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Depois de um dia de treinamento, o F-5EM é recebido pelo seu mecânico.

Finally got a decent in-flight, and the stupid branch was in the way!!

Sorry I've been posting so much.... these guys are too much fun to shoot!!! =-)

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أبي تعذرين احساسي اذا قصرت

وابي تعذريني لو قصرت في حقك

او قصر كلااامي كلااامي او ماوفيييت الشعوور




Hppy Birthday ro7i t7ebk & M9arg3a :**

Fditkooom walla oo kbarto :p

el3omer kelah Enshalla <333

a7iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibkoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom :D

walla im so sorry 3alg9oor Magdart ad5al elnet

sorry 3at35eer walla im feling bad =(

oo hay shway fe 7agkom :"(


oo this Pic and the wordss gose to you =")


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without Edit :D


elmodel : Maclazy :********


,, a wonderful frnd :D


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FS ALn668 1211 + 1208 a Nove TV il 29 aprile 1990


FS ALn668 1211 + 1208 in Nove TV on the 29th of April in 1990

A (vastly inferior) copycat of this shot by the very talented and creative ~maitexu~.


For February's Alphabet Fun - F is for feet, and FUTAB which is today's TRP pick.

Also Theme of The Week - Extreme Stripes and FGR - Little Feat as I only have little feet (bit of a long shot that one!)

Los Angeles County Airshow 2016


Friday Photo Tour

ng` Fav thu' 100 se duoc 1 cai Fs hoanh trang :x

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FS E444 065 (Casaralta- Asgen 1974) a Milano Greco il 19 maggio 1990


FS E444 065 (Casaralta- Asgen 1974) in Milano Greco on the 19th of May in 1990

The KJRY Santa train heading West with the sun beating on the F Units. 12/3/16

Modificata in post solo l'inclinazione dell'orizzonte (molto leggermente).

Note the bass boat in the tree!

It's the day before Independence Day 1976, the 200th Birthday of the US, and we are watching C&NW train 163 trundle down the ex-GGW main line into Randolph, Minn., on its way to Oelwein, Iowa. Among the units behind the lead F are the "F-unit killers" three ex-QNS&L geeps the Northwestern picked up that spring. The railroad purged all but 20 freight Fs from its roster that spring, replacing them with ex-QNS&L geeps and other units they could dig up. Fortunately the 20 Fs remained in service until about 1981. They survived because they had been rebuilt at Oelwin a few years before.


There are four survivors of the 20 today: an FP7 on display at Oelwein, two B units on NS' business train, and another B converted to a power car presently stored on the Aberdeen, Carolina & Western in North Carolina.

Sunset on the USAF's first operation stealth aircraft

El F&F Tower (anteriormente llamado Revolution Tower y coloquialmente conocido como El Tornillo) es un rascacielos de oficinas, ubicado en el sector financiero de la ciudad de Panamá, Calle 50. Su forma es una innovación para la construcción en Panamá y Latinoamérica, es una torre contorsionada en forma de tornillo de 242 metros. La construcción fue finalizada en el 2011.


La empresa de bienes raíces alemana Emporis seleccionó a la F&F Tower entre los 10 mejores rascacielos de 2011. Entre los ganadores del Emporis Skyscraper Award de 2011, la F&F Tower se ubicó en sétimo lugar por su excelencia arquitectónica y funcionalidad


Porte Aperte al Deposito di La Spezia Migliarina.

I thought I knew at least,

What freedom really means

A job that I hate

Work everyday

I could be wrong


I tried my best to tame

The wilderness inside

Every thought

Not thought out

I pretend to be over


Now I've finally woken up

To the beauty of the world

Through a love song

Through a love song that I heard

From the rivers and the birds

--Song by Klak Tik



Wow its been so long since I worked on The Alphabet Project. I was so busy with work and various excursions in the last two months. But now I have finally some time for myself!

This image was inspired from the great Ebru Sidar.


#The butterfly was not real. It was photoshopped.


Every time I visit Liverpool, I take a very nice portrait of a statue as a souvenir. Last time was Disraeli, and this time is Walker. I wonder who will be next time.


Note to self: statues are much better for portraitures than real people; they remain still as much as needed and never complain about how ugly they appear in the picture.


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انت الحبيب اللي رويت الحشا ري

تروى بكـ عروقٍ لحبكـ تبارى






a luz que bate, alada.



A historic streetcar on San Francisco’s F Market & Wharves rail line, as seen in the Fisherman’s Wharf area.


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The last stand for KCS freight F units was this turn operation between between a lignite mine at Thermo, Texas and a Texas Utilities power plant near Pittsburg. The turn was based in Sulphur Springs and typically ran with 6 F units. On April 18, 1980, the crew stopped on their way back across the road from the siding at Como, Texas for lunch.

FS ALn990 3018 nei pressi di S. Giovanni in Croce il 23 settembre 1990 - Speciale A.F.I. Brescia - Parma


FS ALn990 3018 near S. Giovanni in Croce. September 23rd, 1990 - Special train Brescia - Parma organized by A.F.I.

A storm just cleared up and a full moon comes out over the last two F-40C's in Elgin

Musical instrument series: piano


*Explore 8/24/13*

Flughafen München

Nordallee 25, 85356 München


Abfertigung sicherheitsgefährdeter Flüge

Eigene Gepäcksortieranlage


Architektur: Hans-Busso von Busse (Partner: Heinz Blees, Roland Büch und Nils Kampmann) München, 1992

Halle "F": Krebs + Krebs


"(...) Doch gemessen am Ergebnis, nicht zuletzt am Wohlgefühl, das die Füße beim Gehen, die Hände beim Berühren, die Augen beim Betrachten haben, ist es erstaunlich gut angelegt worden. Und verglichen mit den unförmigen Flughäfen von New York (J. F. Kennedy) oder London (Heathrow), jeder ein vor Häßlichkeit strotzendes, den Fluggast als lästige Begleiterscheinung behandelndes Konglomerat zusammenhanglos angehäufter Gebäude, unter denen selbst ein so expressives Bauwerk wie Eero Saarinens flügelschlagende TWA-Halle in New York ihren Zauber verliert – damit verglichen ist der von München (F. J. Strauß) die auffallend schlanke, sehr strahlende Primadonna. Fast alles darin ist auf ausgeklügelte Weise aufeinander und auf die Umgebung bezogen, die Architektur einem strengen, abwechslungsreichen Kanon gleicher Teile unterworfen.


Namentlich beim Abfertigungsgebäude haben die Architekten auf das Licht gebaut, so als sei es dem Himmel ebenso wie der Erde, genauer: der Landschaft zugetan, um ihr ja keine Gewalt anzutun. Da offenbar alle beteiligten Architekten davon überzeugt werden konnten, sich kategorisch an eine Gestaltungsrichtlinie zu halten, ist die gesamte, weitverstreute, vielfältige Gebäude-Versammlung von einem Charakter: gleiche architektonische Haltung (klar gegliedert, streng geformt, frei von neckischem Dekor), gleiche Materialien (Stahl, Aluminium, Zink, Beton, Glas), gleiche Farben (Weiß und Silber in den Varianten, die die verschiedenen Metalle kennzeichnen). Die einzige geduldete „Buntfarbe“ ist das frische Lavendelblau der Schilder – nicht gerechnet das ausgekühlte Grün der Leuchtwürfel, die den Fluchtweg zeigen. (...)"

Text: DIE ZEIT, 1992

FS ALe883 007 (Breda 1945) nei pressi di Verceia il 3 luglio 2011.

Speciale fotografico organizzato da Photorail


FS ALe883 007 (Breda 1945) near Verceia on the 3rd of July in 2011.

Special photo-train organised by Photorail
























.F.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!

Pagani Zonda F - GT Luxury Roads, Mont Ventoux - France


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Nebkota FP7 No. 54 coughs up a bit of black smoke while switching grain hoppers at Hemingford, Nebraska, on April 10, 1998. At the time, the elevator at Hemingford was leasing both Nebkota F units to switch BNSF grain cars at this location along the Butte Subdivision. Nebkota No. 54 is a former Canadian National FP7, and eventually went to back to Canada to serve as power on Canadian Pacific’s luxury passenger train as CP No. 1401.

FS E646 151 (Breda - 1964) a Varazze il 15 luglio 1987


FS E646 151 in Varazze on the the 15th of July in 1987

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