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Javi Ramirez (@supercoco9) having some rest in the way back home after an extreme weekend.

(it's like my last name, in case you're wondering)

On the picture:


Diego Rodriguez, Daniel Mata, Javi Ramirez de ASPgems and Javier Vidal


On twitter, they are:



Javi Ramirez, Sergio Gil, Manuel Gonzalez Noriega and Choan Galvez enjoying some chat.


On twitter:




This is me, I work on the web.


I'm a Ruby developer mainly working with the Rails framework. I'm fortunate to work with some of the best developers/people in the universe and as I'm based in London I get to hang out with many more of them at LRUG


At home I work on Agileista (alpha) and I made MoodMapr as a laugh after being inspired by the amazing people I met at EuRuKo (especially Agata and Marcin of Applicake)


Aside from writing software I have a strong passion for the art of photography, specifically black and white and working with off camera light sources. If I did it all again I'd probably be an architect (the kind that designs buildings)


Many of my friends work in the music industry and I'm considered a member of the Foreign Beggars family. I do what I can to help out at Dented Records which I legally co-founded


Having grown up across three continents in London, Riyadh, Leysin (Switzerland) and Boston whilst also feeling at home in North Cyprus, Dubai and New York, it's the vast network of people in my extended family that make me who I am ("We form like Voltron" as a wise man once said)


I also love music, exercise, football, snowboarding, motorcycles and cars (I love a lot of stuff but I've taken each of these to legal/illegal extremes)


This is who I am, who are you?

Felipe Talavera, Fernando Blat and Sergio Gil. Plaza Sant Jaume, Barcelona (Spain).

What are you looking for, Sergio?

(Manuel González) @mort & (Sergio Gil) @porras.

Rafa García and Diego Rodriguez from the company where I actually work (ASPgems). on twitter:


@diec123, @rgo

Ese aplauso para la organización. El siguiente en Polonia.

Diego and Javi (@diec123 and @supercoco9) on AVE way to euruko, they feel fresh and relaxed.

Javier Ramirez enjoying his own talk

Diego Fernandez (@l0k1_twt), Manuel Gonzalez (@mort) enjoying a sunny day

parte de la organización haciendo los badges

Aslak Hellesøy talking about Cucumber. Really nice talk, day 2.

Barcelona (Spain)

Álvaro Bautista, Felipe Talavera, Francesc Esplugas, Raúl Murciano y Fernando Blat just arrived to Barcelona (Spain), the day before.

@choan y @mort saludando a la cámara

C++ Is Poison on Metal Programming Languages, funny.

Sergio Espeja (@spejman), Santi Bel, Fernando Blat (@ferblape) and Christos Zisopoulos (@christos) chatting at the sun.

Durante la charla de Aslak sobre Cucumber.

EuRuKo 2009


Some staff members

Pascal is Pantera on Metal Programming Languages

Sam Lown enjoying a cup of Brandy.




twitter: @samwlown

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