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it was weird when i got this film back, because it had been two months since i took this picture. i had forgotten that i had taken this, but that makes me love it more.

nº 2162 - film



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lomography supersampler

nº 2511 - film


amor, amor, las nubes a la torre del cielo


y todo ardió en azul, todo fue estrella...


....................................................................(Pablo Neruda)


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Camera:Hasselblad 500C/M

Lens:Carl Zeiss Planar 80/2.8T*

Film:Kodak PORTRA 160


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i finally got my film.

more will be posted later.



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Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 Land Camera with Impossible PX 70 First Flush film

film, sooc. double exposure.

Proudly taken with Canon Eos 5+EF 50mm 1.4+Kodak GoldChrome 400

"non-edited"^^ just crop and added border to make it more likeable

35mm format is awesome^^

the color rocks,grainy superb, lighting just unbelievable...


October 2013

Film : agfa 200

nº 2109 - film


alguien me dijo que las nubes lloran

y yo / tan desconfiado como siempre

estaba a punto de ponerlo en duda

cuando en la mano me cayó una lágrima


.........................................................(Mario Benedetti)


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Fuji 1600, Nikon FM3a, Emerald Hill, Singapore.

the film version of a recent drive. i've adjusted the levels in PS to get a bit more drama.

film, macedonia, summer


I turn 18 today

ritz crystal film

expired 1/2007

soaked in oxiclean for 45mins


nº 2155 - film


qué alegría vivir

sintiéndose vivido


.......................(Pedro Salinas)


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January 2014

Film : agfa 200

fomapan 400 film

Film Swap with madisilva

copyright © 2007 serena dawn boggs


i heart film. every time i develop a roll it makes me so happy... hope that your holiday week was a colorful one ;o)

September 2013

Film : Tudor 200

My younger sister

i just felt like uploading some film stuff and realised that my gallery is full of portraits or beaches, so here you have one of the most beautiful places of seville!

FILM+digital edit


Shot my first roll of film since I took a film/darkroom photography course in college 2 years ago. I had only messed around with a point and shoot prior to the class, so I learned the basics of photography through film. I think there are some benefits to starting out on film and then transitioning to digital... it sort of forces you to take more time and thought into composing the shot if you can't instantly see the end results. That being said, i'll probably choose to shoot digital 90% of the time for multiple reasons. But, i'm really happy with how this turned out so i'll have to do some more film experiments soon.

nº 2152 - film


que tus días tengan siempre color


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Willie Houston



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film. a few more in the comments, also film (:


This is Danny , He's really incredible.


October 2013

Film : agfa 200

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