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Flickr HQ is littered with inspirational gems such as these. It also has firstgoatse images pasted up on the walls...



Crowns. Not crayons.

here's my experiment i came up with during a sleepless night last night: in theory, if i meta-tag a pic with all the most popular tags on flickr, and people actually click on it, it should quickly become the most-viewed picture on flickr. in theory. time to see what happens.


Please Leave a Comment, even if it's just to say how stupid this is.


edit: I've realized that although this picture will appear when people type in any of the popular tags, there will be many other pictures being uploaded with the same tags. Thus, in a few hours, this picture should be several pages back in the flickr results for each tag, and the number of views should decrease. Or will they.....


edit #2: People seem to be adding more and more tags. Good to see this thing taking off in weird directions. Thanks everyone...

kristin and i were looking at threadless and she saw the goatse shirt. "what's goatse?" well. i HAD to show her.

I took the fourth quarter of the SuperBowl as an excellent opportunity to introduce the entire group to "goatse". I am such a mean girl.


I mean, now that Patrick has shown it to me, I'm at liberty to do unto others...


Loren's girlfriend, Loren, Jeff, Josh, Marianne, Alice, Billy.

There goes my innocence!


From my blog posting, My First Goatse Reaction -

Two minutes later; still trying to take it all in.

Technically this wasn't Goatse, it was the horse video.

Not a very nice thing to do to the one you love, but it was too funny to pass.

I'm very fascinated that there'd be a group for such a specific concept!


So here's my first contribution to this hilarious pool! :)


Rock over London, rock on Goatse!

I unexpectedly became inspired by this episode of XKCD (spoiler) and the First Goatse group to throw together a little Mac app that reveals the hello.jpg in all its goriness (thank goodness for low resolution cameras back then!), whilst simultaneously snapping some shots with the built-in iSight. This is the final screen in the app, in which I'm simulating surprise. I swear editing the screen with hello.jpg was not an experience I intend to repeat anytime soon.

This is part of a Telus ad campaign that has something to do with rabbit holes. These big glowing ads are all over the place -- this was taken in the McGill Metro station. Bunnies, yeah, but well... you know...

Not for the feint of heart.....but a cool concept when you look at the project as a whole.

What kind of a heartless person would Goatse their mom??

leda's first goatse

She had never seen it... her mind is dirty now.


He had told me before viewing the pic that he wanted to make a very happy face. He could not.

A phenomenon appeared in the sky over Duluth in early April, 2008.

She was very uncertain that she wanted to see, and look at that joy!

christine's first look

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