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Eric Goncalves :copyright:2016, All Rights Reserved

Eric has a goat and a rooster in his Silver Creek yard. Photo of the rooster taken in May 2012.




Conference room:

2010 © luis f. lopez

Eric is a lovely Hee-ah owned by Nyo.


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Ten years old photograph

Tien jaar oude foto ingescand

9 x 12", acrylic on paper, 4-27-09, thanks to Eric, whose photo self portrait was used as reference for this painting:


I found Eric sitting and posing on a white flower

Eric Goncalves :copyright:2016, All Rights Reserved

Vu sur Sine Hebdo, 2009

I had almost an hour's time until my train left. From the main station I walked a block or two and then positioned myself on a corner. I need to move when I'm looking out for strangers, but this time, I chose to just watch the crowds pass me by, even though it was chilly cold.


Once again, it showed that standing still doesn't work for me. No strangers, only cold feet.


I packed up and was about to leave, when suddenly Eric came along. I stopped him and he politely took off his hood. He agreed to the photo and smiled a little unsure when I asked him to put the hood back on.


Eric is a student of information technology. I may have portrayed him a lot darker than he is, but this was the mood I got out of Mannheim (which I did enjoy, btw) and since Eric did seem very calm and serious, I chose to go for it.


Thank you, Eric!




You can find my original set of 100 Strangers here.


The ongoing series of 100 Strangers and Beyond can be seen here.


Find out more about the project at the group page 100 Strangers.

this eric has the best facemould,i can't stop looking at him,he also has very lovely turquoise eyes...sigh..ariel is lucky :p

Eric en Olinka in hun element!


I went to the zoo today (again) just to see the polarbears Eric and Olinka in the snow. I think, they are smiling :-)

Éric Tabarly a Lorient en Bretagne.

Eric's 1st Christmas- 2008

One of my favorite pic of my favorite doll I think ♥

eric schames natural beauty

Optreden van Eric Vloeimans en Egbert Derix op zondag 22 februari in Lux Nijmegen. Na afloop van het concert werden er nog CD's verkocht en gesigneerd.


Een van ’s werelds beste trompettisten strijkt neer in LUX. Met een hele fijne pianist naast zich. Eric Vloeimans vindt in Egbert Derix een maat om mee te excelleren. Vloeimans geniet internationale bekendheid met zijn bijzonder eigen klank en kan als geen ander fluisteren op zijn trompet. Derix begrijpt dat. Derix speelde niet voor niets met grootheden als Iain Matthews, Leo Janssen en John Helliwell. Beiden zetten ze alle clichés overboord, die aan jazzmuzikanten kleven. De musici lijken te spelen zonder strak voorop gezet plan, met alleen wat stukken muziek op papier voor zich... meer niet. En dan ontspint zich een weergaloos gesprek tussen piano en trompet. Teder, verstild, dan weer uitbundig en altijd intens. Noem het een spannend avontuur vol reislust en verrassingen. En na ieder nummer komen ze weer even thuis.


Bron: website Lux Nijmegen

Eric - Comédien et Sculpteur de masques

D800 - 24-70mm

Estoy escuchando Cocaine, de Eric Clapton. Esta canción es del álbum Slowhand 35th Anniversary . Más info en

eric schames natural beauty

Eric Goncalves :copyright:2016, All Rights Reserved

ERIC the seagull flying over the Mersey..(as named by Eric the fish 2009.. ; ).BEST VIEWED LARGE

Foto tirada durante a actuación de Eric Bibb no Festival Internacional de Jazz e Blues de Pontevedra, xullo de 2014

L'Èric espera mentre li donen els regals.

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Two names you go by:

1. Eric

2. Only Eric...


Two things you are wearing right now:

1. A jeans made by my dad

2. A t-shirt


Two things you want right now very badly:

1. See again my friend Alice

2. To play cards


Last two people you talked to on the phone:

1. My aunt Carmen

2. Alice


Two things you did last night:

1. Try on my jeans

2. See the stars in the window


Two things you are doing tomorrow:

1. Eat an hamburguer

2. Read a book


Two favorite meals:

1. Mint ice-cream

2. Hamburguer


Two random facts:

1. Je veux voler

2. The life is a box of surprises

Eric Wooßmann

MX Kaufhalle


Eric Goncalves :copyright:2016, All Rights Reserved

Eric a los 19. Está estudiando marketing y relaciones públicas. Proyecto de carrera: convertir a Esmeralda en un diamante

Eric Winter

Hollywood Hills, CA


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