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Training with brushes! :)


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The colors were overwhelming, far - fetched and at the same time extremely photo - inviting ... The theme was strong, communicative and at the same time amazingly pleasant to look at ... What you were actually hearing at was more of an interesting noise than of music ...


All that is missing from the above scene is actually the sound !!!!! All the rest are pretty much self explanatory !!! We are looking at a scene from Monastiraki Square at Athens, somewhere around noon !!!


EXIF: Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZX1, ISO 80, f 3,3, focal length 4,5 mm, shutter speed 1/800s, HDR made by only one original shot, no flash, no tripod ...


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See where this picture was taken. [?]

Pentax k1000

Fuji Acros 100

Stand developed,

Tetenal 1-100, 1 hour,

Adofix, 1-4, 4 and a half minutes.

artwork abstract environment

With their best combination of technology and efficiency this trucks are the perfect environmentally friendly choice.

Discover our HI-SCR Range!


Unemployment among the pigeon community in East London is now at saturation point.

Gone are the opportunities to be a messenger, gone is the glamorous life of a racing pigeon with free board and lodging. This lot are just left to lament the good old days . . .



*Working Towards a Better World


This is a painting that I did in 2008 it was done for an exhibition called Purity and Pollution in collaboration with the Moving Ethos Modern Dance Company. It represents the pristine beauty that surrounds us and reminds us that we need to care for and cherish our surroundings. Please remember not to litter, take it home if you cannot find a place to throw it away. Try to use biodegradable products that do not harm our earth and find out about the many other ways that we can preserve our environment.

Thank you!

*Working Towards a Better World


You must be the change

you wish to see

in the world - Ghandi


Harmony with land

is like harmony with a

friend; you cannot cherish

his right hand and

chop off his left - Aldo Leopold


The earth is what we

all have in common. - Wendell Berry


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common blue in his habitat during sunrise.


Just a little bit more patience before they are back :-)


Taken withe the sigma 180mm f/2.8 macrolens.

Victory Liner Inc. 705


Meron na kayang Environment friendly bus dito sa pinas ? babagay yan dito hehe

Excited tourists recording a special moment in a unique environment - Huacachina, Peru, South America.

Lands being developed in the urban environment. Nice large!



studio: 90cm octa from above left, 70x40 softbox downside up fill

outdoor: EL Ranger with 40x40 softbox right

Nikon D3x

*Working Towards a Better World

The Un is busy trying to create world cooperation to work at stopping global warming and protecting our environment. People all over the world are out in numbers supporting their effort, it looks as if countries may change their behavior and take action in order to create a better climate and world? Let's hope so!


UN Climate Summit Signals Shape of Negotiations Around Agreement

Todos los derechos reservados - All rights reserved - copyright © Pilar Azaña Talán





La playa de la Pared es una lección de geología en vivo. Las montañas que respaldan su arena dorada han sido erosionadas por la acción del viento, de gran potencia en esta zona de Fuerteventura, lo que convierte la playa en un paraíso para los surferos y demás cabalgadores de las olas.

Grupo de surferos calentando antes de practicar surf. Es bueno caminar por la playa antes de los estiramientos específicos, para no sufrir lesiones ni desgarros musculares.


The beach of the Wall is a lesson of live geology. The mountains that endorse his golden sand have been eroded by the action of the wind, of great power in this Fuerteventura's zone, which turns the beach into a paradise for the surferos and other horsemen of the waves.

Group of surfers warming before practising surf. It is good to walk on the beach before specific stretches to avoid injury or muscle tears.


harar - ethiopia


yujapi © all rights reserved

A brick field...near Dhaka City

It truly kills me from inside when you see such stunning clouds with amazing sunset moment that is ruined by trash on the beach and smokes from factories !!


Do people really leave trash like this at their home ? in their room ? if yes , then they really have something wrong with them !


Also , didn't these factories heard about something called Filters !!


It's just a feeling that being reflected by an environment that try to show us its pretty side for the sake of taking care of it !


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The view on the opposites side of the lake. Theres a little part of the blue sky befor it gets fully cloudy.

This painting was done for a collaborative exhibition called Purity & Pollution with the Moving Ethos Modern Dancers trying to bring awareness and constructive action to our current environmental condition.


We did in our lives .. they saw us .. and they are doing it again !!


People are using too many plastic these days which might cause many problems to the environment. Because of the over limit use of plastic; it can be found in landfills, stuck on the trees and many floating in the ocean. It is effective because plastic takes hundred of years to break down. As they break down, they release a poisonous material into the water and soil which kills the species. Some experts predict that within 10 years, the plastic bags will wash up the world if they are not recycled and reused.


This picture and information were a part of my project =)

Let's Keep Our Environment Clean

a story with some advices for children =)


Taken By Me =)

Welcome to to the beach, a haven for dog walkers and coffee drinkers. A special congratulations on picking up your dog mess, only to lob it into the dunes and leave it in a bag for the next hundred years. Shame on you........


Two ladies on their way to sell plastics and papers,even collecting it on the go.

No Green Leaves, No red Flowers. Harsh environment damage, still we have to survive and help our family face this reality - Mr & Mrs. Crow


Photo: Taken in Marina Beach Chennai

Due to global warming and green house effect our coastal areas are in constant threat of being extincted!These coastal areas are still vulnerable of the last cyclones "Sidr" and "Aila".The sea level is rising constantly!!On this World Environment Day we hope to save the world for our own sake!


pic taken from teknaf,cox's bazar,Bangladesh



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From an industrial area where they crush and process stone as they extract from large tunnels in the mountains. Then it is shipped with big boats to it`s destination.

During this weekend's clean-up I decided to pull the heater out of my pond. I'm excited to report all my happy little fish did endure the winter.

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