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Side effects. The texture is my own. It's not supposed to look real.

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Or..the sky isn't always blue.


This is the original tree picture I used to make my previous picture.

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Texture is my own

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towards a warmer climate


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The texture is one of my own.

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Thank you for the texture cliffordsax

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Textured pictures... Like them or not, I find them fun. Poppies growing along the road next to one of the horses's fields, the background was a bit boring, hence the added texture.

I adjusted the texture colour to the original poppy picture.


Texture is my own creation


Eglise saint Grégoire par temps d'orage.

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“Never waste a minute of your precious life by squandering it thinking about what you don't have”


Texture is golden canvas by WOBBLYMOL


I also used some brushes (which I recently discovered by accident), that came with Elements.

this the european building in long exposure at the sunise

Blue river - a misty morning on the Dodder at Orwell Bridge, Dublin


I'm still waiting to get my glasses back from the opticians....and really can't see to read and write type so I will just be faving.

Le village de Roubion.Alpes Maritimes.

The Sun starts to drop below the clouds somewhere over northern Europe on a flight back from Berlin.

Happy Sunset wednesday!

Staying with the religious theme of late, this is the dome of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome which is inscribed with 'S. PETRI GLORIAE SIXTUS PP. V.A. MDXC PONTIF. V.' or for the glory of Saint Peter, Pope Sixtus the fifth 1590, the fifth year of his ponfificate. 1/30 sec at f/3.5, 0EV, ISO 400 laid flat on my back to try and expose the beams of light correctly

Il punto di vista della nuvola sarebbe differente,

quello del granchio diverso ancora,

quello di Enrico la Talpa sarà forse un po' approssimativo,

però non lo so.


Di una cosa son certo ed è che della propria vita ciascuno di noi è interprete e regista indiscusso, ha la facoltà di assegnarsi un ruolo drammatico oppure tragico oppure comico o forse chissà.

Qualunque vita, comunque la si voglia vedere, contiene sia gioie e sia dolori.

Quanto maggiori i dolori rispetto alle gioie è solo e soltanto un punto di vista.


[Mostratemi un eroe e vi farò vedere un imbecille col senso del drammatico]

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... where nobody dares to go.


An experiment to try and calibrate my monitor, Flickr has weird tendencies to alter my photos after uploading.

my first HDR with which I am satisfied...

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Some people's lives are filled with colour, others... shades of grey.

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Testing out the new photo page with a slightly larger sized picture. I took this with a friend's camera. Unfortunately I had to shoot in jpeg and not RAW, it kind of limits you on what you can do. There is a very light texture on this as I'm a texture addict.


And, no... I do not like the new layout with the huge picture which takes ages to load. 640px was much better for faster viewing. Not everybody has a fast internet connection, obviously none of those Flickr people live in a rural area, or they don't use Flickr that much themselves.

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I think this is about as mixed a breed as you can get, he has a very sweet personality.

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Bridge over Bosphorus straits in Istanbul. Turkey , connecting Asia with Europe.


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.. and embroidered by imagination ~ Voltaire


Hello friends! Yes I had a busy Sunday :) Talkin with one of my friends who's really good in making HDR. I still can't help not to learn how to make one! (the one that's really good)


Thank you so much for your visit and kind comments on Mia's picture. I had her sms telling me she's excited living in US :))


I hope everyone will have a great week!

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