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The color here is really to the extreme end. The purple cast is mostly from the stacking of two cokin GND filters, haven't figured out a good way to remove this yet.


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:: Extreme Serenitude, Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve, Québec, Canada.(Archive)

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The penultimate Round of Extreme Sailing Series 2011 is starting tomorrow in Trapani. Discover the local professional team joining the italian round: Trapani, the Sailing Seacily, skipper Gabriele Bruni.


The Extreme Sailing Series is an international inshore racing circuit bringing together the best skippers on the planet competing against each other in state of the art 40-foot catamarans.

Extreme busy at this little reserve park in the early morning

For this glorious Sunday, I wanted to share with all my Flickr Flower Lovers, this extraordinary image from one of my Hybrid Hibiscus flowers, before it fully opened up.

The details of the miniture pollen spheres are clearly visible and the Hibiscus tips are extremely detailed. Definitely one of my favorites, out of all my Hibiscus images posted.

Maybe this Awesome image may be one of your favorites also.?


Thanks for all your support on my work in Photography.Lol: Gaston (aka Gasssman).

Please view in large or original size for Extreme details of this Hybrid Hibiscus.!!!!!!!!!

Quebec Nature .................................Canada .

Extreme Ways



Extreme ways are back again

Extreme places I didn't know

I broke everything new again

Everything that I'd owned

I threw it out the window, came along

Extreme ways I know will part

The colors of my sea

Some perfect colored sea


I'm dedicating this shot to my fellow Focus mates, who ventured in pitch darkness down an extremely challenging cliff face to access the beach which this stunning rock is situated on. Superb effort folks.

PORTO (Portugal): Extreme Sailing Series (2013).

..for Sliders Sunday - a rather extreme view of this once upon a time cutting edge technology! Now a Cornish visitor centre on The Lizard peninsular.

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Really need to watch this large


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Toys for big boys, I bought an Extreme 200cc sports quad. You can find a series of shots right here.


Also I'm considering buying an Arctic Cat DVX 400 within the next couple of days / weeks: a powerful 40 whp ATV made by Suzuki and styled by Arctic Cat. That's going to be double as much fun based on what I'm used to now, lol :-P


Original exposure: ISO 100, 12mm, f/18, 1/25sec

Certainly not HDR you freaks :)


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A message to new and existing contacts (making myself unpopular):


I've purged my contact-list recently, containing almost 2000 soles. In fact I've already truncated the list by 92%, now having a more manageable leftover of 154 contacts and friends, but I'm not even done yet. Management became a tedious task with such a huge amount of contacts. Getting rid of majority took me hours of work already, because I still haven't found a way of removing them all at once, unfortunately.


Anyway, from now on I will check my stream on a more regular base and try to keep up with your latest, simply because you deserve it. Isn't that democratic :P


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Mapeando DRI's

Saludos ;-)

Por favor, no uses mis imágenes sin mi consentimiento, si estas interesado en alguna ponte en contacto conmigo o visita mi perfil para obtener mas detalles.

Sydney Harbour Extreme Sailing

I love that you can see this plant's other leaves, and even the rim of the pot it's in, through the refractive dewdrops on its leaf's sharp edges.

Oh my- I'm overwhelmed! It really is a crazy moon;-) Thank you everyone for your visit , wonderful comments and fav's. Because of you all this image reached no.1 on Explore for the 19th March! Thank you.

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Two hikers in an truly dangerous place; an extreme path over the Mont Blanc, the blue ice and the clouds behind the rocks let undestand how difficult can be this sport.

Taken using a Raynox adapter on the end of my macro lens. Edited using Greg Benz Lumenzia luminosity masking masks only

Organic piece for the LKXA Extreme Barcelona festival last june. A big Hug to Montana Colors for the support and a partners in graff in this exhibition

For Toy Sunday: Extreme Sports


The crowd goes wild…this is no competition for Jun! Domo is up next.

Late summer bank hol fun fair on London's Hamsptead Heath. Its victims are standing in cages on the inside edge of the wheel. See also.


Added to Cream of the Crop as my most favourited (and most interesting).

Voted as "saveme" (from the Delete me! group). Hooray! A flickr ambition achieved.


My photo was selected by Canadian Geographic for one of their 2017 calendars, 'Extreme Weather'. The photo isn't very dramatic but I guess the end result of the weather was... especially since this was taken on September 10! Comments disabled, since this was previously in my photostream.


edit... changed to allow comments because some people are so nice they wanted to... thx C


p.s. I wanted so much for one of my bear or fox photos to be a runner up in one of their contests... and then they choose this for a calendar. Oh well, there is always next year.

PORTO (Portugal): Extreme Sailing Series (2013)

ODC ... extreme ...

hss !


This photo was selected by for Explore on January 28, 2011 as # 287 on that day. This photo is my only photo to have been viewed more than 1,000 times.


Photographed at the Lights, Motors, Action!™ Extreme Stunt Show Attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios®, Florida, USA


(The man really is falling. I did not add him with PhotoShop. It's a hell of a way to make a living!)

While processing this image a few weeks ago, I took it to a garish extreme. Admittedly, it hurts my eyes and makes me a little motion sick, but I'm drawn to it and it appeals to me, too.

These are the concrete groynes which protect the beach and Black Rock lighthouse at New Brighton. I'm sure there's a scientific reason for their placement in a smooth curve, such as tides, currents, seabed topography, but I prefer the notion that the engineer was a photographer and just thought they would make a far better subject!


I have to say the ideal point of view is about 2 feet higher, (or for those youngsters who don't know what 2 feet is; 60.96cm), however as I'm only 6 feet tall this was all I was going to get. I did think of climbing onto the groynes but you will notice they are covered in lovely green* slippery seaweed and coefficient of friction and all that technical stuff would probably mean I would certainly land on my a** or even worse my head

(although there's not much sense in that anyway).


*I know this is black and white so just trust me, that seaweed is actually green!

Anyone of a certain age will remember the snooker programme 'Pot Black' which was shown in the early days of TV. Ted Lowe, the commentator, made the classic statement "and for those of you who are watching in black and white, the pink is next to the green."

Sorry I'm digressing.


Anyway, if you're still reading..... The human brain is remarkable at processing information, in a fraction of a second I had considered climbing, balancing tripod, falling, getting concussion, fracturing limbs, getting trapped, tide rising, cheap horror films....policeman delivering bad news! So i wimped out!

I'm sure Jason Bourne would have done it and we have many similarities....... for a start we're both now I'm stuck!

So by popular demand, here's the Bourne theme.

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