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Parque Nacional Lahemaa


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MS Estonia, previously MS Viking Sally (–1990), MS Silja Star (–1991), and MS Wasa King (–1993), was a cruise ferry built in 1979 at the German shipyard Meyer Werft in Papenburg. The Estonia disaster occurred on September 28, 1994 between about 00:55 to 01:50 (UTC+2) as the ship was crossing the Baltic Sea, en route from Tallinn, Estonia, to Stockholm, Sweden. She was carrying 989 passengers and crew. The first sign of trouble was a strange sound of metal against metal heard around 01:00, when the ship was on the outskirts of the Turku archipelago; but an investigation of the bow visor showed no obvious damage. At about 01:15, the visor separated and the ship took on a heavy starboard list. At about 01:20 a weak female voice called “Häire, häire, laeval on häire”, the Estonian words for “Alarm, alarm, there is alarm on the ship”, over the public address system. Just a moment later an internal alarm for the crew was transmitted over the public address system. Soon after this the general lifeboat alarm was given and then the vessel lurched some 30 to 40 degrees to starboard, making it practically impossible to move about safely inside the ship. Doors and hallways became deadly pits. Those who were going to survive were already on-deck by then. A Mayday was communicated by the ship’s crew at 01:22, but did not follow international formats. Due to loss of power, she could not give her position, which delayed rescue operations somewhat. Out of a total of 989 passengers and crew on board 137 were saved.

A more "standard" image of the Town Hall & Town Square in Tartu, Estonia.

And yes, I did get wet :)

Kuressaare Episcopal Castle - Estonia

Summer in Estonia is nice.


A place of worship

Laiuse Castle (Schloß Lais in German) was a Livonian Order castle in Laiusevälja, Jõgeva Parish, Estonia. The castle is now in ruins.

Laiuse Castle was the first castle in Estonia built to cope with firearms. The oldest part of the castle was probably built in the end of 14th century by the Livonian Order. It was first mentioned in 1406. In 1558 during the Livonian War the castle was conquered by Russian troops and badly damaged. Nonetheless the castle was later still in use both by Polish and Swedish rulers. During the Great Northern War, from 1700 to 1701, after the Battle of Narva, the Swedish king Charles XII established his winter quarters here. For five months Laiuse was the administrative center of Swedish Empire.

cat's figure on the old house chimny - Tallin, Estonia

Old commy headquarters

Microsoft ICE

Uus Maailm, Tallinn, Harju County

"Old Town Tallinn" - Tallinn, Estonia - 2018. - Baltic Capitals Cruise 2018.

(favourites tag)

Tallinn is the capital and largest city of Estonia. It occupies an area of 159.2 km2 (61.5 sq mi) with a population of 415,416.[1] It is situated on the northern coast of the country, on the banks of the Gulf of Finland, 80 km (50 mi) south of Helsinki. The city is a European Capital of Culture for 2011, along with Turku, Finland.


Tallinn es la capital y la ciudad mas grande de Estonia. Ocupa un area de 159.2 kilometros cuadrados, con una poblecion de 415,416. Esta ubicado en la costa norte del pais, en el Golfo de Finlandia, 80 km al sur de Helsinki. La ciudad es la Capital de Cultura Europea 2011 junto con Turku de Finlandia.


"Old Town Tallinn" - Tallinn, Estonia - 2018. - Baltic Capitals Cruise 2018.

Panorama from 10 HDR frames.

Kuressaare Episcopal Castle - Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia - 2018. - Baltic Capitals Cruise 2018.

Tartu, Estonia

This is the last photo what I post here from the recent trip to Estonia. It looked perfect to me to finish this series as the elements of the shot nicely represents most of the thing I like in Estonia. The amazingly blue sky with some nice clouds for the contrast. The wooden building which is a significant element of a typical estonian landscape and represents the close connection of estonians with nature. The tall pine trees and vivid green grass.

So I hope you liked my photos of this beautiful country and check back next week to see what else did I shoot in the last couple of weeks.

this is my 1,000th upload!

48th roll of film

"Old Town Tallinn" - Tallinn, Estonia - 2018. - Baltic Capitals Cruise 2018.

The lovely trees and woods of Estonia

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