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I'm doing another exhibition over the holiday weekend at Prospect House in Bingley Sat June 2nd to Tues June 5th as part of the Bradford Open for Art weekend. I am one of the FOUR4ART exhibitors. Please drop around if you are not having a street party for HM Queen. I made a large print of one of these tree shots onto aluminium, looks great! If you want to know how it looks, drop by!

Photo Exhibition

遊 -Enjoy Camera Life-


Art Gallery LE DECO 6F

Shibuya, Tokyo

25.11.2008 - 30.11.2008

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The exhibition plane. Legendary Yak - 42 in the original coloring in the Exhibition Center in Moscow. Yak - 42 in the original coloring in the Exhibition Center, Moscow. delivered on the day of the 65th anniversary of victory over fascism.

Greetings my dear friends,


I am very honored to be invited to The Rose Art Gallery of Angel Manor and taking a part of they amazing Summer exhibition!

There will be showcased many great virtual, digital and rl world artist works. You all know how much i like to express my colors and warm tones, so i will be representing there my sunny Summer&Animals works :) Most of them are created special for the gallery showcase and are not found on my flickr stream.


Everyone welcome! This weekend 2nd Jun 10 AM SLT - The Rose Art Gallery of Angel Manor.

LM :

I've been struggling with getting Silver Efex to work properly but managed to use it via lightroom. Many thanks to the lady running the lightroom course I'm doing at the moment :)

Whilst out running the other night I noticed the Bandstand was nicely lit up so I popped back last night for a shot.

I'm happy to invite you all to my exhibition at smART Gallery, 1.30 pm SL Time, at Breezy Seas slurl: Seas/46/33/411

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There was the most perfect sunset I have ever seen in Glasgow the other day, so I grabbed my camera and hopped the train to exhibition centre and legged it to the SECC- after shooting the image posted yesterday I also precariously balanced my camera on the bridge to capture a 3 shot pano of the waterfront with my home made pano bracket


again using the 3 stop ND filter to get some very long shutter speeds


The exhibition & is an attempt to dive into artistic practice and aesthetic experience. It is an invitation to enter a world composed of mazes, déjà-vu, subtle similarities, strange symmetries and unexpected discoveries.

(..)Not only minimalism and abstraction are strongly linked historically to the concepts of difference &repetition, also the actual technologies that we use in our everyday activities are regulated by these words. They become the rules of a game that could be a labyrinth, an artwork, the Internet, our lives, but where, at the end, we might not find an exit.


Artists: Cécile Dupaquier, Aneta Grzeszykowska, Henryk Morel, François Morellet, Anna Orlikowska, Wacław Szpakowski, Suzanne Treister


Coordinator: Katarzyna Mróz


paintings from E. Kunila private collection

Town Hall

Touched by the Cold photography exhibition by Michel Rawicki at the North Colonnade, Gardens by the Bay during Voilah, French Festival Singapore

Museum of Contemporary Art - Sydney, Australia.

Ricoh GRD4

Shot at a photographic exhibition, Hong Kong

Please also view my other pictures at



Ultima Thule 2011 exhibition in Rovaniemi, Lapin Maakuntakirjasto, Lapponica-gallery and

The Provincial Museum of Tornio Valley, Finland.

Béatrice McCallum's exhibition at "Portes d'Or", 9th edition, Paris, june 2018

Still made by MAT with 3 texture BGtexture and 1 by MAT

from the series : To Be Unwanted

giclee print on Fuji Archival Pearl.

sizes: 24" x 16"

PV photos:

I have an exhibition in Bingley Arts Centre from Mon Dec 9th to Jan 16th 2015...Its open between 11.00 and 4.00 in the bar bit, and also evenings from 7.00 this week. This shot from Jenny Browns point isn't in it tho'! Mostly stuff local to Bingley etc.

Art exhibition in Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana. I designed invitation, poster and catalogue.

On this photo - Maruša Šuštar, Red Moon Carpet

Photo Exhibition

遊 -Enjoy Camera Life-


Art Gallery LE DECO 6F

Shibuya, Tokyo

25.11.2008 - 30.11.2008

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BMW Welt

(English - BMW World),

is a multi-functional customer experience and exhibition facility of the BMW AG, located in Munich, Germany. In direct proximity to the BMW Headquarters and the Olympiapark, it is designed to present the current products of BMW, be a distribution center for BMW cars, and offer an event forum and a conference center.



Arch.: Renzo Piano 2017

A poster experiment for the unique art of Fernando Botero who's works are innovative, a little whimsical... and almost always surprising. Starting background compliments of iTkuPiLLi. Collage elements from Mr.Whiskers, Holliewood, iIkuPiLLi. Texturing, layering, brush effects added in Photoshop

Photography editing in collaboration with Picpro studio


"RealizzARTI" EXHIBITION. Project for people with disabilities.

RealizzARTI è promosso dall'Associazione Il Tulipano Bianco in collaborazionee con Cooperativa Oltre.


I laboratori si sono svolti presso i padiglioni della Città dell'Altra Economia, Testaccio.

© 2014 Werner Schnell - All rights reserved !

The Exhibition Hall : A Gallery By reycharles

Original artworks and sculptures.


First Floor Corridor : Shakti Sugafield

Travels through Second Life.


Gallery One & Two : Sisi Biedermann

Digital Photography & Photo Manipulation On Mesh Canvas.


Gallery Three & Four : Juris Bergmanis

Second Life Digital Photography On Mesh Canvas.


Gallery Five : Kaya Angel

Angel Manor Estate - A History.


Gallery Six : Matt Thomson

Techno Fusion.


Gallery Seven : Molly Bloom

3D Digital Photography.


The Rose Art Gallery of Angel Manor.

LM :


June 6th

1pm SLT in The Rose Theatre Ballroom

Xander Nichting


Xander Nichting is music embodied - a solo artist, music director, composer, arranger and violinist. The first to graduate from the Conservatory in The Netherlands with his six-string electric violin, he composes his own music and produces a distinctive and memorable sound.


June 9th

2pm SLT in The Rose Theatre Ballroom

Evely Lane


Evely Lane started singing in SL in 2015. She performs jazz, blues and classic love songs. Join us for her debut performance at Angel Manor.


EXHIBITION OPENING - LONDON REFRAMED on Thursday 26th Feb 5:30 to 7:30, Resource Centre for London, Holloway Road, London N7 to 29th April 2015


Delighted to announce that I'll be holding my first photography exhibition, see link above! Would be great to see you there and to have a pint or two afterwards at the adjoining Coronet pub. The exhibition is on for a full 2 months to end of April if you're interested but unable to make the opening.


Apologies for the repost of another re-edited image taken a couple of years back, but have just been so busy!


Photo Exhibition

遊 -Enjoy Camera Life-


Art Gallery LE DECO 6F

Shibuya, Tokyo

25.11.2008 - 30.11.2008

Official Website

Official Blog


Please read

It's come to that time now where I am about to graduate! I received my Degree mark last week which I was very happy with! And this Friday I shall actually graduate. A very surreal feeling indeed!


Please take the time to check out the following links, it would mean a lot.


My Graduate Photography Show links;


Show Website -


Show Facebook -


Show Twitter -!/curious_show


Currently we are showing at AUCB's gallery in Bournemouth.


From the 5th - 9th July we are showing in The Print Space's Gallery, if you are in London please do check this out!









- Canon 5D Mark2.

- ISO 100, f16, 17mm.

- Canon 17-40 f/4 L.


View On Black


Standard 3 exposure (+2,0,-2 EV) Handheld





- Tonemapped generated HDR using detail enhancer option



- Adjustment of hue/saturation

- Adjustment of curves to increase the overall contrast (Linear)

- Adjustment of levels

- Smart Sharpen on Background Layer

- Reduced noise with Noiseware Pro

- Sig/Borders Added


Thanks for all the comments, faves, views, notes and invites!


About The Royal Exhibition Building


The Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens were completed in 1880 for Melbourne’s first international exhibition, a product of the optimism, enthusiasm and energy of the people of Melbourne in the late-19th century. Melbourne was a prosperous city, basking in the wealth from the richest gold rush in the world. How better to publicise the achievements and opportunities in the colony of Victoria than by hosting an international exhibition?


Today, the Royal Exhibition Building flourishes as one of the world's oldest exhibition pavilions, symbolising the great 19th-century international exhibition movement.


With its meticulously-restored opulent interior, expansive galleries and soaring dome, the Great Hall continues to offer a magnificent setting for trade shows, fairs and cultural and community events.


The Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens were inscribed on the World Heritage list on 1 July 2004, becoming the first building in Australia to achieve World Heritage listing. Today, the Royal Exhibition Building is a campus of Museum Victoria and the gardens are managed by the City of Melbourne.

Some of my pictures in one fantastic place... Maria Vai com as Outras, Rua do Almada.

From 4 of December until 3 of January.

See more here

you are all invited !

This is the final chapter of my in world exhibition Sensitivity 2 until 30th October SLT (31th JST).


About half is quite new photos taken on September. All photo is full colors as usual.

About half is old photos from Flickr or Chapter 3.


Main theme is beautiful view of Second Life.

Notecard that is listed a lot of LM was renewed. Take it for your exploring if you like.


Teleport to the gallery.

mától(március 9.) április végéig 1 kisebb kiállítás látható pár friss munkámból az egri egal cult club galériájában. nézzétek meg!!!


from today(9th march) till the end of april there is a small exhibition from a few of my new works in the gallery of egal cult club in eger. check it!!!



Franz Gertsch, "Irene und Luciano", 1977

Sprengel-Museum, Hannover

Antoine d'Agata, Most scandalous collection of the International Photography Festival in Jaffa-TelAviv 2012

check my daily photo :


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