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This picture was taken in Dayton, Ohio at Wegerzyn Gardens with my 135mm lens + 20mm Extension tube. Better view in Light box. Click on image for 100% detail on flower.


As always thank you for your lovely comments.

I'm not sure if this is an old garlic flower head or an old onion flower head - ID Please?

This picture was taken in Dayton, Ohio at Wegerzyn Gardens with my 85mm lens + 12mm Extension tube. Better view in Light box. Click on image for 100% detail on flower.


As always thank you for your lovely comments.

Dear Flickr friends as you see im posting lots of this kind of photos now. The reason is that im focusing on this at the moment,trying to get good shots for an expo i attend in June. Thanks for all great support from you all and im sorry im late with replying!


bart airport extension - hegenberger road, oakland, california

It was a reach but he got his fish. Tri-colored Heron on Horsepen Bayou.

There was a time when I never thought about shooting jetties let alone scouring our considerable coastline to find them.

That all changed when I saw an inspiring Antony Spencer image. Back then this subject was often referred to as the 'secret jetty' as, quite rightly Antony, wasn't giving up it's location. After all, we all want to offer something unique in respect of mood and location and we got both with this. Of course nothing stays secret for long and there have been many brilliant images of that jetty since, not least from the talented long exposure fraternity.


Trying to find something with equal character and hopefully less photographed has been quite a task, but after much searching I may just have found it. I've only seen a couple of shots of this and it has bags of character with it's ramshackle construction and relatively isolated location. In fact I wasn't completely sure that it was accessible at all, but when I did get there it did not disappoint. Spending a couple of hours shooting all angles there will probably be more views to follow, certainly a B&W version.


So for my fellow jetty lovers, I hope you like this one and as to it's location, well that's a secret - for now!


Try on black


Canon 5D Mk II

Canon EF24-105mm

B+W ND110 - Lee .6ND grad (4min exposure)

Photoshop CS5 - Lightroom 3



You begin this way:

this is your hand,

this is your eye,

that is a fish, blue and flat

on the paper, almost

the shape of an eye.

This is your mouth, this is an O

or a moon, whichever

you like. This is yellow.


Outside the window

is the rain, green

because it is summer, and beyond that

the trees and then the world,

which is round and has only

the colors of these nine crayons.


This is the world, which is fuller

and more difficult to learn than I have said.

You are right to smudge it that way

with the red and then

the orange: the world burns.


Once you have learned these words

you will learn that there are more

words than you can ever learn.

The word hand floats above your hand

like a small cloud over a lake.

The word hand anchors

your hand to this table,

your hand is a warm stone

I hold between two words.


This is your hand, these are my hands, this is the world,

which is round but not flat and has more colors

than we can see.


It begins, it has an end,

this is what you will

come back to, this is your hand.


--Margaret Atwood

being sick for a month means i don't have anything new to post.

this is from my trip to marrakech last year...


La patte de Miro en extension langoureuse.


© All rights reserved : Roxane Larouche

- Els núvols del cel en la forma en què es van col·locar semblaven extensions de les branques de l'arbre.


Las nubes en el cielo en la manera que estaban colocadas parecian ser unas extensiones de las ramas del árbol.


- The clouds in the sky in the way they were placed seemed to be extensions of the branches of the tree

"My art is an extension of myself, a third hand that serves my thoughts and dreams to the world. It is dark and I happily use the word creepy, yet it can also be whimsical and sad and surreal. These words do not define the process, simply the end result. What we are is more than what everyone sees when the process is complete."


I visited the darker side of my imagination this week and it felt good. That old feeling came back, the creeping thought of "should I share this?" and I was immediately at peace, happily moving forward with a self-portrait that calls to mind earlier works while pairing it with a new environment.


Create what you love, no matter what <3

again with the macro extension tubes! View On Black


This.....a toy with a hand tool.. a extension for socket hand tool ... and a sanding block a hand tool taken with a camera listed above.. .....H mmmmm...⤵)

A sunset during our family vacation in Port Dickson. I missed the sunset on the day we arrived, and this one is on the second day we were there. There's no sunrise here as it is located on the west coast.


We stayed at the Legend Water Chalet during our stay here. Nice rooms and not that expensive. But I would say I prefer Avillion much much more because of their private beach and much beautiful scenery. Legend lacks a private beach.


Some tech in-sight about this picture - digitally blended from 3 tone mapped HDR taken in an interval of 7 ~ 10 minutes apart (Rajesh's PSB). Also merge with a DRI version using smart objects.


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