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seen @ a carneval procession in Gaißau/Austria

At Eastern big fires at lighted to expell all evil Its an old tradition in my hometown.

Netherlands - Huissen- 2014

Poush shonkranti.....kite flying festivals or locally known as 'Poush Shongkranti', which is celebrated on the last day of 'Poush' month of the Bengali month.


Location: Old town, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Explore# 67 on Monday, January 17, 2011


Fuego Controlado © Foc Controlat


Falla Trinquete / Fallas de Elda 2011


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Elda (Alicante - Comunidad Valenciana - Pais Valencià - Spain)


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The reign of the autumn season is rich and striking, I find myself imagining it as though a giant paintbrush carelessly dabbed fiery reds, oranges and golds across an unsuspecting landscape. Pair that with end of summer sunsets and well you get the feeling that for a moment, somehow you managed to step into a painting..

As I was editing this I thinking about fire.. and the colours and heat that goes with it..


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don't play with it!

Second day of Spring and warmth is in the air..I sent the fireplace outside, might warm up the birds that have lost their home...(That's another story..)


Model : Mark Amigó


more from the day shoot here

Flambeau--A burning torch, especially one carried in procession. This was shot from a temple procession, in which the devotees carry the flambeau right in front of the procession followed by ornamented elephants carrying the God or Goddess.

Another frame from the Winter Solstice Fire Festival, these are artists from IGNITION, spinning some massive pois.


Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.


أشبـ النار لجلـ ادفىآآ واحط منـ الحطبـ واشيلـ واقلبـ فالترابـ الليـ يسليـ حسرة الخايبـ,,




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last fire of my winter season

Last night was the longest, a fire has traditional to burn. Here an impression. I always see faces, animals, fantasy creatures in the fire. Have you seen some, too?

1.Combine one part Winter,

2.A giant cement mixing bowl,

3. Mix liberally with a dozen logs.

4. Let simmer for awhile.

5. Prep Camera

6. Set Timer for 10 seconds (less and you risk hurtling yourself running headfirst into the pit trying to get into position with ice and snow underfoot.)

7. Set exposure for 3-10 seconds.

8. Immediately add ex-pyromaniac model with instructions to stay still lest the recipe flop.

8. Let Bake

9. Serve


Taken Christmas 2005 in Northern British Columbia with my Mom's Christmas Present. The texture on the right sky is the captured lines of falling snow.


I really like the contrast between the abstract chaotic patterning of the sparks and the linear fall of the snow. I was trying to achieve a sense of magical ambiance with a human counterpoint to act as the magician. I wanted to make it seem as though I was calling forth fire from the bowels of the earth.


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♪"The time to hesitate is through

No time to wallow in the mire

Try now we can only lose

And our love become a funeral pyre


Come on baby, light my fire

Come on baby, light my fire

Try to set the night on fire" ♫


Light My Fire

The Doors


My husband ... ;)


1001 pouco de palha de aço, fogo...e o efeito fica bárbaro !!!

Editing with Adobe Lightroom 5

Fire eating is the act of putting a flaming object into the mouth and extinguishing it. A fire eater can be an entertainer, a street performer, part of a sideshow or a circus act but has also been part of spiritual tradition in Sri Lanka. Fire eating torches are generally made of metal with a wrapped kevlar or cotton wick.


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Fire Roses - Thalya By Daniel Arrhakis (2014, 2015)


Long, long time ago, existed Seven Fire Roses, each one with a special power. Thalya had the power to protect the passions and lovers but also to ward off the forces of darkness... to those who believed in it !!




This work is also in my fineartamerica page if you want to see :




Made for the contest Challenge #9 - Breaking the Visual Cliché - The Blind Pig Speakeasy

In Saint Joseph's eve, in some Italian countries devoted to St. Joseph bonfires are lit for devotion and sacrifice, in honor of the saint.


Time Slips - De Phazz


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The song that is

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Stukely Sud



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