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dripped coffee in milk

For the Macro Mondays project. This weeks theme "Relaxation”.


7DWF: Macro Wednesday


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Coffee is for me the best way to relax.


HMM everyone!

Uno dei treni più belli che le ferrovie francesi possano offrire (almeno secondo il parere di chi sta scrivendo...) è il Lunea che giornalmente collega Paris a Briançon, sulle Alpi al confine tra Provenza e Savoia.


Ad impreziosire la composizione, per tre giorni a settimana vengono aggiunti due carri per il trasporto auto, dietro all'abituale doppia di BB 67.300.

In questo scatto una doppia mista transita appena fuori Embrun diretto verso la parte alta della tortuosa linea della Val Durance.


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Coco Espresso - Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong

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Kleine süße Pause mit einem heißen Espresso...


Little sweet break with a hot espresso ...


:copyright: Jutta M. Jenning/

wishing you a relaxed weekend! :)

ponte l'accademia,

up the steps,

bacino off to the right,

just beyond the salute,

light shimmering,

quiet, almost silent,

alone, not alone,

unfamiliar, familiar,

old world, new world,

shadow stealing,

movement masked,

whisper in my ear,

mantric melody,

a rose is a rose by any other name,

a rose is a rose is a rose,

seabirds strewn,

silhouettes against a sun-streaked sky,

circling, waiting,

anticipating the arrival of the new day,

taxi there,

sleek sanctuary,

nears the waypoint,

that landing there,

that palazzo there,

right there.


on we go ...

to campo san stefano.






© 2010 tapa | all rights reserved

Still life theme, I actually love to arranged the still life image but which some busy biz during 24 working hours I shall away from still life sometime.


Thank you for your warm compliment:)


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