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A cute little Harvest Mouse looking for some tasty grub.

Scanned from 35mm Fujichrome 100ASA, Pentax 100mm Macro 1:1

No editing and no processing, no filters, as was in the field.

From archives

I was photographing a nuthatch when something caught my eye. These two teeny meadow voles were running in and out of holes in the snow having so much fun. I have seen them during the summer around the marsh, but never during the winter.

ISO 250, Aperture F11, Shutter Speed 1/664, Exposure -3/4, Focal Length 500 mm

A little long-tailed field mouse wandering around the Pailsey Council building, not far from the White Cart Water.


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Mist shrouds countryside and offers mystery and secrecy...No doubt, autumn is there!

New serie of pictures taken in the countryside by a very very foggy day!

Notre vieille campagne s'enveloppe dans ses habits d'automne pour se faire secrète et mystèrieuse...Nouvelle série de clichés champêtres où grâce au brouillard, les demi-teintes, le flou et le grain vont pouvoir être travaillés!

After months of getting to know my delightful wild mouse I couldn't believe she would actually work with me and allow a photo with her eating from the clock, but I managed several photos. She visited many times for her nut collecting session and is obviously storing food somewhere in my garden.

Another mouse also came by, but was too shy to perform.


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I thought I'd share a photo from Tuesday's encounter with a Northern Pygmy Owl. Although these owls appear to be cute little fluffballs, they are ferocious predators, often killing prey twice their size. With eyes darting back and forth and his head turning in all directions, this owl was constantly in motion searching the area until he finally located and captured his prey, who was no match for this tough little fellow.

National Museum of Natural History - Washington, DC


(A repost of an old favorite)

Teamwork..............Dave Constable had his shots in the bag and was giving out welcome black coffee (thanks Dave) , an anonymous lady and her headlights on foreground lighting, me on the timer and a fieldmouse at my feet, checking composition. We had a great time at Reculver............:-) The red lights on the horizon are warning lights of the local windfarm.

What I assume is a Field Mouse furtling about beside the road.

While driving by the road runner's field... saw this one with something in its mouth. Upon closer examination -- it's a meal.


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This sweet little thing lives in paradies: she resides in our small rock garden and helps herself at the birds' buffet.




Die süße Kleene lebt im Schlaraffenland: sie wohnt in unserem kleinen Steingarten und bedient sich am Vogelfutter.

My first attempt at an animal metaphor


What has this little mouse lost?

Does an angel know?


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Arrrrrrrrrgh! I changing


I am becoming a capitalist


Well even surrealists have to eat!




Another note I must give a big nod to

Not that I have borrowed ideas but in the fact that her work as surely sub-conciously influenced me.

which eats the chicken's food, under the chicken feeder in the chicken shed, (whoa that's a mouthful) i have to shoo it out at night when i lock the chickens in, he's a cheeky chappie!

Long-tailed Fieldmouse having breakfast. I managed to get within 2 metres of them with the 100-400mm lens on, so was able to get some decent detail. Look at the tiny front paws holding a seed in the large view.

This little one has taken peanuts from my hand. It must be standing on tiptoes as the ground in the hole has become quite a cavity this spring and summer. Sometimes another head peeps into the shadows, but is very nervous.


I put out a small plastic bottle lid full of water so they could have a drink if they needed it as today was so very hot. It was 30deg!


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My visiting long tailed fieldmouse enjoying some avocado in the rain.

I was on her level with macro lens. She didn't notice me as I was indoors and she was on the top step. What a treat for both of us! She is such a lovely model I feel I have to reward her with something! It works both ways. lol

Since this photo was taken I have been told in February 2012,by St Tiggywinkles wildlife hospital, that mice should not eat avocado, as it is not a natural food in the wild. Avocado is dangerous to dogs, pet rabbits according to vets so no more avocado, sorry!!. I would hate to do them harm.


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Coyote mousing at Fermilab. Batavia, Illinois.


To answer some of the questions below, yes I photoshopped this. It is one coyote shot in rapid fire. I took five shots and merged them. The background is a snow covered hill in shadow. I had to make adjustments to each of the five photos to match the brightness and saturation. I was using spot metering and the jumping coyote must have went in and out of the center point drastically affecting the exposure. But I got them fairly close. I "healed" the borders and cloned out some plants in the background to get rid of a repeating look. Also, the horizon (or my camera) was on an angle so I had to rotate the images and then crop to rectangles to make one continuous, level line.

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I made a coyote calendar. Check it out at:

wild fieldmouse under my garden shed

Just to show our cat can be just as menacing as G's!!!!!!!


You may remember patch from before link incase ya missed it....] as he fell off that gate...


These two are notorious killers, I heard last weekend Blackie took out a... no, I won't say, it was a bird, I'll leave it at that, then Patch killed a fieldmouse, the cutest little thing, obviously I took pics, never one to pass on an opportunity... :)


Once again the small wood mouse in our rock garden - here at the bird bath. / Mal wieder die Kleine in unserem Steingarten - hier an der Vogeltränke.

Brownshill Green. 1st June '17.

This little long tailed fieldmouse is so sweet. If she is just outside the window and when I open the door she turns towards me when she hears my voice. She has a think about where the voice is coming from and daintily takes a nut from between my finger and thumb or climbs on to my hand. She has lost the tip of her tail sometime during the summer, but I am so pleased to see her again when she visits. She lives behind the plant tubs under the paving.

I let her investigate the threshold of the sliding door, but she chose not to come indoors. She is only interested in taking food either to eat or scamper home with it for her food store.


Apologies for not commenting much recently as I have been very busy setting up new website pages.


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cute animal art


One of the Fieldmice beat the Robin to the food this morning!

Still finding a home in the nearest log-pile to the house, although I can't be sure this is the same one that I captured previously. I might know when I see whether this has lost the tip of its tail.

I caught this long-tailed fieldmouse sneaking out from under some rocks to steal the food we'd put out for the birds.


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Wikipedia reports:-


The wood mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus) is a common murid rodent from Europe and northwestern Africa. It is closely related to the yellow-necked mouse (Apodemus flavicollis) but differs in that it has no band of yellow fur around the neck, has slightly smaller ears, and is usually slightly smaller overall: around 90 mm (3.54") in length. It is found across most of Europe and is a very common and widespread species, is commensal with people and is sometimes considered a pest. Other common names are long-tailed field mouse, field mouse, common field mouse, and European wood mouse.

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