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Falling down is part of life,

getting back up is Living...


Ardessie Falls near a Little Loch Broom in the Hightlands of Scotland.

Fall colors at Perry Farm in Bradley IL.

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10" x 13" Watercolor

Arches 140#CP


For the last week or so when I go out to feed the kitties, the water in their drinking bowl has frozen over. Quite honestly, I know it's been cold in the mornings, but by afternoon, we've been outside with a light jacket. No longer.


This weekend seems to have turned the season. The potted basil on my side porch has been completed blackened by the frosts, there are a few leaves here and there, but those are mostly brown, and the leaves underfoot are all crunchy. Yes, the end of fall ...


A while ago, I was asked to share a bit about the workshops I took during Art of the Carolinas ...and I'll do over time. It had been a few years since I took several classes over the four-day period, and this year was one of those. Instead of all watercolor classes, I decided to try something very different - acryllic and abstract. To be honest, I am feeling that 'change ahead' nudge that often accompanies a style, thinking process or something else of change in my painting. It happens more frequently than I acknowledge - where I find I am being internally 'directed' to try something new, favoring different photographs or paintings, and I feel a real SHOVE to try something different. It was with these feelings that I took those 'different' classes.


I thoroughly enjoyed all of them ... and they have me thinking and viewing my paintings in a new way. So instead of simply posting what I painted in those classes, I'm trying to 'think' out my thought processes, what I'm noticing needs something else, practice a bit of the things I want to change, try some techniques that will move me where I may be headed, and then write a bit about what was involved.


This piece, for instance, is one of those 'nudges' that may not be fully realized, but is the first of something changing.


I want to work a bit on my brushstrokes to make them more expressive... To make my lights lighter and my darks darker ... This piece uses 'some' of that - but not to the extent I want to go -- but it's a start.


And another turn in the road's journey .....


awards count

Took this last year - October I think. Also took some lovely ones of my son at this same location - the carpet of fallen leaves was quite beautiful. You wouldn't think that this was London! Anyway, I wanted to add some colour to my photostream! Lol.


I've finally been getting out and about with the camera after a period of malaise. I think this was primarily caused by the relentless rain, though there were other factors too. Creativity is an unpredictable business!


I hope everyone is well.


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1/8 Sheet

Arches 140#CP


This fall view is a bit lighter in real life than on my screen this morning - but the bright colors are definitely what I see around me. Fall color - is just about at its peak in piedmont North Carolina.


Our trip yesterday went beautifully well - a gloriously warm day, beautiful colors, historic buildings, jaw-dropping, unique trees to marvel and purchase, a terrific lunch --- really a nice way to end the tour season just as our temps change to winter-chilly and rain.


I'll be off line for several days...and will catch up as I can ...


Hope your weekend is filled with sun and color!!

Captured at Clifty Falls State Park in Madison Indiana.

Waterfall in Ricketts Glen.

9" x 12" Watercolor

Arches 140#CP


Oh the glorious cooler weather that was promised --- really did come today!!! When I went for my morning walk at 7:30 am, I needed long sleeves and slacks!! WOW!! And later, even when the sun burned off the fog, temps just managed to reach 80F!!! Absolutely wonderful -- temperatures, skies, breezes -- our first fall morning!


So fitting then, to post this painting. I worked on this when I was visiting Doris, modifying a technique learned from Karlyn Holman ... such fun!


Here in piedmont NC, hidden under 'just turning color' leaves, grapes are ripe. I pick some each morning that I walk, their sweet/tart taste thirst quenching and marvelous. The road crews went through the area cutting back tree limbs to prepare for hurricane season, so many of the grape vines that were laden with fruit have, unfortunately, been cut -- but here and there I can find a handful to enjoy and encourage me to 'keep walking!' lol


Here's to fall temperatures and weeks of wonderful blue skies, puffy clouds and leaves on their way to brilliant!

Out for a paddle near Copper Harbor, MI.


Day 99 of 365.

The pretty tall Ganoga Falls in Ricketts Glen.

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Last year's peak Fall Color....I am looking forward to more this year!!! I will be goal oriented towards the waterfall that ate my Nikon last Fall.....


Have a great weekend!


Camera Nikon D300

Exposure 1 sec

Aperture f/10.0

Focal Length 12 mm

ISO Speed 100

Exposure Bias 0 EV

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Here is a wide view of the RB Ricketts Falls at Ricketts Glen State Park. The pool and foreground rocks at this waterfall were a very nice color, contrasting to the water whites and green leaves in the trees beyond.

Fall colors from a previous trip to this wonderful waterfall.

Well this was an interesting shoot. I'm deathly afraid of heights, when you add high winds and an unstable top heavy tripod, it was definitely white knuckled shooting. I couldn't stop shaking in anxiety, wishing I could get this done as quickly as possible. Idiotically, I didn't have my ultrawide so I ended up doing a pano, taking up more time. All that kept running through my mind was please don't let there be wind coming from behind me, pushing me over and likely will be the death of me. For the life of me, I could not stay calm. Calm people don't die. I don't know how some of you do it. This shoot pretty much confirmed my need for a new tripod and better shoes - sneakers are terrible in this loose rock and high wind situation. After this Palouse trip, my Manfrotto got replaced with an RRS TV34L and all the different footings lol. Wow, this thing is solid and its probably the best investment I've made outside of lenses/camera. I am definitely more confident now it won't topple over. Maybe I'll tackle this falls once again in the future.


Image - 10 image single row vertical panoramic, tight stitch - I was so paranoid that the wind would mess things up I literally overlapped by 80% for each shot. Overall, I think the pano actually turned out okay, there's no weird distortion like you normally see with this pov. I only wish I had gone a couple more shots to the left and right to get a better comp with the tree and the towers. Also, maybe another row up top to get more of that sky. Oh well. Next time! Thanks for the views, comments and favs!

The Peterborough lift lock is a boat lift located on the Trent Canal in the city of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada and is Lock 21 on the Trent-Severn Waterway.


The dual lifts are the highest hydraulic boat lifts in the world, rising 19.8 m (65 ft). This was a considerable accomplishment when conventional locks usually only had a 2 m (7 ft) rise.


No external power is needed, the lift lock functions by gravity alone using a counterweight system. When one side reaches the top position it stops about 5 cm (2 inches) below the adjoining canal's water level. When the gates open water flows into the ship basin until the water level rebalances. The weight of the extra water is enough to power the hydraulic lift. As the top level lowers to the bottom position it pushes the other side up to the top position where the cycle starts over again.


I am away for work until Wednesday night. I should have Internet access at the hotel and will catch up with you all sometime Tuesday night.


Update: I do have internet but the computer I have on the road is not lending itself to commenting on pictures very efficiently so I will have to catch up with you as I can on my return home.

Pretty view in the slot along Olmstead Island ... winter time in Great Falls Maryland area.

Ninai fall & fall foliage

Last winter I photographed this very same lane just after a snow storm. It was beautiful then, and it is beautiful now. I have posted the winter version below for all to see again. As always thanks for your views, and comments.

Fall color and reflection @ Rocky River Reservation.

12" x 16"

Arches 140#CP


It's that time of year again when fields turn golden and the light brings a glow to the woodlands. My favorite barn now sits among grasses that are thigh-high and wave with each passing breeze. I love to come upon this place in the morning when the sun seems to highlight the aging wood and yellowing fields.


It's been an incredibly busy week for me with obligations, paintings to put up, take down, classes, car maintenance, house chores, celebratory lunches, supply gathering for new classes I'll teach and more. There's been little time for resting and it seems September has blown by with the wind. Hopefully October will be a bit slower ...! LOL


Weather has been warm and beautiful, with summer temps returning in the afternoons. I picked the final fig from my trees and my first persimmon. The fall apples have started to arrive, and I am in heaven. My favorites - Pinova (very hard for me to find in my part of North Carolina), Honey Crisp and Pink Cripps -- YUMM!!!! I see a lot of apple dishes on my menu!


Hope you have a great weekend!

For Fence Friday. HFF!

Close up of one of the falls on the falls of Clyde.


I have bought a new house and decorating has taken up a lot of my time. Anyone want to help LOL

And then many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another. And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.

Matthew 24:10-13


Texture by: Shadow House Creations


Have a blessed day and thank you for stopping by!


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The very iconic Maroon Bells in Aspen, CO. It may not be original, but it was a bucket list shot of mine. Many more fall photos to come !


Thank you Philippe again for the textures.


Wishing you all a great start to a new week.

Best wishes....


12" x 16" Watercolor

Arches 140#CP


November -- the frosts have come, leaves continue to fall, and daylight fades far too quickly ... but the memories of a glorious Fall linger in my mind and on my paintbrush. I stretch my favorite season a bit longer.


Painting allows me to do this, and while temps dip and rise with the passing of the season, I return to the warmth and glow of my autumn memories.


Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Lundbreck Falls in southern Alberta was my last stop before heading home from my road trip that saw me go to Keremeos at the southern end of BC's Okanagan Valley, across to Nakusp, then along a long logging road that took me down to Nelson and Creston before heading back to Alberta on good old Hwy 3, also known as the Crow. It was a great road trip and of course I came home with my great little camper, so you know I can't wait for the next road trip!


Went to Mountain Tsukuba today with my friends to watch fall foliage. The weather was very pleasing today, with bright sun and perfect temperature. Had a good time there!

Hope you all have a great weekend too! ^-^

Shohola Falls, Pennsylvania in November. I nearly fell into the pool here a couple years ago. I'm an excellent swimmer, but that water looked so chilly I didn't want to go in! haha.

You can see the round stone structure of the viewing platform on the other side (upper right). I like how they made it of natural stone to blend in with the surroundings.

Another shot from my Whistler, BC set. While walking in the town of Whistler for a day of shopping, I noticed these bright yellow leaves against the back wall of a hotel. NIkon D80/16-85vr.

വീടിനടുത്തുള്ള ഒരു വഴി..രാവിലെ നടക്കാനിറങ്ങിയപ്പോള്‍ എടുത്തതാ..

Fall scene on a day of hiking at Blakeley State Park.

Falls in the Park

Filter: Hitech ND 0.9

Location: Falls Park, Greenville, SC


EXPLORED #387 (23rd Jan, 2012)

all that remains of the day is the memory...

for it has turned cold, rainy...and almost leafless now in Wisconsin... a few of the colors and trees are still holding on thankfully..... it is supposed to be down in the low 20's tonight...

hot chocolate...a warm, soft blanket ... an orange glow from the halloween lights and pumpkin spice aroma coming from my tart burner.........


Ninai fall in fall foliage

A pretty location along the Gunpowder Falls river that is flowing low these days as we have had limited rainfall. This was near the end of my hike yesterday evening.

She almost fall from her stem, I thought wait! I will keep your elegance and beauty:)


Enjoyable thinking when I see around.


Thank you to keep nature beauty by do not destroyed its:)


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Fenced view across the top of Niagara Falls.

11/22/2007: I entered this photo in a Fall Photo Contest in the local paper and got Honorable Mention.

If you like to be near water like I do then Montana could be a place you could fall in love with. Here you will find an abundance of lakes, rivers and waterfalls. And if you listen carefully you might even be able to connect and communicate with this force of nature. Last weekend I went on a hike and found myself mesmerized by nature’s secrets. It speaks the language of true beauty.


I asked:



Show me

How do you fall

Giving your all


She said:

You must give your all

Be clear

Trust and have no fear


I said:

You always move

You never look back

Do you have any regrets


She said:

No, no regrets

I keep living

I keep feeling

And I only fall

For love.



Don’t be surprised when you find yourself dancing with a waterfall.

… and falling deeply in love.


Pine Creek Falls - Montana

Fallen leaves, mossy rocks and a soft dappled light , Hardcastle Crag has it all !!!

Hebden bridge , Yorkshire

1/8 Sheet

Arches 140#CP


There is a sense of fall in the air -- already the tulip tree and sycamore leaves have turned yellow - yes, partly because of the drought, but also because the season is turning away from summer's firey heat and moving toward the delicious bright, cooler weather of fall.


I love the view of this farm ... and never grow tired of trying to capture of it through all its moods and seasons. This is a quick, colorful variation ... but that fence and field carry my thoughts month to month.


Thank you for your continued support and encouragement !!! And thank you for voting. We're down to the last ten days -- if we remain in the top 5, the Arboretum will win an orchard which will be maintained by our gardeners and volunteers, and the produce given to the hungry in our region. The voting remains fierce, and we really appreciate your help!




Have a great Sunday!

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