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© Stephanie Fysh 2007; all rights reserved


*Hasselblad X-PanII+45mm f4.5+Ilford DELTA 3200


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My brother daring a roof thats about to cave in.

January 28th 2006

Today I brought my creative arts group down to the seaside for a lesson in photography and locations; you dont have to travel far to find things to photograph.


February 7th 2006

Gelatin silver print.

Reportage su SanGiovanni Rotondo.

Periodo 2005/2006

Looking south from the rocky bottom of a small island in the middle the East River.

That's the United Nations on the right with a bit of the Empire State Building peeking out from behind and the Chrysler Building on the far right. Waaaaaaay in the distance on the left is the Williamsburg Bridge.

Girls in their tutu, standing by before the action.

10 minutes of post-process, while I'm in a short break of the "shooting".

1 more week to go!:)

Model: Leyla Musleh


hey! take a look of this article about my work and other photographers like Simon Pais or Antimethod .


over the tasman sea

A New Series of shots salvaged from my Past Works taken in 1996-1997.


This is the Roof of the historical architecture called "Dojunkai Apartment House", which was constructed in the early 20th century, and it was one of the most advanced Western Style Apartment at that time. The building didn't burn down through the World War, but it was finally torn down by the government in 2003. This Aparment does not exist anymore in this 21st century, and it's been taken over by a modern High-Tech apartment which has 20 floors.


shot in 1997, Dojunkai Apartment House, Koto-ku,Tokyo

am rheinfall


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close up of the rhinefall

OM-2n + Zuiko 50mm f/1.4 + Kodak 400UC



I read the news today

And everything they say

Just makes me wanna stay inside and wait


Better part of me knows,

That waiting in the throws

Is on a par with reading with my eyes closed


"What Can I do?", You say

"It's just another day

in the life of Apes with ego trips"


Put down your hollow tips

And kiss your lover's lips

And learn that fate is what we make of it


Please end this

please ends this

Before it ends us

Ends ...US


I wanna stay inside

I wanna stay inside for good

I wanna stay inside

For good



Now this is the intro shot to a soft horror story I'll better illustrate later.


Also (a little ot) this shot reminds me of Carpenter's movie the Fog which by chance I happened to see last night and that, being an '80s horror movie, was more hilarious to me than actually scary.


well, now that I'm at it:


Stevie: Well, my gauges must be wrong. I've got a wind blowing due east. Now what kind of a fog blows against the wind?


Dan: You got me.


Stevie: I'm not so sure I want you.


The Fog

John Carpenter

@ Contact :: Zuiko OM 50mm 1.4

SQ-i 135 W

Zenzanon S 250mm f/5.6

Coming down the Miner's Track on a really wet August day.


This was how I celebrated my 50th birthday. Hoping for better weather on the next half-century !


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Elizabeth Street,


Agfacolor Optima II 400 @ 320

Developed in Tetenal C41 @ 104°F 4min

Photograph © Xavier Hinnekint

Fujica ST701

CZJ Biotar 58/2

Inside the Ke Ga lighthouse

The same roll of film in the Baby Rollei as the last two "urban grafitti" images but 10 miles away and a different environment.This was taken on New Years Day, mostly a grey afternoon but a little bit of sun lit up the gate and tree.


It's a very boggy area and when I parked the car I found only one wellie in the boot - so I never made it across the mud bath surrounding the gate.


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