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Harley Quinn & The Joker

From Finncon/Animecon 2009

From Finncon 2009.


Mummy or zombie, I don't really know. Cool costume & make up!

Edit: oh, it was costume from Silent Hill movie.

I do not know what these people are dressed up as.

The same horned character from the "Grin" at pose.. I was such busy capturing the portraits and other straight shots in the cosplay session that I almost forgot about the more creative photographic edge.. Well, here's one of the few from the session with some effort to that direction..

Pipsa turning around, she's taking care of of my photo stream. I'm going to Finncon now for couple of days :) more photos next week.


Please do also see the set of these two kittens

Remembering last summer when me and my friend drove from Oulu to Tampere to participate Finncon'08. The drove was long (500km), day was hot and there was no air-condition in the car. But there were plenty of lakes to stop by :)

A lost child in Finncon

Stairs up


Taken at Finncon '07 at Jyväskylä

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.. from the Resident Evil..

One of the coolest sci-fi outfits at the scene.


This is also the last of the Finncon Animecon 2011, Turku series for now. More pictures from the session will be available soon enough at yet unknown URL..

Please name the character(s) if you know the manga and cosplay culture..


This is the first upload from my Finncon Animecon 2011, Turku harvest, there's a whole series coming up.


And what a great fun it was to take all these pictures with all the wonderful young people in their fabulous top crafted DIY cosplay outfits. And also how eager they were to pose in them, so great photo sessions and all at moments notice.. Thank you for all of the models!


More pictures will be available in my facebook albums

.. from Bartimeaus Trilogy by John Stroud. This one I asked to write down properly. Lovely character, a bit sinister with the black in combination with the sweet appearance of the model herself..

One very well carried out cosplay character.

Such a sweet pose and loveliest smile. Very happy to have taken this picture..

I was totally surprised how many people in Finland are into cosplay!

It will fit. Really. It is bigger on the inside!

The pastel pink and blue color combo is absolutely adorable. And the pastel green and blue colors make for two very nice matching dresses.


Last year I came across photos of a Japanese girl cosplaying Neko-Hayate from Hayate no Gotoku. Up until then I wouldn't have believed pastel blue and pink was a good color combination, but oh oh, I could have flown to Japan at that very moment. Her cosplay was simply that astonishingly cute.


Thank you girls for reviving a happy memory. You also look extremely cute.

The official Ottomobile

Like the way she's holding her fist in contrast to the otherwise such sweet "lolita-esque" character.. Always love the strong red hair color too..


And isn't it photographer's luck that when you take two quite similar pictures each have their compromises, no matter what. The other shot of her had slightly nicer pose but I wasn't satisfied with the compositon of the background, so this one remained the overall winner of the two after all..

Delia Sherman shares her views about manners(punk)

Over in Yankeeland they cry about the lack of Elfen Lied cosplay. But this is Winland! We had dozens of these psychotic merciless killers running around. And half of them were cosplaying the anime's opening sequence! Yes, in the NUDE!


Ok, slight exaggeration, half a dozen (or so) clothed cosplayers. I know I raised an eyebrow and wondered what was up. I photographed four of them.

On my way to the train station I had to cut across the site of Finncon-Animecon 2011 here in Turku. I was lucky to encounter these two cosplayers who were doing Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth costumes from the splendid Phoenix Wright game series. I had spotted them the day before but couldn't catch them in time to take a photo for my friend @avregary. This time I had a minute for two quick images, which I combined into this diptych.


9 out of 10 lawyers recommend viewing this in lightbox or in full size.

Erm... I think we shouldn't see him ( she), oh dear... Did I touch that damn Note book!?

Taken at Finncon-Animecon 2011 in turku.

The badge on Miku's tie says "Tissit", Finnish for tits. The more revealing tissit belong to the Rikku cosplayer in the background. I kinda feel bad for her. She was looking at me expecting me to photograph her next and then I just walk away. Unpardonably rude of me but truth of the matter is that I'm completely indifferent to the Final Fantasy franchise. No doubt the male and lesbian parts of my dear audience also finds my behavior inexcusable.

Fandom Friday, view from Paasitorni

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