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Vista in grande si gusta tutta la regale maestosità dei cigni........buona visione..!!


Lago di Bolsena ovest.




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LINGUAGGIO DEI FIORI: è considerata la pianta della profezia e della fedeltà.


ANEDDOTI E CREDENZE: la prima attribuzione la si deve al fatto che, secondo la tradizione, se si esprime un desiderio e con un sol soffio si fanno volare tutti i semi del pollone, il desiderio si avvererà. La seconda potrebbe derivare dalla caparbietà di questa pianta, che cresce ovunque, anche dove non è desiderata, e che sopravvive e si riproduce facilmente e velocemente.

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Autumn light in Combe Grède, on the way to The Chasseral. No. 183.

The way to the Cabane of Grand-Mountet. July 27, 2010. no. 155.

Walking along the Glacier of Zinal. / Switzerland

The Zinal Glacier (French: Glacier de Zinal) is a 7 km long glacier (2005) situated in the Pennine Alps in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. In 1973 it had an area of 15.4 km². The glacier gives birth to the Navissence river, which runs through a cave.

"Le glacier de Zinal est un glacier situé entre 2 005 et 3 470 m d'altitude dans le canton du Valais en Suisse, d'une longueur de 7 km et d'une surface de 15 km2. Le glacier, situé au pied de la dent Blanche et du Grand Cornier, s'étend jusqu'au col Durand et donne naissance à la rivière Navizence au fond du vallon de Zinal, en amont du val d'Anniviers." Wikipedia

Accarezzato dalla Luna, con il capo chino sogno i colori.

Eccoti finalmente…. Stella mia…..Sorgi….Illumini….Scaldi, mi vesti di oro.

Ti seguo per tutto il giorno tra mille sorrisi.


Accarezzato dalla Luna, con il capo chino sogno i colori.



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Canon EOS 50D

Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM

40 sec @ F8, 10 mm, ISO 200


4x5 Pinhole; f250; L=75; d=0.300; LrT 1.5; <90; location: Algonquin Island, Toronto

Date: July 2012; Film Used : IR Efke820+ R72 filter

Exposure 38 minutes; Neg. Development: Kodak Tmax developer 1+4 8 min ; in Unicolor rotary tank cont. revers. agit, Water rinse; Acetic stop, Kodak fix. PS+LR process : Negative scanned 1200dpi, RGB, spotted, TonedDelioCold, cropped to 4x5 size.


Námaskarð geothermal area, Mývatn, N-Iceland


Lens: Sigma 10-20mm at 10mm.

ISO 100, f5.6, 1/50


Námaskarð has very active solfataras (sulphurous mud springs) and fumaroles (steam springs), none of which contain pure water. The mud craters are uncommonly large and are well worthy of the travelers attention, whereas many of the steam craters are drilling holes that have been covered with rocks. There is no vegetation in this high temperature area and the ground is sterile and very acidic due to the effects of the fumes from the mud springs.








La giornata non è delle migliori ma non sarà certo qualche goccia di acqua a limitare le mie escursioni fotografiche..

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Three other shots from Great, here, and here


It's not often you get to see the sunset on the East Coast. If you click on the map link under "additional information" down on the right hand column of this page, you'll see exactly where it was taken.


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The Schönbielhut is located on an elevation in the far end of the Zmutt valley, slightly above the Zmutt glacier. It is attended by the host in spring and summer. the path to the refuge does not require alpinism experience, but you should be an experienced hiker.


You can reach the refuge by the following paths:


in 4h starting in Zermatt, going up to Blatten, Zum See on the Matterhorn Trail (Number 29 on the hiking map of the Zermatt tourism office)

in 4h going up to Zmutt, along the valley side passing through Chalbermatten

in 3 and a half hours from furi through Stafel

in 2 and a half hours from Schwarzsee (using the cable car „Matterhorn Express“)


Die Schönbielhütte liegt auf einem Bielti (Buckel) im hinteren Zmutttal, leicht oberhalb des Zmuttgletschers. Sie ist im Frühjahr sowie im Sommer bewartet. Der Weg zur Hütte erfordert keine aussergewöhnlichen Erfahrungen im Hochalpinismus. Man sollte sich jedoch vorab mit den Wanderregeln vertraut machen. Man erreicht die Hütte auf folgenden Wegen:


in vier Stunden, ausgehend von Zermatt über Blatten, Zum See auf dem Matterhorn-Trail (Wanderweg Nr. 29 auf der Wanderkarte von Zermatt Tourismus)

in vier Stunden über den Weiler Z'Mutt, der Talseite entlang über die Chalbermatten

in dreieinhalb Stunden über Furi und Stafel

in zweieinhalb Stunden von Schwarzsee (Einstieg Talstation Matterhorn Express) auf dem Matterhorn-Trail


La cabane de Schönbiel se trouve sur une bosse rocheuse au fond de la vallée de Zmutt, au-dessus du glacier du Zmutt. Elle est ouverte au printemps et pendant l‘été. Le chemin amenant à la cabane n‘exige pas des expériences d‘alpinisme mais on devrait étre un randonneur expérimenté. Vous accédez la cabane par les chemins suivants:


en 4h, partant depuis Zermatt, passant par Blatten et Zum See sur le „Matterhorn-Trail

en 4h depuis Zermatt, passnat par Zmutt, le long de la vallée passan „Chalbermatten“

en 3h et demie par Furi et Stafel

en 2h et demie depuis Schwarzsee (utilistation du Matterhorn Express)


Asi que sigo! Intente variar los angulos para que no parezca demasiado uniforme. Hacer una sola foto es mucho mas facil que 16 buenas que ademas van bien juntos. Pero con una luz tan fuerte, es mas facil encontrar cosas diferentes porque la luz cambia con muy pequeños cambios de mi posicion.

4x5 Pinhole; f175; Fl: 35mm; d:0.200mm; Rc:1.41; Diag<130

Photo location: TorontoDate: July 2012

Film Used : IR Efke820+ R72 filter

Exposure 15 minutes

Neg. Development: RO9, 1+80 for 19min ; in a Unicolor rotary tank cont. revers. agit, Water rinse; Water stop, Kodak fix. PS+LR process : Negative scanned 1200dpi, RGB, spotted, toned deliocold.


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There Was a Great Cathedral


There was a great cathedral.

To solemn songs,

A white procession

Moved toward the altar.

The chief man there

Was erect, and bore himself proudly.

Yet some could see him cringe,

As in a place of danger,

Throwing frightened glances into the air,

A-start at threatening faces of the past.


Stephen Crane


Finally the shots from Saturdays hot air balloon mass ascension at sunset at the 27th New Jersey Festival of Ballooning (Solberg Airport, Readington, NJ). If you want to see more balloons don't forget to scroll down for the rest.


The wind allowed at least some special balloons to get up even though I only got a good shot of the Darth Vader balloon. Mass ascension is a bit misleading as they all got up one by one and my main post is the only time I got two together. The other problem were the clouds who made the sun disappear often and disappear completely way before all the balloons were up but I was very pleased with the pictures I got.


Hope you'll enjoy them too.


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Interesting that working on them in photoshop the balloons almost looked like silhouettes and after posting the picture here I had to realize that you can see much of the details of the balloons. Strange (Hmm, seems to depend on which screen I'm viewing it).

4x5 Pinhole; f175; Fl: 35mm; d:0.200mm; Rc:1.41; Diag<130; Location Les Cantons de l' Est, Quebec ; Date: Feb 2012; Film Used : Shanghai 100; Exposure 38 sec.

Neg. Development:; RO9 1+80 for 19min ; for N +1 in Unicolor rotorary tank cont. revers. agit, Acetic stop, Kodak fix. PS+LR process : Negative scanned 1200dpi, RGB, spotted, toned: wintercold, filtered, sized to 4x5.

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Today (may 27) is my birthday so i thought why not upload my favourite subject, a sunset but then in Vertorama. A sunset is another day gone, for me another year has gone.

For this one i took six shots to create two HDR images and stitched them in Photoshop CS4. Thanks for popping by and your kind support, have a nice day.


The shot:

Six shots, RAW ISO 100, 10 mm, F/8 using the Canon 50D and Canon 10-22mm lens on a tripod.



The usual and some more photoshop stuff:'Hue/Saturation', 'Curves', 'Brightness/Contrast', 'Shadow/Highlights', 'highpass sharpening'



All comments, criticism and tips for improvements are (as always) welcome.


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Childhood's End - Sir Arthur C. Clarke


Mi piace fotografare i raggi del sole che filtrano la nebbia o il fumo come in questo caso….quando ho aperto questo file raw sono rimasto sorpreso dalla forma umanoide delle alte luci….credo che desti una certa curiosità…quindi ho deciso di metterla in circolo per gli amici flickeriani……alla foto ho dato solo una leggera schiarita con D-lighting di Capture e un rafforzo con la cornicetta……….secondo me merita di essere veduta in grande….Vi abbraccio Tutti…Vittorio.


4x5 Pinhole f250, L=50mm, <114 Diag.

Photo location: Port Severn, Ontario

Date: November 2014

Film used: ADOX25; Exposure: 2min-20secs.

Filter none Development : water wash 2 min;. Dev. RO9 1+80; 11min , Rotary tank, contin. reversing agitation, water stop, Kodak fix for 10 min. Neg.scanned 1200 dpi, RGB, spotted, curves, duotone, framed to size

I am not quite sure what the cubic concrete block is/was. I suspect that it is the remainder of previous locks structure that refused to be blown-up, or moved to deeper waters.


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I took it this past weekend on a trip to visit friends in Washington, D.C. This is one of my friends in this shot. We went to the National Gallery of Art to see a Jasper Johns exhibit and afterwards got on a moving walkway in the National Gallery.


The walkway takes you through a long, dark corridor. I rested the camera on the railing of the walkway so that it was moving at the same speed as my friend in front of me. The shutter was open for about 8 seconds. I was excited to see the shot that resulted from the experiment.


Very little photoshop work on this one. Just a slight adjustment to saturation and contrast.


Like it enough to hang it on your wall? That'd be sweet!

A re-take on this shot.


Negative space and playing with conversions is just too much fun...

Sorry , I'm gone fishin'...


Ilpendam is a village in the Dutch province of North Holland. It is a part of the municipality of Waterland. Ilpendam have arisen in the 12th centuries. A dam was built in the little river the Ilp which explains its name.


Ilpendam is such lovely small town where all people still greet you. Walkers on the dike or fishermen enjoy their free Sunday morning. Still a little morning fog above the small river the Ilp.


Ilpendam is een dorp in de gemeente Waterland, in de provincie Noord-Holland.

Ilpendam is in de 12e eeuw ontstaan, toen een dam werd gelegd in het riviertje de Ilp. De naam is hiervan afgeleid. Tot 1991 was Ilpendam een zelfstandige gemeente. In dat jaar werd het grondgebied deels bij de gemeente Waterland gevoegd, en deels bij de gemeente Landsmeer. Rond 1850 vormden de vele wateren in Waterland de belangrijkste transportwegen voor (inter)lokaal vervoer van personen, vee en goederen. Daarnaast vervulden de wateren een rol in de afwatering. Evenals de andere dorpen is Ilpendam ontstaan als een ontginningsnederzetting. Met windmolens kwam de afwatering tot stand en konden stukken land in cultuur gebracht worden.

camera > DeliuxTO72cp " Topoligna " (homemade pinhole, 6x12 curved plane, foam PVC, F250)

film > Kodak Ektar100

exposure > 14sec

development > Tetenal Colortec C41 26min @ 28 °C ... about...

scanned > Epson V600 (1200dpi) cut, reuced and framed

As this has turned into my most popular Flickr image (by quite a bit), I thought I'd give a little more background on the experience.


We actually went up to Trout Lake, in Yellowstone's northeast corner, to search for river otters (which can also be cute, btw). Trout Lake has been one of the more reliable locations for otter-spotting in recent years, especially during June when the trout are spawning and quite easy to catch. Our first hike up to the lake yielded no otters, but we did find a female Barrow's goldeneye with a brood of 10 or so chicks all resting on a log. These four were huddled together, but it wasn't a peaceful sleep. The second one from the right kept nodding off... and waking... and the head would drop... and suddenly it was awake again. The second from the left kept snapping at flies that were buzzing by. So I guess I captured the most restful moment.


Oh, and it took two more trips to the lake, but we did eventually see our otters. :)


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When they come it all happens in fractions

of what we call time.

They used unknown radio-waves

to contact those who can feel them.

Children, at first. Or children inside.

They let us turn our eyes up to their realms

in secretly-weaved ways, apparently obvious:

gusts of wind, charming lightnings, hypnotic hums.


Not many of us can see what and how they are.

Commonly they are dressed with cloud-sewed clothes.

But they cannot hold this temporarily atmospherical form.

They call me just like stone-generated lake-circles.

And just like stones to the bottom they fall.

Leaving me into a spiraled-swirl

of gaseous face-shaped glove; pushing me onto

a swirling spiral of galactically-proportioned love.


4x5 Pinhole; f175; Fl: 35mm; d:0.200mm; Rc:1.41; Diag<130

Photo location: Kim's Place; West. Univ; London Ontario

Date: September 2012; Film Used : Ilford FP4-125, 2007

Exposure 1 minutes 20 sec. + R (25A) ; Neg. Development:; RO9 - 1+80 for 17 min ; Unicolor rotorary tank cont. revers. agit, water rinse 2min; Acetic stop, Kodak fix. PS+LR process : Negative scanned 1200dpi, RGB, spotted, Toned warm++.


© All rights reserved

taken at Ko Maiton (Dolphin Island) near Phuket, Thailand.


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