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An innocent no more. Am I a bad man for doing that to her?

What kind of a heartless person would Goatse their mom??

Flickr HQ is littered with inspirational gems such as these. It also has firstgoatse images pasted up on the walls...



Internet found firstgoatse image.

Crowns. Not crayons.

Erica's Birthday and Cheese Party, April 12, 2006

kristin and i were looking at threadless and she saw the goatse shirt. "what's goatse?" well. i HAD to show her.

Not a very nice thing to do to the one you love, but it was too funny to pass.


He had told me before viewing the pic that he wanted to make a very happy face. He could not.

Technically not my FirstGoatse -- I had the unfortune to be introduced to that long ago. This actually was my introduction to the MrHands photo^H^H^H^H^H video. Disgusting!

The mouth makes it real.

She was very uncertain that she wanted to see, and look at that joy!

christine's first look

A phenomenon appeared in the sky over Duluth in early April, 2008.

4. Mental re-gross-out reaches the pinnacle again!

Not so nice first thing in the morning. Especially since she had to go shower again.

The Chauns first goatse.


I personally remember my first goatse.. It first started with fear and a little bit of anger.


To and little bit of curiosity... "is that real?"


Then quickly back to anger.


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