photographed then consumed some 7 years ago has over two hundred thousand views. Berry unusual.

"Hope was a fragile flicker that he wanted to cup with both hands to protect against the harsh winds of reality."

~C.L. Wilson

Arrived at a Junction en route to the west coast of Vancouver Island. Sat down in the shade and took a photograph of this butterfly on an Alder leaf.

I love this candle holder so thought i would share it with you, aint i nice ;-)

A flicker showing off .

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A Northern Flicker on the ground in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Canon EOS 7D Mark II | Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM | 1/250 | ISO 400 | f/5.6


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for my dear flickers Maka and Richard:)


remember? that evening was the beginning ...:)

Was lucky to have this Flicker land on the log and start to peck away looking for food. I normally find them fairly shy.

I have not seen many Northern Flickers the last few months but I guess breeding season is coming on as I heard a couple of them calling at McDonalds Park this morning.

I was puzzled by this Northern Flicker who was quite friendly and willing to let me photograph him. I noticed afterwards that there were two females in the bush behind me. Spring is here!

I think this is a father and son team...I photographed the flicker on the left feeding the other one. I added a couple of textures because the sky was so overcast it looked solid white. Thanks to dog ma for the textures.

Bigger and Better?

First sighting of a yellow shafted Flicker in years.

This is the first Flicker that I've seen this year... I had hoped to see more but no luck so far....This is a type of Woodpecker.....

I was puzzled by this Northern Flicker who was quite friendly and willing to let me photograph him. I noticed afterwards that there were two females in the bush behind me. Spring is here!

Mech Wars 2015


Ascendant Lords

AL-SCY028 Flicker

Hybrid L-reFrame

Effective Range: Short

Classification: Close Range

Armaments: (1) QG-AL01h


Created and designed by the Unknown Kingdom of Scyron, the AL-SCY028 Flicker boasts unmatched Speed and maneuverability. Piloted by the Crown Prince Meira Smith, otherwise known as the Legend of Scyron, the Flicker has achieved 83 reFrame kills with nothing but tears in its flight shroud. Lightly plated but very mobile, the reFrame sacrifices armor for agility and balance. Armed with a Quorus Glaive, the Flicker hits fast and moves quick. Multiple flight stabilizers allows for controlled glides through the battlefield while the weapon acts as a balance rod. To complement the state of the art machine is the unique fighting style of the prince described as chaotic beauty, Man and machine becomes one in a dance of glaives.


The Legend of Scyron has grown through battles with multiple enemy kills and not one report of it being hit. Factions have instructed their pilots on all sightings of the Flicker, "Retreat. Do not engage."


#mechwars #mechwars2015 #phlug #phlugmech #mech #h20 #teamchiu

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This year been great. Meet so many wonderful people. Thank god i went back and signed on my flicker account. And saw some of the greatest photos. :) Thank You Everyone!


1. Most Views: Bratz 2010 Twins Phoebe and Roxxi. Got so many questions about them. It's weird cause i don't play with them as much.


2. Most Faves: Shira Electric Girl. Wow this one was a surprise. Thank you everyone for all the love and support.


3. Most Comments: Bratz 2010 Twins Phoebe and Roxxi.


4. Personal Fave Of The Year: Sasha Bratz Next Super Model Cycle 1 Hippiez to the Heart. This one really came out great. And i really love the colors all together.


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I think i'm the last to do this so if you were tagged already don't mine it. :)

Northern Flicker (Colaptes auratus) roosting into large cottonwood poplars along the oxbow channel off the Bow River in the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


13 May, 2017.


Slide # GWB_20170513_1890.CR2


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Male Northern Flicker


I've been having fun observing our regular birds, and now a flicker pair, as they visit our backyard for a sip of water.

getting into the 'Christmas bokeh' spirit...

HFFF? Happy Fence Friday to all my flickr and Northern Flicker friends! :)

I've got a male / female pair of Northern Flicker woodpeckers that have decided to come by everyday; to sit on the fence and inch their way over to the bird seed for breakfast and lunch.

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