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I love running ubuntu especially with unity , wondered why there weren't any linux featured desktops yet.

The design is beautiful and it works flawless, some tweaks needed to run photoshop or something like that but vmware work wonderful for those tasks.


'Programs' in the unity bar :

Nautilus a.k.a explorer for folders

Ubuntu software center : Great place to get any type of software.



Terminal : Must have for quick tasks!

Vmware workstation




Banshee media player

Aptana Studio 3.0

Desktop switcher


Runing Win 7 with shortcuts and icons tweeks


Wallpaper can be found here


Can't really remember which icon set im using ;)


Respect for the time

work smart with useful tools

and music is my inspiration all of the day


enjoy :D

This is the place where I live like heaven. I usually don't like to see my desktop to be like a waste bin by throwing all the icons everywhere and making it too crowded. I think this make some pretty nice shot! Basically I LOVE MINIMALIST DESIGN. :)

My desktop with a 2011 iMac with the following specs:

3.4 GHz Intel Core i7

4 GB Memory


AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2048 M


Mac OS X Lion

I just love simple and clean desktops and that is why I keep mine as clean as possible. Your workspace reflects exactly how a person is in real life and I know I am organized as this desktop is. :)

Hi Envato! Here's my submission to Featured Desktops. :)


I change my Mac's "theme" every month and I decided to go for a "happy" and stickers" look for June 2011.


I'm not a big fan of icons on my desktop, so all you'll see is the sunny wallpaper and the stickers dock. I only keep apps that I use everyday on my dock, so it's pretty short and clean too.


I used IconFactory's Stickers icon and dock set. It's one of my favorites. Hope you guys like it! :)