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Downtown Assassins.




Torres del Paine elegida como octava maravilla del mundo


Torres del Paine chosen as the eighth wonder of the world


cargar 20.05.14


One of the most horrible things happened to me. While I was taking these milk bath shots, my tripod has been really lose the past few months and I tried telling my mom to replace it but she just never did, and my bf had it working for a bit but today it knocked off my camera and my camera fell right on to tile. It didnt get water in it, the lens aren't cracked just the top "cap" that holds the lens in fell off, 3 smart part fell out (I still have them) and my lens is jammed slanted. I have a back up camera but it doesn't work as good as what I had. I'm waiting til this weekend to see if Tyler can fix it but honestly with how bad its jammed I doubt it so my mom just said she'll buy me another camera as long as its only around $100. I'm obviously going to get the same one because it's the best I've experienced out of all ones I've owned. Then when i do my friend's Jasmines senior photos, I'll pay her back with the $90 I'll get from taking her photographs but this just ruined my whole day, I seriously feel like crying. On the brightside, I did get some shots before it all happened.

Expecial villano,Profesor Moriarti,ja,je,ji,jo,ju.........

ЯAER The Barbarian.2013.

♦Downtown Assassins.




Another Tuesday so it has to be a face-down shot if possible.... What do you mean "Obsessed"


Feb ABC - V is for Vertically Challenged

TOTW - Obsessions

53/365:2011: Feb 22nd


Jim Shields Photography

I spotted this footbridge over the M56 the other day and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! I really wanted to catch a few more light trails from the cars below but even with my 16mm lens on it just wasn't going to happen. It's made me start wondering about a fisheye?!

Did Somebody Order a FACEDOWN TUESDAY !

Happy Face-Down Tuesday Y'all !


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And he's tradin' in his Chevy for a Cadillac

You oughta know by now

And if he can't drive

With a broken back

At least he can polish the fenders


Happy Facedown Tuesday!!!

Last sunset of 2012...just amazing


Alternate title, FDT: rusty crusty edition. Better on black.


Happy Facedown Tuesday!!


Yup, that is the sun that is casting that shadow, and it was out yesterday in all it's glory! And it is out again today and will be tomorrow and maybe even Thursday!


It's almost like summer around here. Hitting the lake after work, should be sweet!


Happy Big Cushy Face Down Tuesday

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Decided to get some fresh (fresh and cold)air for this weeks facedown after last weeks facedown.... HFDT!

Here's one of the shots from last night after I did my FDT. It's amazing how it moves and it is never the same shape.the cameras even managed to pick up red/pink and even purple/blue!

Secret Canyon for some secret FDT action.


It's Tuesday ! It's Tuesday !Happy FaceDownTuesday !


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all my friends are dead -


getting down with the dead


i have been taking quick FDT shot a lot lately so i wanted to try and go BIGGER with my FDT shots.

so here it is 29 layer of skeleton goodness. the curse is i actually took about 40 shots with the skeleton but there was a lot of over lap, who would have thought it would be that hard to shift a skeleton around a tunnel with out hitting the same spot twice :)


to make my day harder i did 7 steps of exposure bracketing on each skeleton shot and had to blend them together before i even started to try and layering all 30 layers together

i didn't just cheat and clone them that would have been way to easy :)


what was i thinking ?


FDT every one


dont forget to come and join the fun @

you know you want to :)

Happy Face-Down Tuesday Y'all !


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Having got the day off work, i have got my ass in gear and got back into the FDT swing, it makes life so much easier having some daylight to work with

it is a tuesday but it's last tuesday. gotta do a few things before bed. happy fdt!


#27 facedown or 26 redux depending on your point of view


explored may 11, 2010 #497

Cat Johnson is sorely missed, and not forgotten. We should all have lived so well, and be remembered so fondly.


We're Here! : Facedown for Cat Johnson


Running out of ideas for your 365 project? Join We're Here!


View Large and on Black

At first there was nothing, then in an instantaneous flash FDT filled the universe.


I'm stuck in the house today. This started as a face down, not sure what it morphed into.


Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hereios : Five

Today’s Bible Verse (January 7, 2016)

“And then twisted together a crown of thorns and set it on his head. They put a staff in his right hand. Then they knelt in front of him and mocked him. “Hail, king of the Jews!” they said.”

Matthew 27:29

तब तिनीहरूले काँडाको मुकुट बनाए र येशूको टाउकोमा पहिरयाइदिए। अनि तिनीहरूले उहाँको दाहिने हातमा एउटा लठ्ठी थमाइदिए। त्यसपछि ती सैनिकहरूले येशूको सामन्ने घुँडा टेकेर खिल्ली उडाउन थाले। तिनीहरूले भन्न लागे, “हे यहूदीहरूको राजा हामी तिमीलाई सलाम गर्छौ।”

मत्ती 27:29


parts of this church are from the 12th century

Jun 11 2013

A Comedy Of Face Down Tuesday Horror



For WH: A Comedy Of Horror

I had to scrub my feet for this one. ;)

Happy Face Down Tuesday!

It was a beautiful day here in Dublin. Hope you all had a great Tuesday.


Can't believe I'm on my 200 photo of my 365....

The We're Here challenge for today is on the theme of 'Cloning'. But since it was Tuesday... HFDT!

Today’s Bible Verse (July 8, 2016)

“Deceit is in the heart of those who devise evil, But counselors of peace have joy. "

Proverbs 12:20

"Amarezza è nel cuore di chi trama il male, gioia hanno i consiglieri di pace."

Proverbi 12:20

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