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As promised, an annual look at the autumn which happily surrounds me for a few weeks every year. When posting a series, I try to present a concept which hopefully makes for a better look at the whole; in this case the bigger view pictured above and some of the individual components blending together to create that scene pictured below. The idea, of course, is that you can feel a greater part of the experience of walking about in this rather remarkable environment. And what better than a lazy, sunny Sunday to enjoy it...

Location: International Flower Festival, Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur.



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La Vallée de Joux, Jura

Texture: Marezia57, thank you.


Have to play with Isabel´s wonderful texture at once. :))

This is the last one for today, as you can tell I've been clearing out recently but I go away for a 2 week break tomorrow so you'll have some respite! Many thanks for all the comments, faves and kind words over the last year since I last went away proper, I don't deserve you!!

Ella received several Fancy Nancy items for Christmas, including several books. I couldn't help but title this image in her honor, as I'm sure that this flower is one that Fancy Nancy would love, or should I say admire. Happy 2009!


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Southbank, London.

Winter comes to the beach. Portobello.

A few (well, maybe more than a few) clicks and look what we have. I was going to go with "Wallflower" as a title, but I made the notes on the comment image first and decided to go with an alliterative alternative. I must admit to remaining astounded at some of the creations that arise from this addictive activity, and the frequently fanciful forms that result with fruition.

Love the way this leaf-like stripe of green somehow became part of the petal creating wonderful contrast with the soft pink of the flower itself.

Inside the Brewery we find all the vehicles neatly parked up...oh how tempting it was to go for a spin!

This was shot from the slopes of Loughrigg, over Rydal Water with, to the right, the whole of the Fairfield Horseshoe.


In my humble opinion, one of the finest walks in Lakeland.

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Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Things seem to finally be settling here, will be catching up tonight and tomorrow.

I tried to take "dark and cool" shots in this Historic Site. It is totally different from my image, so it's failure as my task. But I love this image..."unexpected success born out of a failure." @Gulf of Georgia Cannery

Ruby’s All New Stock Challenge #7


With thanks to..

Background ~ Rubyblossom

Model ~ Faestock

Texture ~ Skeletal Mess

Bird Brushes ~ Skeletal Mess

Hair ~ Dezzan


When I saw these hanging next to each other in my 4 Faces of Foofaraw exhibition I knew that I would have to put them together in one drawing one day. So here is the result.


Fancy Couple, colored pencil on paper, approximately 12" square

New Sets for Pullip dolls at our E site ^^ (see our profile!)


Hope you like them ♥

The fancy dance regalia are looms of glass bead sets on suspenders, belt cuffs, headband, armbands. The designs are usually matching in all items and of a rainbow feather or geometric design. Beaded medallions are on the forehead and bustles are also quite common. Occasionally a breastplate will be used in place of the beaded suspenders.


The other trademark for fancy dancers is the use of large feather bustles. Currently most bustles are color-coordinated with the beadwork by using large amounts of feather hackles dyed the appropriate colors.


Small matching hackle bustles are sometimes worn as armbands. Hanging beneath the bottom bustle are a pair of trailers, usually with some ribbon work, made from navy blue, black or red wool.

Explore 04/06/2011

Processed With Darkroom



Best view in large :-)

I'm not fancy. I'm what I appear to be.

Janet Reno

Fancy Nancy loves the frills and is in my Flower Girls group. She is glad you stopped by to visit. Nancy is bright and glowing with a little spring joy.


Sorry I have been missing lately. Hope all my Flickr friends will stop by and say Hi. Have a wonderful TGIF.

Well seeing as I've tempted you with some cherry bakewells, come and join me for a French Fancy!


Had a couple of new toys to play with tonight. Exposure 3 and Lightroom 3. I love the new Polaroid film emulations in Exposure and processed this photo using the SX 70 preset. I love the creamy tone of the shot.


I very rarely use vignetting but it seemed to give this image some warmth.

this must be the fanciest beetle (Phengodidae) in the world

Brazilian Amazon

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