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it's time for a long break this summer, see you soon!

Strobist: Lumopro LP180 in shoot through umbrella high camera left; LP160 behind subject shot through a round diffusion panel. Silver reflector camera right.

We're practising for Hack Day's Faceball marathon.

My old friend Eddy played faceball without been warned was it was about :).


(no photoshop cheating, of course :))

Music Waste lineup announced!!!


Music Waste 2010 - Tumblr


band photos by Sarah and Kate






Monday, May 31st


Honey - Ice Cream Social


With DJs Trevor Risk, Cam Dales, & Tyler Fedchuck.

Wednesday, June 2nd

Anza Club - Psychic Waste


V. Vecker Ensemble - 12:00am


Black Wizard - 11:00pm


Fortress - 10:30pm


White Umbrella - 9:30pm

Honey - Fake Jazz/Waste


Nurse - 11:00pm


Flash Palace - 10:30pm


Double-doux - 10:00pm


Natural - 11:30pm


Nihilist Party - 12:00pm


Kalki - 12:15pm


Angel Lust - 12:40 pm

Lick - Fake Jazz/Waste


Nam Shub - 11:45 pm


Gross Lords - 12:30 pm


Eugene Chadbourne - 10-11:30 pm

Thursday, June 3rd



Jody Glenham - 11:30 pm


The Abramson Singers - 10:30 pm


Moonshiner - 9:30 pm


The Magician & The Gates Of Love - 8:30 pm



Vapid - 12:00 am


Juvenile Hall - 11:30 pm


Phonecalls - 11:00 pm


Crystal Swells - 10:30 pm


Keep Tidy- 10:00 pm

The Cobalt


Dbl Dragon - 12:30


Balacade - 11:45


Stephana Fratilla - 11:00


My Friend Wallis - 10:15



Baptists - midnight


Boogie Monster - 11:15 pm


Ahna - 10:30 pm


Joyce Collingwood - 9:45 pm


Hidden Towers - 9:15 pm

Zoo Zhop


Canaries - 9:00 pm


Half Chinese - 8:00 pm


Collapsing Opposites - 7:00 pm


Bleating Hearts - 6:00 pm



Sketch and Improv - Hosted by Cam MacLeod


Sister Act


Bronx Cheer




Kevin Lee and Emmett Hall


Hip Bang


Colin Cowan


Pump Trollley


Canadian Content


Featuring a performance by No Gold

Shudder Gallery


Show Title: “New Work by Dan Siney”

R&R Studio


Show Title: “Wasps Nests”


Caitlin Livingston, Stephanie Trudell, Amie G., Ben Jacques, Justin Patterson

Chinacloud (5pm opening)


Show title : Cloud Creatures


Artists: Chris Leitch, Mike Leitch, Nick Fabin, Bradley Messer, Carla Gilday, Katie Weldon, Brent Hodge, Kyle Peppler and Cleo Lewis.


Backroom of Shine - Wild Zero


With DJs Cam Dales and Tyler Fedchuck

Friday, June 4th



Apollo Ghosts - 12:00am


Plus Perfect - 11:00pm


Shane Turner Overdrive - 10:00pm


Brazillian Money - 9:30pm



B-Lines - 12:00am


The Shilohs - 11:30pm


Slam Dunk - 10:30pm

The Cobalt


Petroleum By-Product - 1:00am


Cosmetics - 12:00am


Fine Mist - 11:00


Soft Focus - 10:00pm

Astoria - Wasted Goods


MT 40 1:00am


Myths - 12:00am


Animal Bodies - 11:00pm


Muscles - 10:00pm with the


Damaged Goods DJs



Makeout Videotape 2:00am


Needles//Pins - 1:00am


Koban - 12:00am


With the Winnie Cooper DJs

GYOW - Little Mountain Studios (8PM) - Err On: The Side Of Caution


Ehren Salazar


Eryn Holbrook


Erin Graves


Aaron Read

GYOW - The Toast Collective (7-10PM)


Mt. Career





Von Bingen




Konx Ohm Pax






Robert Pederson


Filip Gorecki



Comedy Waste Video Contest - Hosted by Ryan Biel


Judges: Bob Kronbauer, Paul Anthony, Taz Van rassel

156 West Hastings


Artists: Good Idea group show



Show Title: “What Does Info Want”


Artists: Kate Henderson,


Elee Kraljii Gardiner,


Jessica Alice Gnyp,


Rebecca LaMarre,


Rebecca-Ellen Farrell,


John Mavin + Derek Walter


Denver Lynxleg


Curated by Emiliano Sepulveda + Ray Hsu


Featuring a performance by Falcao & Monashee

Saturday, June 5th

GYOW - Biltmore - Glory Days


Tough Guys and Girls Cry - 12am


DJs My!Gay!Husband! & Sincerely Hana

Funky Winkerbeans


Kellarissa - 1am


Fanshaw - 12am


Sleep Holiday -11pm


Shipyards - late

The Cobalt


No More Strangers & Music Waste present…


World Club - 1am


Gang Violence - 12am


Walter TV -11pm Cowards -10pm


Milky Way - 9pm


With the DJs



Lord Beginner - 1am


Sun Wizard - 12am


Witch Water -11pm


Friendship and the Fawn - 10pm

Zoo Zhop


Timecopz - 9pm


Din Din Dak - 8pm


Boy Voyage - 7pm



Vincent Parker - 11pm


Caving - Midnight


Basketball - 1am

Goodie Parking Lot (Alley behind Hawks & Hastings) - BBQ Your Own Waste - 4:30 - 7:30pm


Listening Party


Oh No! Yoko




With the DJs


Gene Cafe


Magneticring - 4pm


GAK - 3:15pm

Red Cat Records


Hermetic - 4pm


Peace - 3pm


Tight Solid - 2pm

Neptoon Records


Student Teacher - 2:45pm


Ex-Friends - 2:15pm


Cat Attack - 1:45pm


Los Tycoons - 1pm



Stand-up - Hosted by Craig Anderson


Charlie Demers


Graham Clark


Dave Shumka


Sean Devlin


Alicia Tobin


Jimmy Barnes


Featuring solo performances by members of Analog Bell Service



Show Title: “Blow Up”


Artists: Melanie Coles, Kate Henderson, Lyndsay Pomerantz, Mairin Cooley, Rob Ondzik, Zain Burgess, Emiliano Sepulveda, Aja Rose, Josh Rose. Curated by Melanie Coles and Kate Henderson


Featuring performances by Spring Break and Prophecy Sun

Little Mountain Studios


Show title: “RETURN TO THE 36 CHAMBERS: Returns”


Bobby Mathieson, Dan Snelgrove, Sol Sallee, Erin Marranca, Andy Dixon, Robert Mearns, Adam Dodd, Keith Wecker, Meghan Ancheta, Ben Jacques, Bita Joudaki, Steve Gilmet, Abigail Fernandes, David Detenbeck, Paul Simons, Sally H, Justin Alm, Morgan Mameni, Steve Nevets, Merida Anderson, Lindsey Hampton, Candice Mackenzie Storer ( Hailfax), Justin Dale Patterson, Ian William Prentice, Rachel D White, Alex Cieslik, Erik Lyon, Aaron Read, Chad Murray, Ehren Salazar, Brian Tong, Ian Edmonds, Michael P Fikaris (Australia), Tevis Bateman, Alexander Cho, Ben Frey



Lucky’s Comics


Show Title” “Treats for Faceballs”


Artists: Dusty Peas: Jamie Q & James Kirkpatrick

Parking Lot Pimping - GYOW


3200 block of Gardner Court @ BCIT

ALLIES! (formally The Gaze)

LoveBomb DUO


DJ Retel (feat. Killa Cam, MC CHINO)

Plus a BBQ with delicious BBQ-ables for sale.

Sunday, June 6th

Grandview Bowling Lanes (Bowl Your Own Waste) 1-4pm


Twin Crystals


Role Mach


Apollo Ghosts


Cat Attack




[Music Waste passes get free shoe rentals!!!]

WASTE JAM at Strathcona Park


Presented by CiTR & rapvsweden


BBQ and 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament


DJs Cam Dales, Ethnic Friends, Cherchez LaFemme, Tyler Fedchuck


Monday, June 7th

Honey - Ice Cream Social


With DJs Trevor Risk, Cam Dales, & Tyler Fedchuck.


NOTE: All festival passes used at GYOW shows are subject to capacity and all set times and lineups are subject to change.

Game Boy (1989 - 1996)


La Game Boy original apareció por primera vez en Japón el 21 de abril de 1989. Basado en un procesador Z80, tenía una pantalla reflectiva LCD en verde y negro, un pad de ocho direcciones, dos botones de acción A y B, y los botones Start y Select. Usaba juegos de Media-ROM contenido en pequeñas unidades de plástico llamadas cartuchos.


El killer game que impulsó el éxito de la consola fue Tetris. Tetris era ampliamente popular y al llegar a las consolas portátiles podía jugarse en cualquier lugar. Al ponerlo en un paquete juntos, la Game Boy con el juego, hizo que tanto niños como adultos quisieran comprar su propio Game Boy. Realizar Tetris en Game Boy lo puso en el #4 de "The 25 Smartest Monment in Gaming" por GameSpy.3


La Game Boy original fue el primer sistema basado en cartuchos que soportó más de cuatro jugadores (con el puerto link, haciendo uso del cable link). Mediante esto podía soportar hasta 16 jugadores simultáneamente. De cualquier modo esta función sólo era soportada por el juego Faceball 2000.


Especificaciones técnicas


Características del sistema original de 8 bits (DMG-001) (1989):


CPU: versión modificada del Z80 de 8 bits trabajando a 4.194304 MHz

RAM: 8kB internos de SRAM

VRAM: 8kB internos

Sonido: 4 canales. La GB sólo tiene un altavoz, pero tiene salida para auriculares con los cuales se puede escuchar en stereo.

Pantalla: LCD reflectiva con una resolución de 160x144 pixeles

Colores: 4 tonos de gris

Sprites simultáneos en pantalla: 40 sprites cada uno de 8x8 u 8x16 [seleccionable]

Comunicaciones: puerto serie

Alimentación: 4 pilas AA

Usuarios: hasta 2 vía cable link conectado al puerto de serie y un Game Boy con un cartucho de juego por cada usuario; o 4 con el "Four Player Adapter"

Dimensiones y peso: 90 mm ancho, 148 mm de altura y 32mm de fondo. Peso: 394 g


Usaba como media ("Gamepaks") en cartuchos basados en tecnología PROM. El juego que la llevó realmente a la cima fue el Tetris.


La mayoría de las consolas de videojuegos se vuelven obsoletas cuando nuevos sistemas son lanzados al mercado. La Game Boy, con sus actualizaciones, es única en vitalidad. En 2004 se cumplió su decimoquinto cumpleaños y en todo este tiempo ha sobrevivido a muchas rivales (la mayoría técnicamente superiores), como por ejemplo, la SEGA Game Gear y la Atari Lynx. Hasta la Game Boy Advance SP, han conservado compatibilidad con los juegos de las versiones anteriores.


tara said that this ball is being used for flickr's official game, the FACEBALL. kinda like dodgeball, but the difference is that in this game, you objective is to hit your opponent in the face. sounds fun! :)

My sister tossed water on her boyfriend. They contributed to my flickr photostream :)

We first tried to make a faceball picture, but we didn't have good one like Eddy's.

So my sis. took a bucket :)

finally Flickr balls have arrived!

Now we can play faceball yay!

I'll train Kr folks to be faceball warriors

Bill Murray is not impressed.

You could still smell the fear in the air. There had been a mighty battle where foes were vanquished and challengers crushed. Great stories would be written about this place in years to come.

I love that you can see the ball about to hit Cal on the projection screen, but the ball has already hit and gone on.

Day 9: Through the wrong side of the looking glass. @justliana @jaclynmjoyce #faceballs #snowman #cutthecrapitsMarch


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justliana: I wish there was a 'love' button.


thomasjohncadrin: Is there a death puddle below his head?


jordan_m_bartlett: @justliana it's all for you.


jordan_m_bartlett: @instomi 100% death puddle (great metal band name)


2 seconds before I got hit with a faceball

Day 10: Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. @justliana @jaclynmjoyce #faceballs #daylightsavings #timetravel #backtothefuture


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thomasjohncadrin: YES!


Watch Jerry Yang, David Filo, Blake Jorgensen, and Jeff Weiner face off against Yahoo! employees in the ultimate Faceball Showdown -- a tournament to celebrate video on Flickr. David Filo took the crown, but not before sustaining some significant blows from Jerry Yang. Video Produced by Barton Bishoff.

Pink looks to have sprung a leak. Might have landed on something sharp after bouncing off a face.

Day 7: NOTHING IS OVER!!! @justliana @jaclynmjoyce #faceballs #firstblood #rambo


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holmesteve: That is not what was discussed.


randala: What happened to globie?


Following on from an entry in the Flickr Blog about Faceball I figured that my 365 days set was missing an entry with me being hit in the face with an inflatable ball.


So, off we trotted to the Early Learning Centre to buy myself a kids beachball, whereupon I sat in my girlfriend's garden and insisted that she repeatedly hit me in the face with it while I took photos using my remote.


As you do.


Out of nearly 100 attempts this was the best "smash face" effort.


Next week - Cricketbatface

Manulife building in downtown Ottawa serves as a fantastic subject because of the outstanding glass and angles. I've often used it for backgrounds and it's cool all alone. Great building to look up if you're in the area.

My friend spotted this while playing a quiz game on his iPhone.

It was my fault for sitting in the middle of the picnic, but these things gave me no end of trouble. I'm sure faceball is supposed to involve a two way exchange of projectiles.



In the year 2063, a new revolutionary virtual video game known as MIDI Maze has emerged and become the world's most popular sporting event. When three best friends enter the MIDI Maze Tournament for a shot at fame, their unbreakable friendship will be put to the ultimate test. Enduring virtual mazes, shooting cybernetic "Smiloids," and battling to reach the end of the level. So much action, so little time.


This is a movie poster I did for the computer game, MIDI Maze. A newer version entitled "Faceball 2000" was released for the Nintendo GameBoy.; check it out!

Identifier: grmelifeworksofj00heri

Title: Gérôme : the life and works of Jean Léon Gérôme

Year: 1892 (1890s)

Authors: Hering, Fanny Field

Subjects: Gérôme, Jean Léon, 1824-1904

Publisher: New York : Published by Cassell Publishing Company

Contributing Library: Harold B. Lee Library

Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Young University


View Book Page: Book Viewer

About This Book: Catalog Entry

View All Images: All Images From Book


Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.


Text Appearing Before Image:

n thecenter stood the only figure completed, and that fortunately was finished withall the perfection that characterizes the head ol tin- French school ol figurepainters. It was a nude Greek or Circassian slave girl, stood up on a dais 111 adealers quarters. The penciled sketches in outline ot two or three men were 232 III I- AND WORKS OI // ■ l.\ !/,<\ ,,/ao]// perci pi ible around this centra] subject, which is by sonic declared to be from thesame model thai furnished Ger6mes Phryne and Cleopatra. No description canbegin to do justice to the painful beauty and thrilling pathos conveyed in thefigure of the shrinking victim. The tristful story was told, not only in the faceball bidden by the sidewise bowing of the head, with its rich black locks, uponhand and arm pressed close to breast and cheek ; not only in the knitted browand swollen but tearless eyes and quivering, ball closed mouth, ujion which the lone, drawn out horror and agony had fixed an immovable anguish ; but in the


Text Appearing After Image:

whole lender, brunette-hued form, painted with Heroines relentless realisticfidelity to skm and flesh. The whole quivering figure plainly breathed andpalpitated the mute suffering of the ordeal, and sent forth a proto si against theunnatural indignity too deep tor expression save in an equally unnatural patienceoi dignity and endurance The suggestion was only of the purest, entirely one of sympathy and com-passion. The painting was last week placed without note or comment in aprivate exhibition of artists at the Union League Club in New York. It at onceattracted th< marked attention n deserved, and was almost unanimously pro-nounced a genuine Gerfime. It was especially interesting to the artists as show-ing the master at work, and his peculiar effects in process oi development. Alter receiving the account from Mr. Kennard, we made another efforl totrace the journalist, ibis time with success; and. on writing i him to ask hisconfirmation of these facts, we reo ived a lengthy


Note About Images

Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability - coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

For use on We didn't have time/budget for a proper shoot of our own so I had to cobble together something quickly in the office.


The original background photo can be found here.

The original ball photo can be found here.

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residentes de um freak show / freak show residents

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