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Barrow County, GA



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This old Ford has failed it's engine inspection and has been deemed worthy of inclusion in the truck Thursday group. HTT everyone!


On "Main Street" in Haldane,IL.

I'm stopping my 365 project and I thought about this very well. I know that taking pictures every day could help somebody improving and growing so much as a person and artist but I just feel like this is not the right way for me as a photographer. I'm used to taking picture when I have the right mood and I really cannot handle this pressure I put on myself. I just feel like I'm not getting better but just the other way around. Even if I only tried this one picture a day for only two weeks, I realized how much work it is and how much you have to love photography. I think my love is not that big for taking pictures everyday it's more a fun thing I do and I just don't want to lose this fun...


I really feel like I should start something new, more relaxed. I feel like I should delete some pictures of this stream and keep this stream only with the pictures I LIKE because that is what life is about - doing the things you like- isn't it ?


Sorry for this text ._. but I just had to write this.

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Actually i wanted to take a "startrail-picture", but it was too cloudy...

92032 dragging failed 92028 on 5m11 Milton Keynes Central - Wembley depot,92028 failed at Northampton on 1m11 Glasgow Central - London Euston,photographed at Headstone Lane,Greater London on 15/04/2015

Eye Doc Fail


Clark was thinking it was time to find a new Eye Doc, this one seemed to think coke bottle bottoms work as glasses.


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Making pictures is great afterwars, however... I drove home after making these shots, I knew there would be some nice images between them, I even went into forbidden placed to get a better view... Got home, downloaded the images to the computer for processing, that went allready faster than ever... realized soon I shot the images at the lowest possible resolution... too bad!

Lol this is why I don't wear anything in photos I've been at the point a while where I couldn't care less about what's on my body so long as I got working organs & a brain & w/e it's a chill place w a lot of bad shoes & socks combos


Pretty sure I've mentioned this on here before but it's something I've been feeling really frustrated with lately, that it's impossible to put your whole self online or communicate your whole self through a phone. Not that I'd ever want my whole self online, but I also don't want to come off as someone I'm not, does that make any sense? I don't want to omit something important.


Idk I feel like we try so hard to make connections but they miss or don't work out because who we're being really isn't us, or at least all of us. Basically I hate social networking blah blah but I need it to stay in touch with the people I love blah it's a necessary evil & I guess I gotta live with that blah.


(And also just a nod to the fact that if you're with someone or someones but everyone's on their phones that's not really being "with" anyone, at least physically. Everyone might as well just sit at home & stare at their laptop). IDk I dig this concept and I wish I had more time on my hands to do it better; maybe once the semester slows down a bit (hah) I'll redo it. Anyhow happy Thursday & I'll c yall w another upload tomorrow :)

People talk about failure as though it's a dirt path, parallel to the real racetrack, but lesser and obscured by shadow; as though, if you run fast enough, gracefully enough, you can step over onto that other track, under those lights. Like it's something - some place - you can leave behind.

But failure is more like a dark, many-roomed house where you wander. And when the wanderer finds some degree of what they call success, it turns out to be no more than a room with a window, through which the light cracks, illuminating rotten floorboards, dust motes, a fireplace stoked with the bones of dead birds, and no doors. The reflection in the glass will show you that you're still home.

Fail to prepare...prepare to fail...

(unable to find the title)


looking back ... into the grove :)

So I decided to try some more highspeed stuff yesterday, it has been a while. I hauled out all the gear and got it setup in the garage. I decided to use these funky martini glasses I bought for a different shot. I only had four so I knew I had to make each one count. This was the first one, kinda cool, I like that you can see the BB going through the liquid, but I wanted to increase the delay to get more of the glass breaking and liquid splashing. I made the adjustments, only three glasses left, tested the trigger and all looked good, so I did it for real, and the damn flash did not fire! I thought OK, no big deal I still have two more tries. Get it all set again, do a test shot, flash fires, we should be good...nope! No flash, damn, down to one glass left. Guess what, I didn't work for that one either :-( I guess I need to tweak the projectile sensor and get this stuff dialed before I try again. It is too expensive wasting glasses like that!


I hope today goes better then yesterday :-)

If you are planning for a startup or setting up a business, then you have to focus on reasons for the failure of the startups. This will help you to run your business smoothly and successfully.

reasons why startups fail

I'm between work and orchestra practice. Not only has my schedule not allowed me to do much more than work and sleep, there have been multiple crises within my family and friends over this past weekend.

I'm to the point where words fail me. Not because I am the one hurting, but because I'm watching others hurt.


I've little or no time to 'flickr' until Friday... please forgive.


Despite the dramatic "boiling water action," this fish hawk failed to snatch the bass.


Ya sabemos que la perfección no existe. Mientras volvía de fotografiar varios Talgos en la zona de Las Minas, ví apartado éste tremendo mercante en Navajuelos esperando cruce con el Talgo 224, así que aproveché para fotografiar ámbos en el mismo punto, sólo que por lados distintos. Desgraciadamente, la locomotora de cabeza vino con ésta horrenda pintada en su frontal.

The cliched beach and groynes shot.

Not been a great weekend for new images so far so this is one I took a couple of weeks back at Happisburgh on the Norfolk coast of England. A place with seemingly endless scope for photography.


Nikon D300 with 17-55mm f/2.8 Nikkor @ 55mm, B+W ND 110, 30s @ f/22, ISO 100

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