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my daughter's feet

Casey's feet with flowers between toes.

.federica's foot fingers and of course, her beautiful smile.

This is a photomanip based on a photo I took of an eye-catching small humourous bronzed statue at the entrance of the famous Chicago Navy Pier.


The statue -as it is prominently engraved at the base that I have cropped out for this artwork - is called "SHOE". I do not know the Sculptor nor was I even able to successfuly google this statue to find out more about it. But I think the symbolism of the message that the Artist was trying to convey appeared to me to be quite clear :).


I believe the artist was mocking Chicago politicians that have made some infamous silly statements or actions or decision. Why do I think its about politicians and of Chicago? The man is wearing a suit and tie (points more to a politician then a celeb. The tie is blowing back behind the man - makes me think "windy city".


What is so interesting about the statue is that Chicago placed it right in the middle of such a prominent entrance with extremely high traffic flow. Unlike most other statues, someone in Chicago wanted this statue to be noticed by all.


It caught my eye instantly and I had to take a photo of it during my sight-seeing of Chicago's Navy Pier. I knew I wanted to make an artistic manipulation that expanded on this artist's message to point out Foot-In-Mouth stupid statements at a global level.


The name of my artwork is called the "FOOT-MOUTH AWARD". I cut out all the background and replaced it with a couple layers of my cloud photos and my abstract crackled glass textures and played around with filters and blending to give teh background behind the subject a "bronzed enhancing" look.


Since the award is making making fun of infamous stupid / silly statements by famous people - in particular Politicians because of the Artist dressing the man in a suit and tie - the clouds helpt symbolize the darkness of the award. This is not an award any politician would care to win. :)


I played with the statue layer's composition to make it more dark and contrast. I also had to play with the lighting on the statue photo to remove the front flash evidence points as well as remove bright spots on the base of the statue where the sunlight would not have been hitting the statue based on the new slightly changed location of the sun from my background textures vs where the sun was in the photo. The human eye would have caught these small anomalies. I also had to spot DODGE the left eye as it was substantially darker than the rest of the statue.


So now I challenge all those observers of this artwork to post your own comments of some politicians and their infamous statements that would qualify them as candidates for this FOOT-MOUTH AWARD.


A couple politicians seem to be world famous front-runners in having many of their statement entered into winning this award that I wont even give you an example from them - its like shooting fish from a barrel. These would include: George W. Bush Jr. , Joe Biden , Donald Rumsfeld , Sarah Palin, etc.


But here are a couple to stimulate you all to come up with your own fond award nominating memories...


Representative Rep. Richard H. Baker, (in reference to hurricane Katrina) said: "We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did."


"I think that gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman." Arnold Schwarzenegger


"What a waste it is to lose one's mind, or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is." Dan Quayle


Lets hear yours...


Toysoldier Thor

Girlfriends feet after 5k running,

look how tough her soles are.

Art of photography from the ground up.


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I just LOVE pictures of feet! The sweet little kids here are Amberly and Ty, 2 of my best friend's kids. We took a lot of pictures that day at the riverwalk, but this is my favorite!

My wife's sandy feet on our honeymoon in the Caribbean.

Most underrated, underappreciated part of the body if you ask me.


Puts me in mind of a little recollection.


I was working for a week in The Big City. Staying downtown, right on the waterfront. Mornings, I'd walk the half block to the seabus station, ferry over to the north shore and do my thing with the clients. Make the reverse trip in the late afternoon, pick up some dinner and go to my room.


Yeah, sure, there were things I could've done. Places I could've gone. People I could've called. But I was so zonked by the end of each workday that all I wanted was food and a bath and bed and some TV.


It was early spring. And for some reason, the trip was really wearing me down. It wasn't till I got home and saw my tulips blooming that I realized I'd been missing out on living things.


My hotel room was sterile. Glass and concrete. So is that whole part of downtown. Even the ocean is industrialized and commercialized to the point that it no longer seems a living thing.


The workplace I was going to every day was grey and windowless. A cubicle farm. And I was totally deprived of any interaction with green, growing plantlife.


So, yeah. By the end of the week, I was drained and feeling blechy. So, on my last night, I treated myself to an expensive massage. The hotel had a call-out service. The masseuse came in and met me in their spa. And... for an entire hour... worked on my feet.


Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. All the week's stresses disappeared. The blahness, the greyness, the total lack of greenness...


I went back to my room, put in a call to room service and soaked in the tub till dinner time.


It's the most indulgent thing I've ever done, I think. And I felt a little bad about the cost. But... sometimes you have to say Screw the bank! And jump in - feet first.

Lots of foot prints =)


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Woolwich foot tunnel, they have railing across the tunnel presumably to stop cyclists, but make the walk through the tunnel longer.

Pantyhose Foot, Fetish Foot,Foot Fetish,Foot Worship,Sexy Lingeries, Latex zentai catsuit

more flowers between toes.

Sweet feet to provide a solid base of support for a sweet little guy as the years go by...

This will most probably be the last baby feet that I'll upload before he grows too big for that :p


HBW my friends!

Or HFB, hehehe :p


Explored #434, thank you for your visits and comments :)

We walked to school in the rain one morning. Lily's shoes got wet, this what her feet looked like at the end of the day.

My dd sitting on the counter with her feet up...I couldn't restist!

i'll never stop photographing my feet!


if you will not do so either join this group: "will i ever stop photographing my feet?"...

Feet hanging off the deck at long beach, Kommetjie watching the surfers

Random factor week 25th - 31st Oct.


In the world of the pampered mini lop a foot massage takes on a different meaning. Rather than receiving the massage, the foot provides it.

My feet in pantyhose having a shower...

52 weeks of 2017 - submerged

(My feet in poolwater.

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