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EXPLORE: January 25, 2012

We had a great time photographing the elusive Hawaiian I'iwi Honeycreeper. The hot spot on Maui is Hosmer Grove in Haleakala National Park. They are found at higher elevations (above 4,000 feet) and are one of Hawaii's remaining native species. Hawaii is the only place in the world where these beauties reside. Managed to catch this one feeding on the nector in these beautiful flowers.


I'iwi feed on insects but depend more on nectar for sustenance. Their long, decurved beak can reach the nectar stored in deep-throated flowers. 'I'iwi feathers were used in ancient Hawaiian feather work for the Hawaiian royalty, or ali'i.


Today for Hello Tuesday's we have Baxton .

Baxton is a two pc Top and High waist shorts .


Bottom are Black but the tops come in 4 options .

(Black, Sheer, Ultra Sheer, and Solid)

Classic Layers included : Jacket, Pants, Shirt .


This item is available for one week only and then Baxton is obsolete forever .


Priced at : 150l


Your ride :


This will be our first participation to Collabor88! Yay! :D

Ebele Romper comes with 12 fabrics inspired from July's theme "Safari Chic". It has 5 customizable parts that can be mixed and matched through HUD. Hope you like it! :D

The event will start on the 8th of July.

Location: Collabor88

Event Blog:

Personal Website



Night shot taken on the summit of Mount Malamot (2.917 m), France, with moonlight coming from the left and tent internally lit with an ordinary flashlight.


On this mountain there is a large fortification, which I've already photographed last year, built by the Italian Regio Esercito in 1889, further fortified in 1932-1940 during the construction of the Alpine Wall, built in the years leading up to World War II, under the direction of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.


In this shot two walls of this fort are providing shield from the wind (at least on two sides) to my infallible tent.

This might be considered a backstage shoot, a sort of... :-) also motivated by the desire to remind that landscape photos are not self made, do not appear as if by magic in the hard drive of the owner, no, each single shot must be taken on site.



:copyright:Roberto Bertero, All Rights Reserved. This image is not available for use on websites, blogs or other media without the explicit written permission of the photographer.


Just started the puppet fair 2014, this is my exclusive but you can find much Mooore...

Nea Wall Wear


An exclusive collection in vintage metal frames that I made for an upcoming craft fair called Souk@Sat. What is not sold this weekend will be in the shop later ;)

Stripey Stripes Shirt and Dreamer Tulle Skirt

Opens Wednesday 6.

Click Here to Teleport!


Fröhlich Tours Tourist Transport Services, Inc.

Fleet no.: -

Shot Location: NLEX North Luzon Expressway


PentaxMX, smcm50mm/F1.7, PN400N


Nakano Tokyo Japan

This lovely 1960s girl has bangs. I was thinking the 1970s girl was my favorite, but she is really adorable!

Amelia's eyelids for anyone curious, she has pretty pink eyelids!


Amelia is Pullipstyle's upcoming exclusive Pullip that was designed by myself and Requiemart! I currently have a production sample on loan so I could take some promo pictures of her.

Salamat sa mga tropa na dinaanan ako sa amin nung sinabi kong uuwi ako sa probinsya. Pati sa masarap na tanghalian. Sa uulitin! Pero buti pa ang polo ko, nag roundtrip Manila-Laoag-Manila Hehehe

A3 poster, goes as a freebie with the same DOPLUDO pillow;

see the full size, please, or check out the whole collection here

Just out from Nature's packaging. Best wishes!

Explore:487,Feb 13,2008.

FOOTWEAR EXCLUSIVE Diamond Dust Peep-Toe Diva Booties LE20 Original Prototype By CULTE DE PARIS / Proudly Made In The USA

Inside the Halloween House again, exclusive Leather MESH High Boots with spiderwebs. Matching the Aeanae outfit available at the Perfect Wardrobe.


Coming in Small, Medium or Large. Try the Demo.


100L only !

Available until i remove the house, so around November 2nd.


TP to SAKIDE Halloween House

Cipriani Club, Wall Street, Downtown Manhattan, New York City, NY


August 2014

Exclusively @ Fi Friday Nowhere Else will you find these limited edition kicks for only L$55 lindens



Isarog Line Express Transport

Fleet no.: 114

Shot Location: Gumaca, Quezon


Thanks Padi DoMz Sj! :) pati na rin sa Crew nitong 114

The East Banqueting House of Old Campden House in the beautiful Cotswold town of Chipping Campden.


Campden House was built in 1613 for Sir Baptist Hicks, a wealthy merchant who later became a politician. He was also a generous philanthropist, although the terms politician and philanthropist these days often seem to be oxymorons...


The house only lasted about 30 years before being burnt down in the Civil War by Prince Rupert to stop it falling into the hands of the Parliamentarians.


This was going to be my shot for"abandoned" in the 100 Pictures group until I found out that you can rent it for a holiday from the Landmark Trust (3 nights from July 27th for £1023)!!


Thus I will use it for my "food" shot in the 100 pics group as well as gold (from the lovely colour of the Coswold stone)!!


#35 - Food - 100 Pictures

#70 - Gold(en) - 112 in 2012

A close-up of the 1970s style Vidal Sassoon exclusive.

Be sure to view large!


HDR from 3 exposures


Walt Disney World > Epcot > World Showcase > The American Adventure


My Twitter: @CodyWDWfan

My Disney photos on Flickriver: Recent -- Popular

Valesk Dress will be @Kustom9

New round begins August 15th.



Another shot of the 1960s girl. If money were no object, I'd love to own both!

I have already released two antlers as extra bonus of latest releases.


Today, I set up a new group gift panel in my store.

Please visit and get a group exclusive antlers.

Aphrodite EXCLUSIVE product for ROOM69 and also ideal for Valentines gift! Send as surprise to your loved ones! On SALE offer.


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