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Everybody knows that the dice are loaded

Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed

Everybody knows that the war is over

Everybody knows the good guys lost

Everybody knows the fight was fixed

The poor stay poor, the rich get rich

Thats how it goes

Everybody knows


Everybody knows that the boat is leaking

Everybody knows that the captain lied

Everybody got this broken feeling

Like their father or their dog just died


Everybody talking to their pockets

Everybody wants a box of chocolates

And a long stem rose

Everybody knows..


Leonard Cohen


dedicated to all fathers out there who works hard for he's family!! saludo sa lahat ng haligi ng tahanan!!


sorry for my lame shot..still in the process of knowing the right settings


Gear:Nikon d40 with 55-200vr


comments and faves will be much appreciated


P.S im not yet a father even married ahahah im still young!!


its not time to make a change

just relax,take it easy

youre stil young.thats your fault

there,s so much you have to know

find a girl,settle down

if you want,you can marry

look at me, i am old

but i,m happy

i was once like you are now

and i know that its not easy

to become when you,ve found

something going on

but take your time,think a lot

think of everything you,ve got

for you will still be here tomorrow

but your dreams may not


cat stevens


father and son

Selfportrait (ah ah ah reckon me if you can)/Several Textures/ Tribute to HR Giger

(View Large and On Black)




.to my dear friend HeReTiKa

because he loves the dark side of me (and he is still a friend)


(This Mortal Coil: my Father)

" You don't know

What's in store

But you know what you're here for

Close your eyes

Lay yourself beside me


Hold tight

For this ride

We don't need no protection

Come on love

We don't need attention

Open your hand

Take a glass

Don't be scared

I'm right here

Even though

You don't roll

Trust me girl

You wanna be high for this ... "


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I am enjoying the flickrfriday challenge but was trying to come up with something for this weeks theme and as I was sitting on the riverbank this was my view. So this is a capture this evening across the lake as a father and his two sons were fishing. Casting in the dusk light as I listened to the father giving them advise and directions on casting the lines. The sun was low and the hues of golden light and fog in the sky can be seen when zoomed in.


It reminded me of the times I was privileged to spend time with my dad going fishing and as he taught me the things I needed to know to become a man.


So this is my interpretation of the theme #TheThirdMan for #flickfriday as the third man here is the Father and the other 2 are those who will one day become men too through guidance and nurture. (PS: My camera says the pic was taken at 00h15 but it is still on UK time while I am visiting the USA so the image was actually captured at 19h15)

font: Mister Sirloin BTN Rare.


texture by Remember Remember


I Will Go With My Father A-ploughing

Joseph Campbell (1879-1944)


I will go with my father a-ploughing

To the green field by the sea,

And the rooks and the crows and the seagull

Will come flocking after me.

I will sing to the patient horses

With the lark in the while of the air,

And my father will sing the plough-song

That blesses the cleaving share.

I will go with my father a-sowing

To the red field by the sea,

And the rooks and the gulls and the starlings

Will come blocking after me.

I will sing to the striding sowers

With the finch on the greening slow,

And my father will sing the seed-song

That only the wise men know.


I will go with my father a-reaping

To the brown field by the sea,

And the geese and the crows and the children

Will come blocking after me.

I will sing to the tanfaced reapers

With the wren in the heat of the sun,

And my father will sing the scythe-song

That joys for the harvest done.

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My father said this song was about "wacky weed" as he called it. Jackie Paper was the paper that you used to smoke the weed.


To me Puff was about a little boy who loved him and would come to play with him. Until Jackie grew up and stopped believing in him, then Puff like all childhood fantasies faded away.


I was listening to Peter, Paul and Mary and his song came on. I quickly did this graphic. I know it's not great but I had to do Puff my favorite dragon. :)


Love And Peace

Our fathers' God to thee, Author of Liberty,

To Thee we sing:

Long may our land be bright

with freedom's holy light,

Protect us by Thy Might,

Great God our King!


From the song, "America," Also known as, "My Country 'Tis of Thee..."

Many non Americans will find the music very familiar.


This is a sepia toned version of a previous upload.


Light Box


It does not choose its origin,

Neither his skin colour

As we dream of a life of castle

When we saw the ghetto

Natre the tau around the neck as Cosette for Hugo

Natre truss in the conflict

Son of CONGO

And pray the very top.

This I hate the MICRO I have the weight of words.

Exit from below,

Made with blood and tears.

Rever dchirer of this table is in arms, tears,


Facing the sea

I d grow

Faced against land

I could die

I falls


I take my last dream.

And both dcus.

Both the same slab.


I take my last dream


That is scheresse to land on o n 'ceases to sow sorrow

In the eyes n 'I may cry a lot of distant dreams.

I myself as rebell, I drank a lot of bullshit et ca me too drunk.

In life there are basically tapes and tapes cot, you do not have a euro

Or tear it off the tape, is the state, RMmistes, "t'as that taffer."

If you're at the bottom must cravacher, you that not lcher.

T'as not known ca you, the desire to pocket the potatoes,

Being left right opposite the sea far from galres.

T'as not known that, the desire of worry out of distributing potatoes

Gauches straight with an air patibulaire


Facing the sea

I d grow

Faced against land

I take my last dream.

I could die


I falls

Both the same slab

And both dcus


I take my last dream

Facing the sea

It is you who rsistes

Faced against land

Your name on the list

From all your etre

Cit comparatre


Such matters do not gray the country did not purchase one falls,

It is the story of this pen s'touffe in tar,

Who dreamed concecration, the slab niaque, I like my friends have it.

It leaves basically on the aims Panthon, I spot one who,

We want to touch the sky toil without lowering the pants. Too few good FES

And too many Cinderella. Calo-Passi 2004.

Facing the sea

I d grow

Faced against land

I could die

I falls


I take my last dream.

And both dcus

Both the same slab


I take my last dream.


And both dcus

Both the same slab


I take my last dream.


It does not choose its origin, nor his skin color

As we dream of a life of castle

When we saw the ghetto

Natre the tau around the neck as Cosette for Hugo

Natre truss in the conflict and request the very top.

Son of CONGO I hate the MICRO I have the weight of words.

Made with blood and tears.

Facing the sea

Exit from below, to dream of this table is dchirer of arms, tears,

We want all grow

Calo-Passi too young to die.


Father and Son, Coconut merchants on Boca Chica beach


selling coconuts

to tourists.

dehydrated and miserable im sure they are...........................

they will never be tourists

they will never lay back on a chaise lounge and have a clean beautiful hotel room

they will never fly away

they will never drive home

they will never know whats its like to have a fistful of money in their pocket

the will never know from wealth from having from materialism ..............

they return to a dark dismal dusty dingy hut.

they will sleep in 90 degree heat

they will sleep on the same filthy mattress with others

they will eat rice and beans and maybe a piece of fish

they will feel and totally understand that they are poor and that is their lot in life

and nothing they do can change things NOTHING!


they know they will be there tomorrow as sure as the sun creeps up again over the horizon.

they know unless they walk this beach every day they will suffer immensely from hunger

and pain.

how many of your children can comprehend this?

how many of you do ?


as the tourists stand around and watch the sun go down, cause they paid plenty of dough to see it...............

the father and son walk hurriedly off the beach.

it is no longer their beach.

they might also get robbed. these days. in the DR.


the father and son dont see this so called "BEAUTY", that the tourists and you see.


their perception of this is a hard life filled with struggle and pain and have to's in order to survive.

the sun is their enemy.

this is war

this is life

this is a battle

against the elements


they hate the sun!


Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth...


A tree says: My strength is trust. I know nothing about my fathers, I know nothing about the thousand children that every year spring out of me. I live out the secret of my seed to the very end, and I care for nothing else. I trust that God is in me. I trust that my labor is holy. Out of this trust I live...


Trees have long thoughts, long-breathing and restful, just as they have longer lives than ours. They are wiser than we are, as long as we do not listen to them. But when we have learned how to listen to trees, then the brevity and the quickness and the childlike hastiness of our thoughts achieve an incomparable joy. Whoever has learned how to listen to trees no longer wants to be a tree. He wants to be nothing except what he is. That is home. That is happiness.”


- Hermann Hesse, Bäume. Betrachtungen und Gedichte


Farmlands in Hawley, MA


Textured added: Anna Lenabem -


© All rights reserved.

This image may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, posted or transmitted in any form or by any means, including electronic, mechanical, photocopying and recording without my written consent.

I know because it left it's tracks !

My Father inlaw always liked to say that to the kids when he came to a railroad crossing. Now my husband Lee says the same thing when we come to a crossing.

It always makes him think of his Dad who died of a massive heart attack in 1978,at the age of 68.


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Trouble is her only friend and he's back again

Makes her body older than it really is

And she says it's high time she went away

No ones got much to say in this town

Trouble is the only way is down, down, down


As strong as you were

Tender you go

I'm watching you breathing

For the last time

A song for your heart

But when it is quiet

I know what it means

And I'll carry you home

I'll carry you home


If she had wings she would fly away

And another day god will give her some

Trouble is the only way is down,down,down


As strong as you were

Tender you go

I'm watching you breathing for the last time

A song for your heart

But when it is quiet

I know what it means

I'll carry you home

I'll carry you home


And they're all born pretty

in New York City tonight

and someone's little girl

was taken from the world tonight

under the Stars and Stripes


As strong as you were

Tender you go

I'm watching you breathing for the last time

A song for your heart

But when it is quiet

I know what it means

And i'll carry you home


As strong as you were

Tender you go

I'm watching you breathing for the last time

A song for your heart

But when it is quiet

I know what it means

And I'll carry you home


I'll carry you home


If there was ever a man

Who was generous, gracious and good

That was my dad

The man

A human being so true

He could live like a king

'Cause he knew

The real pleasure in life


To be devoted to

And always stand by me

So I'd be unafraid and free


If there was ever a man

Who was generous, gracious and good


That was my dad

The man

A human being so true

He could live like a king

'Cause he knew

The real pleasure in life


To be devoted to

And always stand by me

So I'd be unafraid and free


If there was ever a man

Who was generous, gracious and good

That was my dad

The man, The man

".....The phone rings in the middle of the night, My father yells, "Whatcha gonna do with your life?"

"Oh Daddy dear, you know your still number one,But girls they wanna have fun

Oh girls, just wanna have"


Thats all they really want

Some fun

When the workin' day is done

Oh girls they wanna have fun

Oh girls just wanna have fun..."


Cindy Lauper, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


This one is for all you Dads out there, specially those who have girls, and of course myself included.


Thanks also and a warm 'Aloha', to my wonderful friend out there as well.


Gray: He was still your father, there's no shame in loving him.


Ser: I miss him so much Grayson...


Gray: I know...

Saturday 10/ November after some minutes of Midnight My Father Passed Away After 3 days Struggle with the Stroke. I miss him alot.

My dear friends Sorry Ican't be with you for some days.




I'm standing in the light, but the darkness overcrowded me

Guilt undoubtedly, is trying to eat it's way up out of me

I'm inbalanced spiritually, psychologically cosmicly

What you looking at is real, no trick photography

See I got a lot of sins, weighing on my consciousness

Knowing all my faults, makes me uncomfortable with compliments


"You know, she dances while his father plays guitar

She's suddenly beautiful,

We all want something beautiful

Man, I wish I was beautiful

So come dance this silence down through the morning..."




Hair: [KoKoLoReS] Cleo at the Hair Fair

|CX| The Opium Den Dragon pipe

[CX] Spiked Drill

[CX] Bento Piercing Snakesbites - Silver

::GB:: Cross Nose chain (F)/ Gold

Did you know there are actually people who don't know how to have a picnic?


I grew up in a family that had picnics all year long. We'd have picnics on the roadside when we were traveling somewhere, picnics that were a day's outing, picnics in the backyard and even picnics in the middle of winter. Now I grant you, picnics in a Canadian winter were a bit unusual but if it was a sunny Saturday and not too bitterly cold, my parents would pack up the hibachi and hamburgers and off we'd go with the toboggan on the top of the car. It was fun but I have to admit what I remember most about those winter picnics was the way my feet would get SO cold that it would take hours to warm them up once we got home.


Of course, usually our picnics were in warmer weather and we'd spend the day exploring or swimming .....or watching my father take pictures to enter in his next camera club competition. We'd stay until we were sunburned, bug bit, water logged or bored watching Dad click the shutter.


When I first married into Norm's family I discovered they had different picnic habits than I was familiar with. I had been the one to suggest a picnic at a beautiful conservation area to his family so we packed up the necessaries with a plan to meet in the parking lot. Everyone arrived at about the same time and we began unloading the cars. The lawn chairs and cooler bags were out of the trunk, sitting on the gravel ...........and that is where we had our picnic!!


All these years later I still can't believe no one could be convinced to venture into the park where there was a lake, picnic tables and nature trails. No, we stayed in the parking lot and I have a picture of my sister-in-law and me sitting on a parking curb as a reminder of the oddest family group picnic I've ever attended.


They definitely needed training in my parents' School of Picnicking.


(I titled this 'The End of Picnic Season' but they only end seasonally if you don't go on winter picnics.)





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My father lives on a naturally treeless plain. As the name suggests, there are no trees except those near the river, quite some distance away.

The tree you see on the left is one he planted many years ago.


Press 'L’ to view on black.


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This was passed on to me from my father.. I don't know much about Dr. Weil, but I found this powerful and thought-provoking, and wanted to share it with you.



Who have I been all this time?

How have I used my gift of a human life?

What do I need to "clear up" or "let go of" in order to be more peaceful?

What gives my life meaning?

For what am I grateful?

What have I learned of truth and how truthfully have I learned to live?

What have I learned of love and how well have I learned to love?

What have I learned about tenderness, vulnerability, and intimacy?

What have I learned about courage, strength, power, and faith?

What have I learned of the human condition and how great is my compassion?

How can I best share what I've learned?

What will give me strength as I die?

If I remembered that my breaths were numbered, what would be my relationship to this breath right now?


--Introspective Questions, Andrew Weil

What have I become

My sweetest friend

Everyone I know

Goes away

In the end

And you could have it all

My empire of dirt

I will let you down

I will make you hurt


Chicago, Illinois

December 17th, 2018


He climbed the ladder up to his rooftop position. He had boarded up all of the doors and stairways and the infected couldn't climb, so this was the safest he could get. He could hear them moaning below, an eerie reminder of what waited for him. The supply run was no good. He only found a couple energy bars and a water bottle. Plus he had to use several valuable bullets to get back.

It was cold. It snowed recently and the city was blanketed in white. It was also dark. No power. Too many clouds. The only light came from the shrouded sun and the meager flames that were lit throughout the city. Maybe they were other survivors. Maybe they were friendly. Maybe they would kill him without a thought. He wasn't going to take a risk.

He lit his own fire in a trash can. It warmed him, but he had to keep watch. He couldn't let his guard down for a second. He had learned that the hard way.

The gray world passed around him. It infected him. His heart filled with darkness from what he did. What he wanted to do. What he needed to do. What he didn't do. He used to want to see the light on the other side. He used to believe that it would all be okay. He gave up on that dream. The world was absorbed by misery and suffering and it would not change. He knew that all too well.

He stood up and walked towards the edge of the roof, consumed with thought. Pain, guilt, fear, exhaustion, and hate surged in his mind. He felt weak. He put his hand on the wall to steady himself and said "Why do I keep going?"

The faces flashed in front of his eyes like they always do and he remembered. And he went on.




Ayy a build. Yeah I got one done surprisingly. I've been meaning to do one like this for a long time but I've been swamped and probably still will be, so don't expect me to build much more soon. I'm very pleased with how this turned out. This is a flash-forward, so if I continue with this series I'll go back in time and go through some of the things I alluded to in this scene.

I was heavily inspired by The Road by Cormac McCarthy in the writing style and the direction I want to take this series.

Give the full song a listen, the entirety of the lyrics are very powerful but I didn't want to put all of them up there.


Anyways, I hope you guys like this one, thanks for your patience lol.

I'm not in love so don't forget it

It's just a silly phase I'm going through

And just because I call you up.

Dont' get me wrong

don't think you've got it made

I'm not in love



it's because . . .


I like to see you but then again

That doesn't mean you mean that much to me

So if I call you don't make a fuss

Don't tell your friends about the two of us

I'm not in love



it's because


I keep your picture upon the wall

It hides a nasty stain that's Iying there

So don't you ask me to give it back

I know you know it doesn't mean that much to me

I'm not in love



it's because


Ooh you'll wait a long time for me

Ooh you'll wait a long time

Ooh you'll wait a long time for me

Ooh you'll wait a long time


I'm not in love so don't forget it


Paris, FR


The Jardin du Luxembourg, or the Luxembourg Garden, located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, was created beginning in 1612 by Marie de' Medici, the widow of King Henry IV of France, for a new residence she constructed, the Luxembourg Palace. The garden today is owned by the French Senate, which meets in the Palace. The park, which covers 23 hectares, is known for its lawns, tree-lined promenades, flowerbeds, the model sailboats on its circular basin, and for the picturesque Medici Fountain, built in 1620.

This shot was taken soon after we got to the top of Lookout Point (and after I had caught my breath). This young man and his son were sitting and enjoying the view. The light and sun were good for this shot.


This is a 3x HDRI, handheld (yeah I know, use a tripod). It was sharpened and then Orton. I added a few touches and signed it.


To the young man in the picture, email me and I'll send you a print.

I wish I knew why birds all call

your name,


Why every perfect rose is just a

memory of you,


Why every sinuous bough of every tree

recalls your slender hand to me,


I wish I knew why every drop of rain

is like a tear I shed and shall again.


Copyright ~ K. Morgan


Today I discovered some more poems and letters my father wrote, which I never knew existed. He wrote this poem for someone who was special to him. I wish I could write words like this, instead I'd like to dedicate this to someone who is special to me too.


"Looking back of the beginning of this

And how life was

Just you and me loving all of our friends

Living life like an ocean

But now the curent slowly pulling me down

It's getting harder too breath

It won't be to long and I will be the one under

Can you save me from this?


Cause it's not my time I'm not going

There's a fear in me it's not showing

This could be the end of me

And everything I know

Ooohh but I won't go


I look ahead too all the plans that we made

And the dreams that we had

I'm in a world that try to take them away

Oh but I'm taking them back

Cause all of this time I' we been just too blind to understand

What you matter to me

My friends is laughing and it's not what we have

It's what we be live in


Cause it's not my time I'm not going

There's a fear in me but it's not showing

This could be the end of me

And everything I know

But it's not my time I'm not going

There's a will in me and now I know that

This could be the end of me

And everything I know

Ooohh but I won't go

I won't go


There might be more than you be live

(There might be more than you be live)

There might be more than you can see


But it's not my time I'm not going

There's a fear in me it's not showing

This could be the end of me

And everything I know

But it's not my time I'm not going

There's a will in me and now it's gonna show

This could be the end of me

And everything I know



There might be more than you be live

(There might be more than you be live)

There might be more than you can see


But I won't go

No I won't go down

Yeah"... !!!


:copyright: All rights reserved.




"The mission was founded on All Saints' Day November 1, 1776, by Spanish Catholics of the Franciscan Order. Named for Giovanni da Capistrano, a 15th-century theologian and "warrior priest" who resided in the Abruzzo region of Italy, San Juan Capistrano has the distinction of being home to the oldest building in California still in use, a chapel built in 1782. Known alternately as "Serra's Chapel" and "Father Serra's Church," it is the only extant structure where it has been documented that the padre Junipero Serra celebrated mass. One of the best known of the Alta California missions, and one of the few missions to have actually been founded twice—others being Mission San Gabriel Arcángel and Mission La Purísima Concepción. The site was originally consecrated on October 30, 1775, by Father Fermín Lasuén, but was quickly abandoned due to unrest among the indigenous population in San Diego". Wikipedia

Inigo: If you want me to step out that's okay, I don't want to intrude...


Ser: No, please, I want you both here.


Inigo: Okay.


Ser: I know...I know that he did horrible...unforgivable things to so many people, and he would have hurt countless more had we done nothing. I know that we did the right thing, but...

feelings, inside my head

i don't know, but i'm thinking about you

understand that it's so hard to tell you, cause you already know

you already know

when it's twice as hard to realize

that i'm still trying twice as hard to satisfy myself on my own


and i'm still waiting for things to change

i lay my life before you, and i'm not getting up

father, how i adore you

those words are not enough

father, know i love you, and know i am wrong

Lord, please take my life

make me your son

make me your son


~ Relient K




I replaced the horrible photo I uploaded before, and I looooove these ones!!


SOOC except for texture. I don't remember where I got the texture from though...


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Also know as Craggy Island parochial house. Went to see my nan in deepest darkest Ireland. Didn't take to many pictures as the only things to see within 50 miles are a cliff and some rocks and the weather was wet and grey (as it usually is). I did however make a short pilgrimage to Father ted's house which is just down the road from my nans.


For the uninitiated heres a short clip


Can watch full episodes here


A repost for today's holiday.


This is especially dedicated to all the good, the bad and the ugly fathers around the globe.


This was my winning entry to the 72nd Pinoy Kodakero PP Challenge titled "Father and Son" three years ago.


In all honesty, I truly believe that this is a very good image for today's Father's Day.


I miss my dad who left us more than 20 years ago. And my mom followed him for 4 years now. I really love both of them and I still can hear their guiding voices. I used their voices in bringing up my kids for me not to be a perfect father but to raise my kids as good citizens.


I had only one father. His name was LOPE. Well, there's another one up there. But the one down here before was one good father. Only once did he scold me. Yes, ONCE. I was about 6 years old then and my dad was knocking on the door. I was the only one at home, and never bothered to open it. I was playing with my humongous toy firetruck that he gave me. He was so furious and panicky that he was able to open the door by kicking it. He saw me there, right there, callous and unmindful, never stopped playing with my new toy. You probably could have guess what happened next. Or not. He didn't shout. He was mad. I knew from his eyes. But he just grabbed and carried me with his arms and then, he hugged me. He said, don't ever do that again to me. I thought something happened to you. I was so scared at first, but later on, I felt the love. I thought I saw some tears in his eyes. And it was really not scolding. That was just what I felt then. From there on, I was a changed boy and turned me into a father I am right now. Up to this day, I am still trying to emulate him.


My tears flow while I was writing this.


This beautiful picture was provided by Karen for the competition, a fellow flickr friend.


Originally posted here:




First, I really miss you. All of you who supported me in so many ways.


This post, I hope, will mark my revival.


I lost my confidence when I was writing my HDR UNLEASHED ( ) book.


I can't finish it cuz I feel like my English is too kindergartenish.


I want to publish it but with at least a decent English.


Probably, a help from friends could make me finish this project.


I will try to post new pictures just to announce that one father on flickr is still alive.


I hope you still recognize me.


FOR SOME REASON, I've been popping in and out on FACEBOOK than on FLICKR.


Check me on FACEBOOK ( ) and you'll find some new KK images. Will post them here.




I got to unleash my UNLEASHED HDR book. It's something I want to leave before I join my dad and my mom. At least, I know that I will be remembered through my pictures and my book when I'm gone. I still want to become a well known artist before I say goodbye.


And so, as someone said, I have a dream.


Till next.


I am big fan of Bon Iver and hooked on their new song Heavenly Father.


Heavenly Father - Bon Iver


Ever since i heard the howling wind

i didn’t need to go where a bible went

but then you know your gifts seemed heaven sent

just lead me to a choler, dad, thats the thing


i don’t know how you house the sin

but you’re free now

i was never sure how much of you i could let in

am i free now

won’t you settle down baby here your love has been

heavenly father

it’s definitely lava

why you don’t carry other names


heard about a day where it dropped the Know

to go another day as we learn to close

cause I’m a known coward in a coward wind

but you’re free now

you turn around now and you count to 10

to see you go now


well i know now honey that i can’t pretend

heavenly father

is whose brought to his autumn

and love is left in end

i just been up here for god damn years

can you see now?

filling up hulls with god damn fears


i am free now

i know about it darling i been standing here

heavenly father

is all that he offers

a safety in the end


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Veterans Day is an annual American holiday honoring military veterans. Both a federal holiday and a state holiday in all states, it is usually observed on November 11.


Listening to: Tell My Father: From "The Civil War: An American Musical"


Tell my father that his son

Didn't run, or surrender

That I bore his name with pride

As I tried to remember

You are judged by what you do

While passing through

As I rest 'neath fields of green

Let him lean on your shoulder

Tell him how I spent my youth

So the truth could grow older

Tell my father when you can

I was a man

Tell him we will meet again

Where the angels learn to fly

Tell him we will meet as men

For with honor did I die

Tell him how I wore the Blue

Proud and true through the fire

Tell my father so he'll know

I love him so

Tell him how we wore the blue

Proud and true like he taught us

Tell my father not to cry

Then say goodbye


There is an interesting story on the finding of this song... My wife and I went to a concert Friday evening of a men's choir that two people from my church are in. They sang this song and it immediately hit me. Those of you that really know me know what a soft heart I have and of course I was craying like crazy while listing to this... I knew I had to find this music... and post an image that matched it.. And of course my wife reminded me that Veterans Day was coming up... ;-DDD


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A long time ago in a toy box far, far away....

"Lord Jesus, your love knows no bounds and your obedience to the Father reverses the curse of our disobedience. May I bring you glory in the sacrifice of my will to the will of the Father and in my love and compassion for others, both for those who treat me well and for those who cause me grief or harm."


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Fathered by Jeremy, my original pet Pachnoda beetle. I knew there were larvae that had hatched and grown and could see the cocoons too. I didn't expect these to breed, but they're easy enough to keep. I do wonder how many more are going to hatch out tho!

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My father used to tell me: "When you become to be a father you will know how much I love you. Now I know....

Sonnenberg Gardens, also known as Sonnenberg Gardens and Mansion State Historic Park, Canandaigua, New York, USA, at the North end of Canandaigua Lake, in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York. The house and gardens are open to the public every day, May through October.

The property was once the summer home of Frederick Ferris Thompson, a prominent banker in New York City, and his wife Mary Clark Thompson, whose father, Myron Holley Clark, was Governor of New York State in 1855. The Clark family was from Canandaigua, NY. Mr. & Mrs. Thompson's main home was in NYC in a large townhouse on Madison Avenue. The Thompsons purchased the Sonnenberg property in 1863, keeping the name, Sonnenberg (which means "sunny hill" in German). In 1887, they replaced the original farmhouse with a forty-room Queen Anne style mansion. The property also had a 100-acre farm to the east. Sonnenberg's gardens were designed and built between 1902–1919, and originally consisted of nine gardens in a variety of styles.

NRHP Reference#:73001240

I know i'm a little bit late in this year, but i hope it is not too late!!So i want to wish you all a happy new year, everything beautiful in this future year!!! Pure imagination, love and health!! And of course it would be great when all our wish lists are come true next year !!! Love you all!!! Didn't add everyone on the picture, sorry and feel free to adding ^_^ xxx

* Do i Wanna know ? *


So have you got the guts?

Been wondering if your heart's still open and if so I wanna know what time it shuts

Simmer down and pucker up

I'm sorry to interrupt. It's just I'm constantly on the cusp of trying to kiss you

I don't know if you feel the same as I do

But we could be together if you wanted to


Do I wanna know?

If this feeling flows both ways?

Sad to see you go

Was sort of hoping that you'd stay

Baby we both know

That the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say tomorrow day


Early Missourians knew Nathan Boone as a hunter, soldier, surveyor and entrepreneur. They also knew him as his father's son. Boone, youngest child of the famous Daniel Boone, carried his family's legacy deep into the Missouri Ozarks and the American West.


Boone's last home, a simple but comfortable log house, invites exploration into the life of this second-generation frontiersman. Boone's three sons and two of his slaves built the house in 1837. It was the hub of a 720-acre Ozark farm. He, his wife, Olive, and other family members are buried near the house.


The current 300-acre site features the Boone home, believed to be the oldest and best preserved walnut log cabin west of the Mississippi, and the Boone slave cemetery.


Nathan Boone Homestead State Historic Site

Ash Grove, Missouri

Green County

It's been One Year I suddenly lost my beloved father from an unexpected fulminating stroke. He passed away on a Friday 13th, the worst day in my life. One year of Grieve, putting myself together, one day after the other.

It was traumatic, I've never cried as much, never hurt that much. I hadn't really learned the meaning of Despair till then. it's been a long process. He was the joy in our lives, our Anchor.


It was in the middle of a real storm, one I'd never expected, most powerful than I could've ever imagined, that I learned how strong and fragile I could be. One doesn't learn that until Darkness comes with no short notice... A water divisor I wish it hadn't happened.

I've learned a lot about myself and people in general after this.

I also learned who my real friends are, not that many, by the way, but priceless. Some stayed by my side, others revealed they weren't such good friends... and there were a few who surprised me, who checked on me from time to time to see how I was doing, offered me help, sincerely and not afraid I could accept it. I call it even.

I thank those good old friends and the new ones, for their support, compassion, their Friendship. I thank my boyfriend, my Family and my Brother, who has become our anchor.

and my Flickr friends who kept visiting and posting on my photos, even when I spent months hardly commenting on anyone's.

One doesn't remain the same after such loss. I haven't. Life is, indeed, short... and it can end from one minute to the other. I'm learning to say "I love you" more often, to give my love more often to the ones who matter.

In the last year my ambitions have also changed, I want to be happy doing what I do, I don't want to change the way I see the world and people through my lenses in order to fit where some people may think I should. Life is too short for that. I'll stand with the ones who appreciate, value, what I do.

As a person, I'll stand with good people, the strong in character, the ones who know the value of friendship, love. I want to be the best person I can, honor the man my father was and everything he taught me.

I learned so much from him, he was a Genuine Good, Unselfish, Loving Person. A Real Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Friend. A Great Man, with an amazing Character (one either has it or not, there's no mid term for that) a man of his Word. He was so Unique, died young... full of plans, full of life. The World is a sadder place without him.

It's with tears going down that I dedicate this self portrait to Him, who was never afraid to show the ones he loved how much he cared, who helped others, who raised his family with all his heart, love, tenderness. A man I'll miss till the end of my life.


Breathe Me


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