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studio: 90cm octa from above, 70x40 softbox downside up fill

outdoor: EL Ranger with 40x40 softbox left, 40x90 stripe right fil

Nikon D3x

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This is another shot of the egret I chased all over the place. I do think he enjoyed the "game" of playing tag with a human. And I was a sucker to go along with it. But little does he know, I got a pretty cool shot out of the deal. I just love this one of him perched and looking quite comfy in his natural environment.


Hope your week is going well. I am off work the rest of the week and plan to enjoy a nice long weekend in my natural Cheers :-)


We can help the environment

I look in the dictionary and the name os this is "cocoon", And from here will be born butterflies!!!

Casulo em português...e daqui nascem borboletas!!!!

Shot @ River Side, Near Kolkata, 2014


All Rights Reserved.2014 :copyright: @k@sh Bhattacharya Photography

Pentax k1000

Fuji Acros 100

Stand developed,

Tetenal 1-100, 1 hour,

Adofix, 1-4, 4 and a half minutes.



studio: 90cm octa from above left, 70x40 softbox downside up fill

outdoor: EL Ranger with 40x40 softbox right

Nikon D3x

common blue in his habitat during sunrise.


Just a little bit more patience before they are back :-)


Taken withe the sigma 180mm f/2.8 macrolens.

The view on the opposites side of the lake. Theres a little part of the blue sky befor it gets fully cloudy.

Artwork surreal environment

Climate change and its threat to the ecosystem.

Museum of Tomorrow- Rio de Janeiro


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Environment, beach in Normandie

*Working Towards a Better World

The Un is busy trying to create world cooperation to work at stopping global warming and protecting our environment. People all over the world are out in numbers supporting their effort, it looks as if countries may change their behavior and take action in order to create a better climate and world? Let's hope so!


UN Climate Summit Signals Shape of Negotiations Around Agreement

harar - ethiopia


yujapi © all rights reserved

It truly kills me from inside when you see such stunning clouds with amazing sunset moment that is ruined by trash on the beach and smokes from factories !!


Do people really leave trash like this at their home ? in their room ? if yes , then they really have something wrong with them !


Also , didn't these factories heard about something called Filters !!


It's just a feeling that being reflected by an environment that try to show us its pretty side for the sake of taking care of it !


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Bee's now frogs what next

A brick field...near Dhaka City

A brick field ... near Dhaka city.


In Latin America, where growing numbers of people die every year taking a stand against violent land seizures and harmful environmental activities, a new political agreement promises protection.

It comes too late for environmental defenders such as Isidro Baldenegro López and Berta Cáceres, shot ...


Politics & Economics, The Americas environment, Latin America, Social Justice

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