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Happy FaceDownTuesday !


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Downtown Assassins.




- Para el grupo Face-down Tuesday


Today is my Face-down Tuesday number 100, that means I’ve participated in this nice group for 100 consecutive weeks.


These days, I’ve been thinking that this would be my last FDT, I have a feeling that I can’t do anything new ... Crisis of inspiration.


So this morning I left homw without really knowing if I would be able to find my weekly challenge when I came across this graffiti.


I placed the camera on the tripod and took the photo. As I did not like it much, I continued walking towards the center of the city. I bought a pair of T-shirts in a store and I kept walking. Finally, next to the port I found a panoramic that could be interesting for an FDT, but when I wanted to take the camera out of my backpack... Gosh! It wasn’t inside!


My mind tried to think quickly if it had been stolen (I walked down the most touristic street in my city), but it couldn’t be possible, I surely felt it.


I thought it might have fallen into the clothes shop tester, so I ran to get it. I wasn’t there...


The only possibility was ... Oh no! I can’t believe it! I remembered the photo in front of the graffiti ... :-(


When I dismounted the tripod I did something wrong, I left for a few moments the camera on the roof of a car parked in the street to be able to store the tripod well in the backpack. So after storing the tripod, I left the place without the camera.


When I remembered this, I ran and ran as fast as I could. I was on the other side of town! I got to the graffiti ... The camera was no longer on the parked car roof. (I.e.


Desperate, I decided to order a drink at the corner bar and ask if anyone had found my camera. People laughed: that area is a neighborhood of very poor people with almost no resources to live ... An expensive camera could not be there waiting for me for almost 2 hours later!


While I drank the refreshment, all the people in the bar talked about my misadventure and my misfortune, but someone passing near the street door looked at me and said: Come with me, I know where your camera is.


I could'nt believe it! A volunteer from a medical NGO working in the neighborhood had found it and later recognized me (he had looked at the photos on the memory card). Many thanks Patricio for your honesty!


Today I can say that there are still honest people in the world.

I can say that I will continue to do FDT another season.

Today I can say that I am a lucky man ... :-)

In addition, the graffiti girl is much more interested in me, than all those young people around her!




Hoy es mi martes bocabajo número 100, eso quiere decir que he participado en este simpático grupo durante 100 semanas consecutivas.


Llevaba unos días pensando que este sería mi último FDT, tengo la sensación de que no soy capaz de hacer nada nuevo... Crisis de inspiración.


Así que esta mañana salí sin tener claro si sería capaz de cumplir con mi reto semanal cuando me encontré con este graffiti.


Coloqué la cámara sobre el trípode e hice la foto. Como no me gustaba mucho, seguí paseando hacia el centro de la ciudad. Compré un par de camisetas en una tienda y seguí paseando. Finalmente, junto al puerto encontré una panorámica que podía ser interesante para un FDT, pero cuando quise sacar la cámara de mi mochila... ¡Cielos! ¡No estaba dentro!


Mi mente trato de pensar rápidamente si me la habían robado (caminé por la calle más turística de mi cuidad), pero no podía ser posible, al menos sin que me diese cuenta.


Pensé que podría haber caido en el probador de la tienda de ropa, así que corrí para averiguarlo. No estaba allí...


La única posibilidad era... ¡Oh no! ¡No me lo puedo creer! Recordé la foto enfrente del grafiti... :-(


Cuando desmonté el trípode hice algo mal, dejé por unos instantes la cámara sobre el techo de un coche aparcado en la calle para poder guardar bien el trípode en la mochila. Así que después de guardar el trípode, me marché del lugar sin guardar la cámara.


Cuando recordé esto, corrí y corrí lo más deprisa que pude. ¡Me encontraba a en la otra punta de la ciudad! Llegué hasta el grafiti... La cámara ya no estaba sobre el techo del coche aparcado. :-(


Desesperado, decidí pedir una bebida en el bar de la esquina y preguntar si alguien había encontrado mi cámara. La gente se reía a carcajadas, esa zona es un barrio de gente muy pobre y sin casi recursos para poder vivir... ¡Una cámara cara no podía estar allí esperándome casi 2 horas mas tarde!


Mientras me tomaba el refresco, toda la gente en el bar hablaba de mi despiste y mi desgracia, pero alguien que pasaba cerca de la puerta de la calle me miró y me dijo: Ven conmigo, yo sé donde está tu cámara.


¡No me lo podía creer! un voluntario de una ONG de médicos que trabaja en el barrio la había encontrado y más tarde me reconoció (había mirado las fotos que había en la tarjeta de memoria). ¡Muchas gracias Patricio, por tu honestidad!


Hoy puedo decir que aún queda gente honrada en el mundo.

Ho puedo decir que seguiré haciendo FDT otra temporada.

Hoy puedo decir que soy un hombre con suerte... :-)


¡Además, la chica del graffiti está mucho más interesada por mi, que por todos esos jóvenes que la rodean!

Expecial villano,Profesor Moriarti,ja,je,ji,jo,ju.........

ЯAER The Barbarian.2013.

♦Downtown Assassins.




Messing round with all sorts in this image. Practiced editing in Photoshop then added a light burst in the Lens Distortions app before finally adding a preset filter in PS Express. HFDT all!

Messing around with some apps and editing in this weeks FDT. HFDT all!


It's Tuesday ! It's Tuesday !Happy FaceDownTuesday !


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Another Tuesday so it has to be a face-down shot if possible.... What do you mean "Obsessed"


Feb ABC - V is for Vertically Challenged

TOTW - Obsessions

53/365:2011: Feb 22nd


Jim Shields Photography

Just a simple one this week. HFDT all!

Happy Face-Down-Tuesday All !


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Did Somebody Order a FACEDOWN TUESDAY !

Happy Face-Down Tuesday Y'all !


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Happy Face-Down Tuesday Y'all !


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Check out my Facebook Page : Anir Pandit's Photo Art and please LIKE my page if you like my work !


I spotted this footbridge over the M56 the other day and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! I really wanted to catch a few more light trails from the cars below but even with my 16mm lens on it just wasn't going to happen. It's made me start wondering about a fisheye?!

Another iPhone Hipstamatic shot (there will be more, as my previous camera did not enjoy being carried to and from work daily, wobbling in my bicycle basket).


Here I am, at the office, in my onesie. We had a few hours planned to start an Obeya room (sort of nerve centre or war room if you will) which required a lot of cutting, pasting, etc. So somebody joked yesterday: "Put on your crafting clothes". Well, when I'm at home, doing cosy crafting, I may wear my onesie. So, before the meeting, I changed into my onesie. Because, well, I can.

Alternate title, FDT: rusty crusty edition. Better on black.


Happy Facedown Tuesday!!


So... my camera is being repaired and will be for at least about a month. I'm incomplete! But I didn't want to skip FDT.

So... it would have to be iPhone. But I don't like my regular iPhone photos and my beloved Hipstamatic app doesn't have a timer.

So... TinType it was. Turns out that suited the day perfectly. It was a grey, gloomy, misty and cold day that made me think of this tiny cemetery nearby. Only about a dozen very old graves, perched on a slightly raised tree-lined field in the middle of farmlands.

Yup, that is the sun that is casting that shadow, and it was out yesterday in all it's glory! And it is out again today and will be tomorrow and maybe even Thursday!


It's almost like summer around here. Hitting the lake after work, should be sweet!


Happy Big Cushy Face Down Tuesday

Decided to get some fresh (fresh and cold)air for this weeks facedown after last weeks facedown.... HFDT!

Just a quick one today although I do have an idea for this spot to do in the future when the days are lighter for a little longer. HFDT all!

Is that minimalist?... I'm not sure... HFDT! :-)

all my friends are dead -


getting down with the dead


i have been taking quick FDT shot a lot lately so i wanted to try and go BIGGER with my FDT shots.

so here it is 29 layer of skeleton goodness. the curse is i actually took about 40 shots with the skeleton but there was a lot of over lap, who would have thought it would be that hard to shift a skeleton around a tunnel with out hitting the same spot twice :)


to make my day harder i did 7 steps of exposure bracketing on each skeleton shot and had to blend them together before i even started to try and layering all 30 layers together

i didn't just cheat and clone them that would have been way to easy :)


what was i thinking ?


FDT every one


dont forget to come and join the fun @

you know you want to :)

Happy Face-Down Tuesday Y'all !


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HFDT! Had to drop my daughter off at school this morning at some unearthly hour. Rather than go back home, I decided to go into work and I thought "Now, where would be a good place for an early morning FDT?" And then...

just a quickie to day, no drama or scandal which makes a nice change :)


dont for get you can always join the fun @

sure what else would you be doing on a Tuesday


go on ;)


and dont forget next Tuesdays FDT theme is bridges and its just for fun and not compulsory so think about it :)


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