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Your sister made this mask out of a Time Magazine cover yesterday and you've been terrorizing each other with it ever since.

Diana again.

A ladies guide to a trim bush.

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Decided to do something a little more Victorian and feminine!


Model: Ana Barnhart



"Feminism doesn’t really have a philosophy. It’s barely even an ideology. It’s mostly just a series of temper tantrums thrown by a small, privileged minority. And, unless it changes, it will soon be irrelevant."

-from author David French, The National Review


Although a little harsh, French is right. Third-wave feminism, which is the modern feminist movement that women and girls know today, is in many ways laughable. Mainstream feminism is so focused on "winning" precedence over their male counterparts...rather than just fighting for equality.

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This is indeed what a Feminist looks like.




Rob liked the look. I was hot after nesting for 3 hours straight. I found this to wear and he snapped it.

Women, give your life enough reason to be erected as a statue. Be commemorated for your self worth and ambition. Step out of your houses, and stand against the sun. Educate educate educate educate yourselves. Duniya humaray liye bhi banni hai



A woman doesn't act a certain way.

Maybe my most feminist/antiracist photo ever. It came out of pure street photography in the parisian subway. I was trying to focus on the window while the train was on the move, and a street lamp was the right time in the perfect place. I'm still amazed how i did it actually .

Quería hacer un pequeño tributo a todas las mujeres del mundo que son despreciadas y maltratadas por hacer con su cuerpo lo que quieren.Esta foto es un símbolo, todo es una pequeña representación,el color, la pose, el cuerpo desnudo, la mirada perdida. Es un guiño a la mujer, espero que lo veais como lo veo yo, saludos!

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Modetent, Witte de Wit festival.

A friend of mine, Lidewij, won a prize there for fashion design, this would be to congratulate her.

It's like the past ten years of my life.

Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition. ~Timothy Leary


A las mujeres que pretender ser iguales que los hombres les falta ambicion.


Proyecto para Cultura y sociedad Mexicana.

20-01-2017 // Nessie Spencer - Freaks&Gigs Photographie

totally inspired by Liora K Photography! I fell in love with her work about feminism. It's so simple yet horrendously beautiful. She uses the female body with quotes about women written on them. She is incorporating what is being said about women today focusing on the 4th wave feminism. I found this saying really interesting, 'don't whistle I'm not a dog'. Because quite frequently I will walk around town or too college and I will either get whistled at or beeped by passing drivers. I think it's pretty disgusting that people do that. I am not selling my self or trying to be that way. I am not an animal either, I am a women minding my own business. Grown men wanting one thing looking at a young female as though she is just an animal to be used and abused. Sorry for the rant! But it had to be expressed some way or another! So here it is.

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ama n'oolur


yemek yapmayı öğren

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biricik kocan m.ö.


there are so many things wrong with this billboard.


but then again, i hope they have a long, happy life together. i wish no ill.

This is my final project for my Photo I class. I have spent a lot of time and effort making this project and it’s something that I’m pretty proud of. The idea behind this is that women are frequently oversexualized in the media; you rarely see a magazine cover or advertisement containing women where they are not shown in a sexual manner. However, men are not constantly seen that way in the media in the same way that women are. So, for this project I took pictures of women in the same way that you might see women in magazines, advertisements, etc. I also took the same picture (same pose, same clothes), but of men. I did this to show how ridiculous it would be if we put men in the same situations as we put women in the media.

Feminism is the radical notion that Women are People.

El feminismo es la noción radical que las mujeres sean personas.

(Cheris Kramarae y Paula Treichler)


Proyecto para Cultura y Sociedad Mexicana....

As I was processing these in the darkroom someone said, "What's with all the headless Barbies!?" I said, "It's supposed to be feminism.." I got a lot of "ohhhh I like it"

I felt confident about most of this project.

It's 7 pieces, maybe I will post the rest soon.

I found this in a magazine about crafts and of course I couldn't resist making one for myself. I know that the original was made during the 1970's but unfortunately not who designed it.


Edit oct 2007: I emailed the magazine and the name of person who designed it is Gunilla Thorgren, a member of the Swedish feminist group "Grupp 8" during the 70's.

20-01-2017 // Nessie Spencer - Freaks&Gigs Photographie

this is my idea of the ideal woman

20-01-2017 // Nessie Spencer - Freaks&Gigs Photographie

Illustration for The F Word. Papercut on black paper, with origami paper, tissue paper, fabric, rose printed paper and handmade paper!


Article is about the experiences of a woman trying to buy a laptop and she keeps getting taken over to the 'pink' section.

Feminism is for Everyone

Best place to be a women is Iceland.

I want to live there when I grow up.

I was reading this article somewhere about girl power and how women shouldn't be afraid of being the pink in a room of black. I thought about it and realized that sometimes its also about fighting against the norms set by women themselves. Its about being onself. Its about being the geek even if your friends think its so not girly :D And yes, girls may hate pink :)

My heart is not....(week 2 portrait 2)

Free the Nipples!

Female breasts are hyper sexualized to the point where women are arrested if they are topless in public. Men can take off their shirts whenever they want. Women have a hard time feeding their babies in public, simply because people find it "rude" or "gross" when it's perfectly natural and necessary. Girls in schools are told to wear clothes that are not too low cut and that will cover their bra straps, simply because administrators think that girls' skin will "distract" the male students and teachers from working. They disrupt a female student's school day, by taking her out of class, and by telling her to change clothes. By doing this it's telling female students that their education is less important than that of their male peers. Not to mention, this behavior totally perpetuates rape culture and victim blaming. In addition it shows that the adult was sexualizing the student by judging that they were wearing.

What is so wrong with female breasts? They are almost exactly the same exact thing as male's breasts. The only difference is that the female breast has the ability to feed a baby. That is the ONLY difference. Many men have bigger breasts than women. And they can go outside topless.

Why can't a woman's nipple show? Why is the nipple so terrorizing to the world? In some countries women can go around topless and nothing happens to them. Maybe men should start covering up too, if the nipple is so distracting and terrorizing. That way we can be equal. Because as of now men and women are not equal. Not equal at all. Maybe then they will realize how ridiculous it is that the nipple "must always remain covered."

It's time to free the fucking nipple.

model: Amy

location: moscow, russia

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