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“This thing all things devours: Birds, beasts, trees, flowers: Gnaws iron, bites steel: Grinds hard stones to meal: Slays king, ruins town, And beats high mountains down! Time.”


John Ronald Reuel 'J. R. R.' Tolkien -


a large boulder lands in the Colorado River near Moab, Utah. The river is about a foot deep right now and the color is surreal.


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This snapshot from one of my last walks reminds me of my family since there is one snowdrop missing: a „mum snowdrop“. Since her death last August it has been a tough time, but like in this image it seems that there is finally light reaching the shade. I hope you like it!

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The first night in Hawai'i. Everyone outside watching the moon rise, a wonderful night.

Elephant group in the Serengeti National Park

Well, it's a bit late,, but I wanted to be sure to wish everyone a happy weekend. Was hoping to get out for some shooting this weekend - hope that the weather allows me to do so. :-)


This adorable little sandhill crane, less than a week old, is in hot pursuit of one of its parents, in hopes of a quick bite. See, these little ones are born practically ready to go! Being the solo colt in this family, it got lots of attention from the parents, but consequently I think that these parents were spending a lot more time on this little one learning to feed itself. To onlookers, it may seem a bit cruel, as I'm sure that the colt puts the "big eyes" on.


It really amazed me how the colt followed the parents all over the area where its nest was - all around the lake. It would be so tired and on occasions would stop and basically just fall asleep. It was so endearing to observe, in fact, I didn't want to leave. :-)


Can't wait until next year when another batch of young ones arrive and we can photograph them, in their "infancy", all over again.


So, as this colt is taking a nice stroll with its family, I hope that everyone can enjoy some time away with theirs as well. With that I say .... TGIF!!!


Thanks for stopping by to view and especially for all of your thoughts and comments!


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New Zealand's White Heron (Kotuku) is a Great Egret subspecies looking a lot like a Great Egret with a Snowy Egret bill mashed onto it. While egrets are common to those of us in coastal Nortth America, there are less than 200 of these birds in New Zealand, most of which can be found at breeding colony on the Waitangiroto River not far from the mountain town of Franz Josef, where we spent a few days around the time of the big earthquake. This is easily one of my favorite images from our recent trip.

Explore #399 May 23, 2008


on golden pond the goose family has some time papa goose shows off to his showing how he can make a human hand silhouette...

Silly Goose!....

Preparing hay for cows is a family effort.

least tern chicks


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Explored on August 18, 2008

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i was very excited to shoot this.. many times i passed Kolambugan on the way to Cagayan and back, but never got the chance to come down from the car.

this time - i will not let it pass.

i had the car parked by the roadside, folded up my pants, set my camera, and i was off to the vast shoreline..

everything seemed perfect - i knew my timing was right.. the weather wasnt even hot, the skies giving a light shade of blue, the family gathering shells for dinner...

i was just getting my feet wet in the water, i was just trying out the new exposure technique and experimenting on the kelvin white balance i learned over the weekend... then huge drops of rain just came out of nowhere. no plastic for cover, i knew my playtime is over. i ran to the car just in time to keep me from getting wet.


the morning after, i learned that right at the time i was passing by iligan, a bomb went off... right at that time i was shooting this, war and death was lurking closeby...

i felt a warm rush of air as i remembered the huge drops of rain.. He knew how long it would take me when i start to play... and like how the sudden rain made me run for cover, He ushered me to safety.. He led us safe to the barge that took off in less than 10minutes... then i was safe home.

God's timing is perfect. He kept me, He led me. and He still blessed me with this shot. :)


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For this week's Scrapiteria theme "nonsense".

A group of Cotton Stainer nymph bugs as shot at Admiralty Park, Singapore

at the ruins of Baalbek, Lebanon

Got asked to do a pic for a family...I really like how these turned out ^___^

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