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Telus World of Science/ Formerly the Expo'86 Centre

Vancouver, BC Canada


Science World at Telus World of Science, is a science centre run by a not-for-profit organization.


This geodesic dome ( golf ball shaped ) building was constructed for Expo '86. It was opened in 1985 as the Expo preview center and became the Expo '86 World's Fair Centre.

The height is 155 feet tall with a foundation of reinforced steel in a cement slab.

The dome is supported by 182 piles

There are 391 lights and 766 triangles on the Science World dome.

Constructed using 15,000 pounds of extruded aluminium and aluminium panels on the dome. The panels are 1 mm thick and are covered with a vinyl surface.

Science World has a total building area of 10,220 square metres and a total exhibit area of 4,275 square metres. The building’s volume is 36,790 cubic metres.

The air-conditioning system uses chilled water for cooling and gas-fired boilers for heating.

The OMIMAX Theatre seats 400 people

The screen is 27 metres in diameter. The theatre’s sound system uses high-fidelity, six-channel, two-way sound with sub-bass to create an unparalleled surround sound experience.

I read that the 15,000 watt xenon lamp that lights the movie screen is so bright that if it was placed on the surface of the moon and focused it at a spot on Earth, you would actually see its light.


(Please note** All information has been taken from various online sources and has not been verified to be accurate)


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Expo Vanfleteren - Antwerpen


padiglione OLANDA

expo Dynamo, Grand Palais, Paris 2013

expo Dynamo au Grand Palais, Paris 2013

expo Dynamo, Grand Palais, Paris 2013

Expo 2017 was an international exposition which took place in 2017 in Astana (currently: Nur-Sultan), Kazakhstan. The exposition area features lots of contemporary art installations.

padiglione EXPO 2015 cina

La vita è una duna.....Instabile......


Life is a dune...........Unstable......

expo Dynamo, Grand palais Paris, 2013

questo è il padiglione del giappone,costruito, interamente ad incastro,senza uso di chiodi EXPO GIAPPONE

Expo Zaragoza Empresarial

inevitabile, non ve la risparmio :-)

What is The Expo Fair?


The Expo is a monthly event that hosts designers who distinguish themselves for their artistic creativity.

It is an event open to any talented designer who treats all kinds of products that are made by men and women.

The Expo Fair has come up with a generic theme for the countries of the world and every month a different country will be announced to refer to.


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padiglione OLANDA

The Tree of Life on Expo 2015 Milan Italy

The world's largest freestanding wooden roof creates a covered space of more than 16,000 m² (approx. 172,200 ft²) beneath which are four pavilions (numbered 32 to 35) with space ranging from 975 to 1,430 m² (approx. 10,500 to 15,400 ft²).


Das Expo-Dach - entstanden zur Weltausstellung 2000 - überspannt mit seinen 10 Schirmen eine Fläche von 16000m² (Höhe: 26m). Die zentralen Stützen bestehen aus mächtigen, eigens ausgesuchten Weisstannenstämmen aus dem Südschwarzwald. Insgesamt wurden 70 Bäume aus dem Raum Gersbach und Todtmoos gefällt, die bis zu 50 m hoch und 150 bis 250 Jahre alt waren.

Expo 2015, Korea pavilion

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Il padiglione della Gran Bretagna ha vinto il «Premio internazionale per le architetture di Expo Milano 2015»

Expo au musée du quai Branly 2019

Pavilion Zero takes the visitor on a journey to explore how much humankind has produced, the transformation of natural landscape, and the culture and rituals of food consumption. Seems room.

South Korea Pavillon

Un tour aux Halles et à Beaubourg ? c'est par là :

La Exposición Internacional de Zaragoza (España) fue una exposición internacional reconocida (Exposición Internacional) que se celebró en Zaragoza desde el 14 de junio al 14 de septiembre de 2008 y cuyo eje temático fue «Agua y desarrollo sostenible». La localización del recinto de la Exposición formó parte de la misma: en la ribera del meandro de Ranillas, una curva que el río Ebro hace a su paso por la ciudad. En la Expo se vivieron 93 días de ocio, cultura, fiesta, reflexión e intercambio entre los diferentes participantes —106 países, 220 ONG, las 17 Comunidades Autónomas y Ceuta y Melilla, 6 socios patrocinadores de la Expo y tres organismo internacionales— y los más de 5.600.000 de visitantes. Huesca fue subsede oficial de la muestra y también albergó actividades.

una delle sale interne del Padiglione del Giappone.

Expo - Chinese Pavillion

Expo Axis is the main entrance of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Park in China.



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