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film, sooc. double exposure.

October 2013

Film : agfa 200

Fuji 1600, Nikon FM3a, Emerald Hill, Singapore.

nº 2511 - film


amor, amor, las nubes a la torre del cielo


y todo ardió en azul, todo fue estrella...


....................................................................(Pablo Neruda)


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ritz crystal film

expired 1/2007

soaked in oxiclean for 45mins


the film version of a recent drive. i've adjusted the levels in PS to get a bit more drama.

film. a few more in the comments, also film (:


This is Danny , He's really incredible.


film, sooc.

she's sweeter than pie.


my sister as a bridesmaid.


could i please have more constructive criticism?

i'm so grateful for all of your kind words, but i want to improve :)


summer is almost over, i'm dying.

ODC ... film noir ...


Photowalk met Mirjam naar de Meelfabriek Leiden


she agreed to pose for me for this topic :) whát a gal !



film, sooc.

beach in france



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(That isn't me, and I don't condone smoking, okay, but I think it is pretty in pictures)

film, sooc.


mhmm, i am in one of the happiest moods right now, holy goodness. a las i have passed 10,000 views. thank you all of you ever so much.

YaschicaMat 124G/ tortured film scan

Sorry for all the old stuff. My health has taken a dip and to put the icing on the cake, I broke a lens mount on my lens. I had my camera on the tripod and a gust of wind came and toppled the whole thing. Who says you get smarter as you age??? I`ve been reworking old film scans chanting: dummy dummy dummy. Looking forward to warmer days.

Zenit E, expired film.




I'm kind of going on an uploading spree, sorry


and I apologize for the excessive graininess, it really looks better in print. I think I'll try getting my photos on a CD next time

FINALLY got my film photos, so I can get to fixing my 365! Ugh, its so out of order, haha.


This is from Maine. I love watching the sunset there.


More will go here:

from slide film shot the same perfect day as


film, almost sooc

my scanner makes everything darker than it really is

Bencini Comet 635


Fujifilm C200 expired, dip in boiled water and dishwashing liquid.


My break was fantastic.

My friend from Philadelphia is coming in February, and we are planning dozens of photoshoots. I can hardly wait.


Kodak Gold 400 boiled with film canister for 20min.

taken at ISO 64.


I did film swap with ethermoon by the way.It was first time for me to do it and I love the results.


You can see full stream from here.


Now I'm waiting for the film roll taken by him, which I will do double exposed with.



day three hundred and twenty

Many moons ago from film.

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