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For the Macro Mondays project. This weeks theme "Relaxation”.


7DWF: Macro Wednesday


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Coffee is for me the best way to relax.


HMM everyone!

ponte l'accademia,

up the steps,

bacino off to the right,

just beyond the salute,

light shimmering,

quiet, almost silent,

alone, not alone,

unfamiliar, familiar,

old world, new world,

shadow stealing,

movement masked,

whisper in my ear,

mantric melody,

a rose is a rose by any other name,

a rose is a rose is a rose,

seabirds strewn,

silhouettes against a sun-streaked sky,

circling, waiting,

anticipating the arrival of the new day,

taxi there,

sleek sanctuary,

nears the waypoint,

that landing there,

that palazzo there,

right there.


on we go ...

to campo san stefano.





Kleine süße Pause mit einem heißen Espresso...


Little sweet break with a hot espresso ...


© Jutta M. Jenning/

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Simple joy of an afternoon shot of espresso, celebrating new coffee beans from the fine baristas of Baked & Wired in DC.

Something about this image of an early morning gondola ride leads me to believe that everyone in the boat was in dire need of espresso. How could I pass up on this Venezian iconography?

unas tacitas que hice para el cumpleaños de la ángela

in einer festen Variante


für Fotoprojekt 26|DREIZEHN – Stillleben



Brisbane City – Queensland – Australia


Canon EOS 450D / Canon EF-S 15-85mm Lens


Another from my early morning series in Brisbane City on the 5th January 2012. 4:35am

Blue hour in the city…… makes me think of coffee. Coffee machines firing up in the those apartments as Brisbanites awake for the day ahead. Early morning cafes’ roasting coffee beans and grinding away for early patrons. Sitting down to that first injection of coffee for the day in a cosy little cafe and reading the news before most people even realize the day has broken. You get the picture……….


6 shot (portrait frame) panorama

Taken on the Nodal Ninja MKIII pano head

Focal length – 15mm

Aperture – F/11

Shutter – 30secs

ISO 100

Mode – Bulb

Images stitched in Photoshop CS5

At Hava Java, in downtown St. John's.

Thanks to all my contacts and everyone else who always comes back to my stream. It's appreciated so much!

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Macro Monday: theme - Contraption



Macro of espresso machine steamer. Cna you see me?

I use it to heat up milk to frothy perfection every time.


Enjoy your Monday.

copyright: 2017 © R. Peter All rights reserved. Please do not use this image, or any images from my flickr photostream.

A macro picture of the espresso spout on the Spirit machine.

Se non fosse per quel convoglio navetta in xmerdprr potrebbe essere una scena anni 70 con protagonista un bell'espresso internazionale in attesa di ripartire per il Brennero

214/365 - Our Daily Challenge - "Set":


My grandmother's set of Limoges demitasse cups from France. Sadly, I never use them as neither of us are coffee drinkers. I still love them tho'. Love how delicately they're painted and that they remind me of Nana. I thought about shooting some of the silverware I inherited from her also. She was in the habit of shopping estate sales, collecting odds and ends. She left me some wonderful silverware, but none of it matched. Well...I take that back...14 matching pickle forks...the rest...not so much. lol.


Nikon D5000, 50mm

Getty Sales: 2


Available for purchase at Getty Images

Galleria Italia, a light-filled showcase of wood and glass runs the entire length of the Gallery's second level. Stop by and enjoy a variety of house-baked, European-inspired pastries, desserts, and beverages, including Italian sodas and gelato. Experience a picturesque view of Toronto while enjoying a beverage and tasty treat. [from ]


The architecture of the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto is stunning. This is a wonderful spot in the gallery to stop for an Italian break.

One good thing about winter... I love all the shades of brown.


Thank you SO MUCH for the comments on my SP... I was deeply touched.


Have a great week ahead!


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Impressão minha ou o Café Espresso lembra Coca-Cola?


Moroccan restaurant, Marseille, France.

Haarlem, The Netherlands

After finishing my scarf in the dk-weight I had spun up, I wasn't finished with this stuff so I spun up the last 3.5 oz I had into a bulky weight 2-ply.


After spinning I fulled it and it got crazy bulbous! This is the bounciest stuff I've ever spun. I don't even want to knit it cause it looks so nice as it is.


Fiber is "Espresso" superwash merino from Adrian at HelloYarn


She gets the sun in the daytime

Perfume in the dusk

And she comes out in the night time

With the honeysuckle musk

Because she smells just like a rose

And she tastes just like a peach

She got me walking where the wildlife goes


-lyrics from "Expresso Love" Mark Knopfler

-image dedicated to someone I love

-title is name of my SIM

-and that's it

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