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battle with wasp for position at the nectar, Tandayapa, Ecuador. Multi-flash photography with my friend Willie Hinz

This little fawn is growing by leaps and bounds. He was busy foraging on anything that was green and within his reach today in Caesar Creek State Park.

New Jersey


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a couple of fawns were cleaning up under the apple tree.

Actually fawns, it's sibling is in the background!

White-tailed deer fawn!

Fawn with "Marilyn" at Deep Creek Lake.

Garrett County, Maryland

A doe and two fawns were leisurely grazing around the neighborhood yesterday. Very little apprehension about my presence.

When I came in our dirt road to our house this fawn and it's Momma were crossing the road , the road is about 1/4 mile through woods to our house. This one didn't really know what to do but be still. It must be only 2 or three days old so small so wonderful new life learning . I have never seen one this little before what a treat for me ..My hubby was right behind me pulling the Rv from the Lake trip this weekend and I was completely stopped ,I brake for fawns ;-) A special moment wish you could see it as we did...Thanks my friends for visiting my Photostream . I do appreciate all your comments and visits..

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Encountered this tiny, adorable fawn, one of the cutest creatures that I ever did see! He was all alone, looking a bit lost - I observed him from a distance, worried his mother was hurt or he was orphaned... but later learned does leave their babies sometimes as they go foraging for food during the day, when/where they deem is safe.

mother with fawn in bushes to left

A sibling of the previous fawn I posted!

Thank you everyone for looking, your comments and favs.


White-tailed Deer

Garrett County, Maryland

Doing a little panning here in low light. This fawn was not bolting, but not hanging around.


Our beautiful world, pass it on.

Thank you all for viewing, comments, favorites. it was a thrill to see this little one and take a few decent shots.

This beautiful fawn was curious, as all youngsters are, and cautiously approached to get a better look at me. Sensing no danger he calmy continued eating his breakfast. Best viewed Large. Wildwood Park, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

I am always excited to find a cool moth at my outside lights at night. It has a wingspan of 2 15/16 - 4 1/16 inches (7.5 - 10.3 cm) so it is a pretty good size. He was flying around the light and crashing into the house and sometimes the ground. By the time I got out there with my camera, I think it was so tired and disoriented that it let me pick it up and get some close shots. After a few minutes, it regained some energy and back to the light it went. Parke County, Indiana

Look who just happended past... couldn't get more opposite!


Big thanks to lili, as always! and i'll try and catch up with everyone over the next couple of days. Life is still crazy busy at the mo!


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I came across this little one while taking pictures at an abandoned farm place Wednsday afternoon. It let me grab several up close pictures before running off.


Light box.

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