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No invites or comments please, I promised a friend I will post this,

I just want to sweeten your day or night:-)

I cut this Today at our stores side garden, we have two trees that

are loaded with figs and they are dripping with honey,

I collected about 30 of them and the best way to eat them is with the skin,


Natural light


1 texture by me *)

Festival Internacional del Globo 2013 en Leon Guanajuato, Mex.

#33 on 9//28/11 - Thank you!


I always wanted to photograph these little guys. Now that I've cut them open I'm wondering what to do with them. Recipes, anyone?


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Figs are a fantastic source of vitamin B6. B6 is responsible for producing mood-boosting serotonin, lowering cholesterol and preventing water retention, all characteristics that help balance the moods of a menstruating woman.

Also, hormonal forms of birth control (such as the pill or the patch) deplete vitamin B6, so those using this method of birth control should try to eat more foods that are rich in B6- like figs.


My one of favorite fruits:)


Thank you to have some fruits a day:)


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I've decided that the weekend is when I will post my random photos. ;-)


Happy Saturday!



Number: CT-1024-52

Name: "Titus"

Rank: ARC Sergeant Grade I

Primary weapon: Modified DC-15S blaster rifle

Secondary weapon : Kukri

Equipment: Long-range comlink, additional armor padding, cybernetic arm


Well, it looks like I made it. Almost in one piece ! My left arm went missing. Now I have some sort of cyberthingy arm, I don't know what it is. But I consider myself as lucky. Gear and Blast died in the explosion of the lab. We still don't know what happened. As for Pong Kar, well, he was already dead before the explosion. My body protected his corpse, and so some guys were able to identify him.

My old armor was really in piece, so I had to change. I decided to try a helmet prototype. Don't know if it it worth it.


And it's figs turn to show their beautiful purple colour.


Happy Purple Tuesday! Have a great week!


Fig Tree at entrance to Camperdown Cemetery

Macro Mondays :: 11.2.13 :: “Member’s Choice: On the Inside” :: No. 1 {EXPLORED #242}


HMM Everyone!!


My grandfather had Fig orchards in the Central Valley of California...(.San Joaquin.)

I worked in a Pear shed sorting them during my teenage years to earn college money, in Lake County, Ca.

Thought I would paint them Watercolor & Ink...:)


This did not turn out as well as I was hoping, but I would have mud if I played around much more...:)

fig forest in Mkuze Reserve, SouthAfrica

This image surprised me ~ I had a small basket of mission figs and lined them up like soldiers (I tried them in a small bowl first, but did not like that tabletop still life look). Then I got out the macro lens ~ geeze I didn't know they were almost as seductive as pears to paint! I didn't realize there were so many shades of purple hidden in the black skins. So, here you have my Mission Fig Soldiers with their very own fig bokeh, painted in PhotoShop and slightly textured with my textures. I hate saying "with my textures" but if I don't state that then certain groups do not let your image in ~ you have to state where the textures came from.


Who knew I could ramble so much about figs? OH ~ they are delicious :-)


Cut figs in half, press a small amount of goat cheese (Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese is preferred) Wrap a thin slice of prosciutto (Italian, of course) around the center of the fig half. Lay flat side down in a grill pan on the grill and cook for less than 30 seconds, rotate and cook 20 more seconds, turn over and warm for another minute. Place on platter and drizzle with balsamic vinegar reduction and toasted walnuts.


Open your favorite vino and enjoy. . .


Oh, my ~ I can live on appetizers, who needs the real meal? Life is a series of snacks and picnics to me.

Creeping Fig (Ficus pumila) is a woody evergreen vine native to East Asia and Australia. It is usually grown on walls and attaches itself securely to wood, metal, and masonry with barnacle-like fashion that can often overtake a building, requiring frequent pruning to keep it from becoming invasive. This vine does bear fruit, though it is rarely eaten. It is mainly grown for its dense lush foliage and is ideal for use in topiary design. Most of the world-famous topiary characters at Walt Disney World are made using creeping fig vines.


(Watercolor and sepia pen on hotpress paper.)

Farmer and hunter, plus the truck. For Codey's Contest

I did buy some Gorgonzola cheese too. Honey is optional


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If you take from nature, please give something back


My 40 year old fig tree is already sprouting its first crop of figs. I usually get 2 crops a year. Big white organic figs. My gardener picks them and we sell them at the organic market and split the profit. 4 for $2USD, a tidy little income. Thanks Dad for planting the tree!


Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit consent. © A. Blades Photography All rights reserved

I was going to call this- I am plum tired. But then, out of my cloud of tiredness, I remembered that these are in fact figs. I thought of calling it - I am fig tired.

That is when I realized that I am too tired to title anything.


I ate my first fig of the season. Delicious! They disappear pretty quickly with the birds and squirrels and other creatures taking their share.


My sig fig from Rebuilding Society :) Enjoy! :D


Also, real smoke FTW.

Please view this original or large, fig tree From my Father in laws garden.

They were sweet and delicious.

Photo taken with Nikon D800E camera.

Location: Gibraltar.

Four new figs I have.

From left to right:

WWII British Medic, WWI British soldier (in jerkin), WWI British soldier and a WWII German Winter soldier.


Unfortunately I haven't been able to upload any scenes lately. But this weekend I will have some. :)


I think the cut fig, at least, will be totally shriveled by the time I finish...

Well heres another figbarf, hope it turns out better than the other one! Hope you like! Btw sorry for the messy paint job on the RPG. Note your favorite one! i Wuv ma Skwullies!



Provence - fig trees and flowers. A beautiful place.


Textures: T15 in my Free Textures set

One of a number of fig trees growing by the roadside in Piana Romana.


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