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Oculus tower


Stitched panorama


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this photo is included in the book, XGRAY VISION 2009

20th century fire alarm system on old brick building.

Another shot of the main entrance. The slim cast iron columns look almost threatening here.


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Part I – Part II

On 116th Street...

New York City..

Wishing Everyone A Happy Sunday!!!

This has to be one of the last mechanical fire alarm boxes in New York City. A relic of the past.

Another bit of urbex in Lancaster, probably my last visit here and probably my last bit urbex for a while also! Wandering around this site I came across this fire alarm, sticking out of the rubble, still attached to its cable. I wonder whether this was used?


It felt so surreal in the middle of all this collapse and decay, to have a symbol of safety, albeit a very tarnished and broken one. I so wanted to push the button in, but it didn't feel right!

Fire extinguisher on the platform of railway station Delft


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I pass by this wall every night on my way home and I finally got a shot of it.

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Service: London Fire Brigade

Aerial Code: A251

Fleet Number: DPL1191

Make/Model: Mercedes Atego

Role: Duel Purpose Ladder

A sight usually hidden from street level. Shot from the carpark looking across the street on Stephens Place.

A fire alarm on the side of a grocery store long since closed in Madison, Wisconsin.


Another photograph from my "Photostatic Flats" series.


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Three years ago today, I will be forever gratefull that my dogs barked a lot. Buddy and Emma kept on pacing between the walls between the apartment and myself who was lying on the couch, whinning, yapping and barking for about quarter of an hour before we went for a walk. Five minutes after we exited the apartment my neighbour called and asked "where are you", "around the corner" I answered". Why didn't I know there was a fire next door ? I dont have a sence of smell & earlier on the same day I'd taken down the firealarm to change batteries but I never did. My neighbour was a hoarder and it took three teams of firefighter put the fire out. There was a lot of lessons learned that day but I don't mind dogs barking anymor

view large.


anyone wants to guess what those white dots are?

It was a fire alarm across the street. I used the most light-sensitive setting that my Nikon D40 has: ISO1600.


The largest aperture f/3.5 allowed me to take this with a 1/6 of a second exposure on the tripod.


I think the long exposure made the snow look red with the fire truck's flashing lights. It was a false alarm, Thank Goodness.


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Tempelhof airport - Taken in Berlin, Germany, in the Fall of 2014

Edwards fire alarm pull station at The Flats at Shady Grove, a former Quality Suites hotel in the process of being converted into apartments. At the time of my visit, a new fire alarm system was being installed in the building. This pull station will be removed once the new system is completed. The notification appliances for the old and new systems are visible on the wall above the pull station.


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Engine Company 20 of the Philadelphia Fire Department responded on a automatic fire alarm on Arch Street between 9th & 10th streets this afternoon.




FUJINON 1:2.8 f=2.8cm

KonicaColor 100 expired 2005

Nikon Zoom 210AF 35mm Film.

Wheelock Exceder fire alarm horn/strobe at The Flats at Shady Grove, a former Quality Suites hotel in the process of being converted into apartments. At the time of my visit, a new fire alarm system was being installed in the building. This horn/strobe will be removed once the new system is completed.


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