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Here's my poster for the Euro IA Summit 2005.


Questions, comments? landingpages AT info DOT nl

"Stop! We are (not) fixing the escalator."

Tulip Inn Brussels Boulevard.

Thomas Vander Wal, finishing his talk about the PIC (personal infocloud)

No photoshop needed this odd sight caught my eye when I stepped out of the elevator to let people out. I return a few moments later to snap the shot.

I was fascinated by the cuts in the numbers so to make rather fluid shapes.

Barry Mahon, "emince grise" of IA. Respect.

EzGov (and Len) had their own table during Friday night's dinner.

Eric Reiss + intro screen about shared references.

Eric shakes the room.

"Everything I want to say about Big IA, UX and the T-model is behind me on the poster. Read it, while I take a sip."

why did my camera suddenly decide to get grainy?

See the full sequence in this IA Discuss post

Loud shirts and a loud poster at EURO IA 2005.

Lunch following the presentations

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