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How doth the city sit solitary.


Lamentations of Jeremiah 1:1

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Side effects. The texture is my own. It's not supposed to look real.

En pantalla grande gana un poquito!!

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Or..the sky isn't always blue.


This is the original tree picture I used to make my previous picture.



I had great pleasure in looking at contacts' shots this morning, but I will only be faving for a while. And if I miss anyone, I'm sorry, but am trying not to do too much too quickly.

Europe, Netherlands, Maastricht, Railway station, Traverse (slightly cut from all sides)


The traverse of Maastricht statin. It crosses the extensive rail emplacement.


Number 108 of the Low light city album: evening and night in Athens, Rotterdan, Ag Konstantinos, Marrakech, Utrecht, Lisboa, Amsterdam, Brussels, Eindhoven, Faro, Paris, Groningen, Hyeres, Antwerpen, Tavira, Maastricht, Den Haag, Sao Paulo, Leiden, Piraeus, Arnhem, Nazaré, Moudros, Berlin and Gent.

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Thank you for the texture cliffordsax

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The texture is one of my own.

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towards a warmer climate



I'm going to be offline for a while because I seem to have given myself RSI - and the best thing for that is rest. </b

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Textured pictures... Like them or not, I find them fun. Poppies growing along the road next to one of the horses's fields, the background was a bit boring, hence the added texture.

I adjusted the texture colour to the original poppy picture.


Texture is my own creation


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It's that time of the year again when Poppies are out and about. This was taken in 2010.

Domaine des oiseaux Mazères

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“Never waste a minute of your precious life by squandering it thinking about what you don't have”


Texture is golden canvas by WOBBLYMOL


I also used some brushes (which I recently discovered by accident), that came with Elements.

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Spring goats out and about


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Texture is my own

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Florence's duomo , the city's most iconic landmark, is among Italy's 'Big Three' Its red-tiled dome, graceful campanile (bell tower)


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Or Alternative title: Stop taking photos of me!


Luwex's pose reminded me of those old pictures of those simpering females draped about the place. Yes I know you probably think i'm nuts, but I'm allowed to be at my age.


I made this shot a while ago when i had a huge box full of nuts, collected from the tree in my garden... In the middle i put a small candlelight, one that is used for warming up a pot of tea. Above the light there's a lampshade to reduce the light and to get a glow sideways.


Reputed to be the most powerful waterfall in Europe, you can stand as close to the edge as you like.... Though this looks like a monochrome image, it is actually in color as you can see from the people. The falls are 100 metres (330 ft) wide and have a drop of 44 metres (144 ft) down to the Jökulsárgljúfur canyon.


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