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Getting up at 5:45ish every morning finally translated into a morning shoot. We just couldn't resist the fog pictures though...


Jul 9, 2008

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ahh, i apologize for more hair flip photos! i just freaked out when i saw these and had to post them.

i hope you don't mind.

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for this one, you really really must:)



Many of my friends have photographed this location beautifully. Thought I would try a mild painting effect.

Thanks for viewing. Your faves and comments are always appreciated.

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Happy Nifty Fifty Friday - Have a great weekend!

one can dream.

aha another half face shot...i really dont like these, i got super frustrated because i could barely focus any of these shots, as my autofocus was being extremely stubborn...


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Fifty Point Conservation Area, Grimsby, ON


Marina South - Singapore

October 18, 2014


(Really happy with our stems this year!)

It's finally over.

And it was really fun :)

So I guess that's it


2010 was not a good year for me.

But it was the best year for me here in Flickr

-Someone gave me a pro account. Thank you, person who gave me the gift of pro :)

-I had my first Front Page

-I met A LOT of awesome flickr friends





It's about time to post something from Fifty Point. Again.

This morning I was able to overcome the magnetic force generated by my bed, which allowed me to travel to Fifty Beach for the sunrise. Unfortunately, the sunrise was only a sliver of colour on the horizon. However, just after sunrise, a soldier from the Canadian Armed Forces cleared everyone from the southern part of the beach - they were going to open the firing range. Shooing us away from the main piers turned out to be a blessing - it made us take another look at the smaller pilings - and this is one of several cool images I was able to capture

After driving to Fifty Beach in the dark, I was a bit disappointed that Saturday morning's sunrise didn't include any sun. But it was fun to shoot the waves breaking under the remains of the old piers

Lower Almonte Falls. I know that I do a lot of waterfalls, but I thought this one was interesting with the cut open slice of ice. Plus, in no time the ice will be gone.


Better for the eyes and soul in the lightbox






this is one of those UFO lights that has those fiberoptic lights all over it. i just thought this looked so magical =]




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Just playing this morning with an image from our stop at Fifty Point on Saturday morning!

Yes, I am very excited about the Queens Jubilee! I love being British.

Meet Polly, my cardboard polaroid camera. Joel made her for me last year and I love her. :) Seriously, I don't think there's anything that Joel can't make out of cardboard. He's amazing.


Also? This was the first shot I took with my new cordless remote! What???? Yes, you heard right. Dreamy found me a cordless remote that actually works with my camera! So after two-ish years of shooting relying solely on my 10 second timer, I may actually be graduating into a new era. Ok, so this shot didn't really need the remote, but once I'm not feeling so damn sick, I promise to explore the new possibilities that this remote has opened up in terms of self portrait composition. Promise.


Big hugs go out to Joel and Jason today. Thanks, boys. ♥


Theme of the Week: Pop Those Props

Apologies Sliders. I am guilty of "Dithering". I posted another image earlier on that the more I looked at, the more I didn't like it.


I think I much prefer this recycled blurry abstract of a wheelie bin I threw away before because it was out of focus. Looks better viewed small and on black... and if you squint a bit.. it might even be a tropical sea and sunset?


Not an up to date tune, but could only think of this.. Dustman

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October 30 2010

Thank you

Joined a few Grips members for a wonderful sunrise at Fifty Point. Used a ND110 filter which must have been what gave it this purple tone. It was a wonderful morning with Karen, Dave, Kirk, and Bill.

E di ritorno dalla giornata al mare..... sosta in una carinissima pasticceria a mangiare un cupcake! Tutto molto anni '50, gelati e dolcetti favolosi, arredamento vintage perfetto. E una colonna sonora che adoro....


And coming back from the day at the beach ..... we stopped in a cute ice-cream shop to eat a cupcake! All very 50s, fabulous ice cream and sweets, perfect vintage decor . And a soundtrack that I love ....


♫ Chuck Berry

Agua y Cielo, y en medio, un Mundo.


Nikon D3

Nikon 24-70 AF-S 2.8


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I had never been to this place before, but had seen quite a few gorgeous photos. I invited a couple of friends, Les and Ed to come with Cal and I. We were up at 3:00 am, so we could drive there and unfortunately, the sky was just a little too cloudy to achieve what we were hoping for. Oh well, another excuse to return! LOL

I've had a photo in mind (not this one) for a while involving Cooper. Did it and it turned out great, until my editor (daughter) reminded me that the background was too similar to another shot I had done. She was right, so back to the drawing board.


So this shot of yet another winter storm is now my shot of the day. We had another 20cm of wet, heavy snow.


Better for the eyes and soul in the light box




thanks for the visit and the comments , favorites


merci de vos visites et de vos commentaires et favorites


bedankt voor uw bezoeken , commentaren en favorietes


Este par son súper viejecitas... una es de los años cincuenta y la otra de los sesenta, 10 añitos después... Si, la verdad es que son compis mías que me las encontré en un mercadillo, estaban tan solitas tan solitas que dije, venga chicas! que os voy a dar un hogar!!!


Quiénes habrán jugado con ellas? Qué historia habrá detras? de dónde vendrán?


Par mi colección Super Camera Toy!!!!


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