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The whole family is playing games in front of a New Year's Eve sunset, while dad takes pictures.


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A family of meerkats on the lookout for danger in the Kalahari Desert.


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wish you all a great and happy day my friends :))**

A family walking in the misty forest of Ter Apel.

© Luis Valadares Fotografia

My brother and his growing family

This session of photos almost cost me my toes. That picture is my favorite amongst the new ones. Deciding to go home and defrost my limbs I said this tree looked just as good from this direction as from the other. So picked up my camera and shot the picture. That's what I call luck. I'm open to criticism.


I've been explored. Or at least this picture has been. I thank you all for your comments, invitations and choosing this shot as your favourite.

The sunsets on the North Shore on the island of Oahu in Hawaii are something out of the ordinary. I stayed in a hostel very close to the Rocky Point surf break. I spent many sunsets there to watch the surfers enjoy the last waves of the day. So did this family. The woman carrying the infant child, the man, their dog, and their surfboards stayed for a long time. Quite understandable.

Pipeline, the amazing big wave surf break, is hidden between the family and the background mountain.

working on getting a better variety of family shots lately and I think I got some good ones today. I could just play with a newborn on a beanbag for hours, but I'm challenging myself to try some new stuff off of the bag. I know if I'm about to cry when taking them... that the parents are sure to love them :0)


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leon's bedroom and the family echos



Leek Rabbit has been quite busy since you saw him last. Happy Easter to all my flickr friends and family

One more of this swan family, now a bit nearer than the other ones..then I might send photos of something else too! :O)

Explore, 5.10.2010


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A (welcome?) change of pace from birds.

family archive from the 70s

this is my lovely aunt. more in comments

Late afternoon family walk in the dog park. It seems like with everybody but the dog!


I never used to put people in my photos, but got inspired recently by a couple of photographers that I follow. I like the way it adds scale and purpose to certain shots.

A family having some fun at the famous Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach Oregon.


I hope you all enjoy the view. :-)


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My family and I went out on the beach one evening right at sunset. I set up my tripod and used the timer on the camera to get this photo of everyone just relaxing and enjoying our time on Ft Walton Beach. Relaxing really doesn't begin to describe sitting on the beach, listening to the waves, and watching the sun slowly fade into the horizon...


Technical Information:

Camera - Nikon D5000

ISO – 1600

Aperture – f/4.0

Exposure – 1 second

Focal Length – 26mm

Camera was fired using the timed release function built into my Nikon D5000.

Palm Sunday today; but also April Fools. That doesn't happen very often.


truly the beauty of considering all the poor common people as a family...who equally deserves to inherit be protected as a blessing from God in Heaven...

You know, sometimes you get one that you just LOVE! Just loved everything about this . . . . mom and dad kept telling her to look at the camera. She was just wondering what all the fuss was about!



A post filled with family photos taken over the past four decades. Some are current, some are not. One in particular is a favorite of mine; the overlay image, casting a field of brightly colored wild flowers; was captured by our mom many years ago. Holds a trunk full of pleasant memories since it reminds me of the day she took all of us on a drive around the ‘ol homestead as she use to do on summer days~


Every frame depicts an event in our family life going back to the mid 1960's glazed over by my fav photo taken by our mother back in late 1968 .. Sweet family times! Going Home...


Lower left corner shot see additional photo below...


swan cute family birds pond water

A close up of my elder post (total overview)





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Explore: Nov 2, 2009 #452

Friends and family from our 2011 summer vacation in New Buffalo, Michigan. The house we rent is on the wondrous shores of Lake Michigan.

“The strongest love is the love that can demonstrate its fragility.”

― Paulo Coelho

Canon 5 D Mark III

Canon EF 16-35mm/F2.8L II USM

Niagara Falls Canada

Just one family ... or more families living together on the trunk of a tree?

The fungi-world is so fascinating ;-))

Creating a "kusudama"- family and yes, they have a relative, you can see it in the first comment. ;-)

Do you know how 'Riddle' looks like?... I will upload that photo in a few days.


All folded from the same simple unit, which I found in an old booklet "Unit-Origami" by David Petty. And you can make different forms depending on how many units are assembled.


The complete green one is made of 4 original units.

But I discovered that the back was beautiful too. So I made the one in the middle using 12 backsides units.

The first one the left is also made of 12 units, 3 original, 3 backside and 3 of a third variation. Just turning the paper and do the fold sequence and you get a color change ;-)

With this last variation I made the big one on the upper right, 30 units.


All folded from thick foil, square 6,5x6,5cm, glue needed.


Mom appears to be tired from taking care of this big family of burrowing owls.

Some sheep up near cuckmere river in East Sussex.

What you see is shot as seen.

No manipulation was done to this pic other than a little cropping.......

Taken next to Palma Cathedral............Mallorca...........

where there is a distinct break in continuity to the is where the stage(the people are standing on) drops to the theatre floor hence the effect.

To get another view of this place............follow the link to another pic of mine.

Like most people I love the beach and the coast.


We've decided to stay in the UK this year and have a couple of beach holidays planned one on the Fife coast at Easter and the other on the Isle of Tiree in summer. Here's hoping the weather holds out as it is always a bit of a gamble, especially in Scotland.

Amboseli - Kenya

From Cave Hill, Belfast, looking out towards Divis Mountain and on towards the Mourne Mountains

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