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1/8 Sheet

Arches 140#CP


I reallly LOVE being home - even those weekends that are so filled with obligations and chores. I did manage to get a good deal done before our company and grands arrive in five hours - but the leisure to paint is something I still crave!! LOL I'm working on a larger piece and hope to get it completed before heading back to work in the morning.


This explosive splash and splatter is my response to the INCREDIBLE sunflowers we saw at the farmer's market last week! Oh my! The variations, sizes, shapes, even the shades of yellow -- absolutely DAZZLING! and my property has nary a one!!! I am just going to have to plant some next year -- !


I was just listening to NPR this morning about a woman in CA who 'dumpster dives' for plants - all that tossed away plant material that retailers don't want to nurse back to health or which don't meet the 'standard' to sell. She's rescued HUNDREDS of plants ... from roses to kale! Now THAT"S something to think about! LOL And I thought I was being smart replanting flowers and veggies from my compost pile!! LOL


Got to get going this morning ... have a sunshiney day!


Testing my new compact travel camera at the Farmers Market.

lady farmer sale her own farm produces in this farmers market.


thanks for every one for views, faves, and comments

Farmers Market in Copley Square with street musicians, flowers, baked goods and local produce make for a colorful scene on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Riverhead - Long Island New York

Fresh from the local farmers around Pereira Colombia. The best part about going through the market was the welcoming character of the vendors.

Ah Summer! Farmer Markets and sunshine! Totally adore these dresses we are wearing from Enfant Terrible! Perfect for our romp though the the vintage items from Irrie's Dollhouse.......


Read the rest and grab the event and designer information at Threads & Tuneage baby heirloom tomatoes are in season. sweet, juicy, the lighter ones are slightly tart. these local farmers' markets are really nice places to browse here on a lazy weekend

Dane County Farmers Market

So much beautiful and fresh produce at the local farmer's market. I love going to the market to see what looks good to inspire my meals for the week!


Instagram me for more photos!

12"x16". Watercolor and ink on Arches 140lb paper.


View of the Boulder Farmer's Market at 13th and Canyon.

Farmers Market in Los Angeles @ Third & Fairfax

Testing my new compact travel camera at the Farmers Market.


1308 Lawrenceville Road

Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

Tel (609) 577 - 9111


Princeton Farmers’ Market photos on my blog, Baking is my Zen.


A Saturday morning tradition. . . fruits, veggies, Amish baked goods. . .

Financial District, lower Manhattan



The Farmers Market Garden Center sign on Elston Avenue in the West Walker neighborhood of Chicago, in lush Velvia color. Taken with a Holga 120N.


Update: In the summer of 2009, the destroyed this sign by painting it bright green and black, thus destroying its vintage character. I'm glad I got this shot before they did that.

The site of the 17th Street Farmers' Market has been a public gathering place since 1737, and is one of America's oldest public markets. The Farmers' Market has always been at the intersection of local commerce for two reasons -- the proximity to the river and the fact that Main Street served as the main road between Richmond and Williamsburg and nearby Shockoe Creek was used by small boats bringing shellfish to awaiting customers. When the Virginia General Assembly officially moved to Richmond in 1779, a "public market" was established. Once a thriving hub of commerce and trading, the Farmers' Market has seen many incarnations. Source:


Some wonderful detail when viewed Large on Black

Sign for the South Tacoma Farmer's Market

Texture thanks to Kerstin Frank and Kim Klassen.

I went to the Downtown Farmers Market on Saturday morning. I love market day...gorgeous day, people greeting each other, beautiful vegetables and fruits and yummy pastries...and flowers! These came from my favorite gardener who plants about five acres of the most gorgeous flowers and then arranges them so artistically. These were in one of his bouquets.

I took this photo with my iPhone.

9" x 12"

Arches 140#CP


The vendors at the Durham Farmer's Market are so varied - from bison meat to herbs to flowers to cheese to fruits and vegetables, ducks, chickens, cooking demos, music, crafts - a visit to the market is a fun, entertaining, learning experience. These zinnias were grown by one such vendor - I had to take a photograph - their stall was busy and even getting close enough to take a photo was difficult! LOL Not only were the flowers fresh - but the arrangements were beautifully done. I LOVE the pinks and purples that seemed to be reflected in each of these flowers.


We wound up taking home far more than we had planned - corn, bison to try (like beef but not as rich in our opinon), melons (already in the dehydrator), cheese and bread. I had to forego the flowers - by the time we filled our bags - our wallets were empty! LOL


The 4th was a quiet celebration for us - putting up food, a quiet dinner, a movie. The humidity and heat were far too high for us, so we couldn't get to outdoor tasks until later in the day - and just before the thunderstorm and much needed rain.


It'll be a busy week at work since so many folks have taken this week as vacation ... We're expected rain each day - and for all of us who garden or farm - we are doing the happy rain dance!


Hope you have a great week - and don't forget to vote!




lady farmer is marketing her farm produces.


thanks for every one for views, faves, and comments.

A swarm of colorful bottle bugs buzzing the booth. Some of the cool craft work from Shawn Bakke of Hill Top Furniture in Carroll, Iowa. Taken May 23, 2009 at the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market.

Hard to pass by these carrots at this morning's Great Barrington, MA farmers market...



Highest I know of in Explore!... # 297 on 9.7.07

Dejvice is a historical community, a municipal quarter of the Prague 6 district of Prague, Czech Republic. Its history can be traced back to the late Roman era. Dejvice is known for its appeal to the upper middle class, foreign diplomatic corps and as a university district. It is also the home to Dukla Prague, one of the most successful football clubs of the Czechoslovak era.

Saturday morning is the farmers outdoor market day where locals go for groceries, have a bit to eat, maybe a drink & listen to live music. Not a bad start to the day

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