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Raimo on the first day of the seminar, complaining that no one wants to play with him. He's a funny guy - with an intense, brooding face. He would be the right cast for a detective in a scandinavian murder mystery movie.

Just a quick sketch with markers. That's the posture Ralf could be encountered about two third of the time when we were in the seminar.

I know, he's actually blonde, but I didn't had my blonde-colored marker with me at the time.

Anneli is, as she told me, interested in getting people to embrace a non-closed, non-directive approach to modern art - this may also the direction her masterthesis will take... a valiant and applaudable project I think. I'm quite curious about her approach and I hope she remembers sending me a copy.

Ralf often had this remote expression on his face, hands folded, gaze locked on some unknown place, in a kind of contemplative prayer.

Just another sketch of Raimo - he's got a very expressive face. And he's integrating Foucault's ideas, mainly the surveillance society and the panopticon, into ePedagogy. Kudos to him for that.

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