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I recently picked up a few rolls of FPP Mr Brown ISO 6 black and white film from the fine folks at the Film Photography Project. It is a interesting film. It is very slow and very thin. Much thinner than a normal negative. Thinner than writing paper. Closer in thickness to a tracing paper. I was worried that I might have problems with it buckling when I tried to load it on the developing reels. However, that was not a problem. The biggest problem with it being so thin was inserting the negatives into the Print File negative holders :-)


Most of the negatives on this roll were very dense after development. I used a combination of Sekonic incident light meter, and the Nikon F5's built in light meter (which is very good). So, I am not sure if I over developed to get such dense negs? Or the ISO is not really 6? One of the best exposed images is one I took inside with a flash, the flash on auto mode for ISO 6. So, I am not exactly sure yet what to think about the dense negs.


However, I do have three more rolls of this film and will be experimenting more with it :-)


Taken near Custer Michigan with Nikon F5 on 12/17/2016

Nikon Series E 50mm f/1.8 lens

FPP Mr Brown ISO 6 BW film



Developed in Xtol stock, 10.5 minutes

Negative scanned with Epson V500


Development details on FilmDev