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Sylvia Vandross gave me a great quote... paraphrased... "We ask for volunteers in the neighborhood, persons who can't get jobs, who help us in the planting and the harvesting, and sometimes we give them a small stipend when we sell the produce that grows. It is very rewarding."


Sylvia... give me your better quote, this is what I remember.


Thank you for the soil enrichment ideas - we have the sand-box soil in my part of Florida, you have the red-clay - and thank the college and school volunteers who helped you out in these frames, on that Saturday, May 5, 2018, in Greenville, South Carolina.

Thought she is on vacation?! I guess she didn't have enough of the squirl monkies at work. She get to talk to the owner of the place and the handler about some enrichment ideas. The good part is that they care for their animals too