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Fated with power and glory at birth with no merit to show just deserve, the new King is crowned with a title given upon first breath for doing absolutely nothing but exist as a boy. So jealous was he, the younger brother, that no matter the intellect, strength, or courage he so displayed with boisterous vigor, nothing would change the fact that being born second - a fate he could not control - dictated his entire existence, or lack of.


Part of this month's Attention magazine feature - August 2020 edition.


Attention Magazine: August 2020



Better View On Black


Bon cap de setmana confinats.

Buen fin de semana confinados.


Gràcies per les vostres visites i comentaris.

Gracias por vuestras visitas y comentarios.

Thanks for your visits and comments.

@ Drune: East of Eden




* Here’s the part 2.

early morning wandering around Monocle Man when I saw them there trapped in their eternal embrace. Envious of their suspended state of love.


taken at Monocle Man:

One of the jays (Garrulus glandarius) was quite envious on the two others and their food. Remember you are always welcome to drop by my Facebook page for more pictures.

Remember all comments, favs and likes here or on my Facebook page are always greatly appreciated

The neighbor's garden

Pose 💕 [..::CuCa Designs::..] Envy(New release @ Mainstore)

@ Drune: East of Eden




* Here’s the part 1.

Please see my blog for full size pics and links to mainstores and events, Thank you



Diode Getta Shoes @ Aenigma

Original Mesh, Singles or Fatpack, Fatpack Texture Hud with 5 Base Colours and 10 trim colours, Dirty and Clean Version

Unrigged, Alice, Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, (shown on Legacy body with Maitreya Version)



Raegan Body in Leather @ Mainstore

For Freya, Hourglass and Legacy (shown on Legacy Perky)

Fatpack Texture HUD


Legacy Perky Body, Catwa Susan Head, Hair and Hat by Elikatira, Skin by Glam Affair,


I sense a little office envy, who doesn't want the corner office or the one with the perfect view, I think there is a different kind of office envy going on here..... is it the office itself...or...what's happening outside?


When someone asks for a song and you give them this...



available @ Vintage Fair

Muniick- Alto Industrial Drafting Table

Muniick- Alto Mechanical Drawings

Muniick- Alto Rolled-Up Drafting Paper

Muniick- Alto Industrial Drafting Stool

Muniick- Alto Drafting T-Square

Muniick Small Snake Plant in Bucket

Muniick- Alto Drafting Compass

Muniick- Alto Industrial Drafting Lamp

Muniick- Alto Drafting Pencil

Muniick- Alto Drawing Tubes

Muniick-Alto 3-Panel Room Divider


Happy Weekend 60L

Muniick- Coraline Toaster

Muniick- Coraline Blender

Muniick- Coraline Microwave Oven


Box Kite Pink&Blue

buildworksdecor ~ Chesterfield Cabinet / White

.random.Matter. - Take Away - Pizza Slice

N4RS Tabriz Rug

ChiMia:: Book Basket

.07 [ kunst ] - Dr Pervert cans

ROOST - Auckland Rubbish Bin STEEL


Adorable Additions:

JIAN Kitten Collection :: Static (Hi!)

[Rezz Room] Great Dane Adult Animesh (Companion)


Everyone have a great week ahead and thank you for all the support! 🌹


Thank you for the opportunity/Challenge to photograph your beautiful home. There are a few more shots I would love to get so sneaking back over soon <3

Green With Envy beautiful restoration of a 48 Oldsmobile Woody, I think, found in North Carolina.


● [Val'More] - Archis invader - Jacket

● [Val'more] - Bereta's Mask

● [Val'more] - Death Mask

@ Man Cave


●[NEW]! [GUTCHI - Shark Pants @ Man Cave


●NOCHE. West Gloves @ NOCHE. Mainstore


●Ana Poses - Putian @ Ana Poses Mainstore


These two buildings face each other on a street in Barcelona. Modern vs traditional.


Created for Angie's Animal Antics Challenge No 1 (Water)OnOne diffuse & colour filters,PS oil.

Model-Barbie Spain

Dress- Erin High and Envy

Go and see my Instagram post as well. I'm blove17fashion

Created for Treat This 145 in the Kreative People Group


Many thanks to xandram for the source image which you can see in the first comment box below or here


All other photos and textures are my own.


Thank you for taking the time to visit, comment, fave or invite. I really appreciate them all.

Don't you just hate seeing a plane fly free while you're stuck, waiting for the red light to turn green?


Happy Gorgeous Green Thursday


Thanks to all for viewing, faving and/or commenting! Much appreciated! L 😊

My art addiction satisfied at The Vincent Priesley Art Exhibition at the PEACE Gallery in SL ...

Art druggies should get their fix there asap! (Vincent tagged)

Full Credits:


Are you Green With Envy? I would be too over this NEW dress from Little Fox, it is very well made and nicely textured! This hot new dress is found at Shiny Shabby which opened January 20th, 2020. This Dress comes in 12 regular colors and 6 fatpack bonus colors with enabled materials. This dress is fitted for Maitreya Lara, Legacy, Belleza Freya & Slink Hourglass. Head to the event now and pick up this sexy dress!


Shiny Shabby Event Taxi:



Background: Taken at Sunny Photo Studios

Body: Lara - Maitreya

Head: Magy - Catwa

Hair: Fatal - Stealthic

**Dress: Terry Jersey Dress - Little Fox**


Little Fox Flickr:

Little Fox Facebook:

My Facebook:

My Blog:

My Flickr:



Copyright © by John Russell – All Rights Reserved


From my album: "The Best of Micro Weed Flowers"


Ice cream parlor - Prague




Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord, my soul to keep (yeah)

Like a locksmith, I got the keys (yeah)

Pull up make opp niggas bleed (aye)

I got water like overseas, yeah (aye)

Bitch, I ball like NBA, yeah (aye)

Bitch, I ball like MVP, yeah (aye)

I got money, they envy me

I'm with the gang

I'm with the mob, what was you thinking

Remember them days

And that shit was hard, a nigga been thinking

I put a four in a 20 ounce, a nigga been drinking

If you with the squad

I give you my heart, lil' nigga, I mean it

I was fighting some demons

In the field, bitch, I'm deep in

I was raised in the deep end

I know niggas be sinking

Take your bitch and go deep in

But I gave her back, why you tweaking?

Come around with that rah-rah

We leave you dead on the cement

With the gang, we ain't playing fair

Matter fact, we don't play at all

OG 'Woods in the air

But we bought the Runtz so we smoke it all

Putting on a front, boy, you better fall

We gon' kill 'em, yeah, we gon' kill 'em all

Might spend a ten when I'm in the mall

I was on a bean with it in my draws

Hit that smoke and I'm blacking

Hit that smoke and I black out

If he run, blow his back down

I was gone but I'm back now

These niggas gon' fold

But I never back down

In the school, I was trapping

In the school, you was class clown

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord, my soul to keep (yeah)

Like a locksmith, I got the keys (yeah)

Pull up make opp niggas bleed (aye)

I got water like overseas, yeah (aye)

Bitch, I ball like NBA, yeah (aye)

Bitch, I ball like MVP, yeah (aye)

I got money, they envy me

There's no need to be envious about these shoes! Ghee has these exclusive Orla Platforms as their latest VIP gift at their store!

Working on colors for new eyes that should be out soon. \o/

Green with envy.


In July 2020 the east coast on NSW was pounded by heavy sea's and North Haven was no exception.


Forcing the closure of beaches the heavy sea's did provide some spectacular scenery as the ocean displayed its turbulence.


For this rolling wave it seemed that there was one none compliant section of the wave that was green with envy and showed its disapproval.


North Haven, New South Wales, Australia.

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