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Tulip Inn Brussels Boulevard.

Tulip Inn Brussels Boulevard.

Thomas Vander Wal, finishing his talk about the PIC (personal infocloud)

No photoshop needed this odd sight caught my eye when I stepped out of the elevator to let people out. I return a few moments later to snap the shot.

I was fascinated by the cuts in the numbers so to make rather fluid shapes.

Eric Reiss + intro screen about shared references.

Filip Borloo in the middle of a debate between a Nato IA and a BBC IA. Interesting discussion

I was completely baffled as to how to turn on the lights in the Tulip Hotel in Brussels. I flipped the switch to the right, as the main power for a room I by the door and nothing.


After a few minutes of walking around the room I saw the device on the left. I dipped my card in it and the lights came on. Who knew. I walked over and unzipped my bag and the lights went out.


I went back dipped the card in again and the lights came on and went off. I left my card in and the lights stayed on. Not keeping the "roomkey" card in my pocket was a little unnerving, but I learned to pick it up on the way out the door.

Thomas Vander Wal explains the "Come to Me" web


creativity over Sunday's lunch

Roland and JP were part of the Dutch contingent I came to Brussels with from Amsterdam, but both are British. Both also work for

The Euro IA 2005 Summit organising body

The 'Landing Pages: Merging Differences'-poster.