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with thanks to Dirk Wyst and Skeletal Mess for textures...

Honoured to be featured on Front Page of Perfection in Pictures Supreme Images

April 2012

Wow - so proud to be on the front page of Excellent Gallery 30 April 2012

thank you for featuring this shot on the front page of The World we Live In May 2012

Where joy sometimes lies


Skeletalmess texture

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"De toute beauté ! Les couleurs sont très belles !" / "How lovely ! The colours are beautiful !" 'FLORENCE.V / )


"Incantevole paesaggio ! " / "Un paysage ravissant ! " (Nino BUTTITTA / )

Polperro in Cornall, is a 13th century fishing village, originally belonging to the ancient Raphael manor mentioned in the Domesday Book


Texture (with thanks) Anna Lenabem

Copyright for this image are reserved to Abdulaziz Malallah


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A light morning mist rising over the River Derwent just below the weir.

Derwent Edge is a Millstone Grit escarpment that lies above the Upper Derwent Valley in the Peak District National Park in the English county of Derbyshire. The Millstone Grit forms the edge of the high peat moorland plateau on the eastern side of the valley above Ladybower Reservoir, the edges being the last remains of the gritstone which originally covered all of the Peak District, most of which was scraped off by glaciers in the last ice age. An Ordnance Survey column marks the highest point of the Edge at Back Tor at a height of 538 metres (1765 feet). North of Back Tor the edge extends into Howden Edge and enters the county of South Yorkshire.

HDR processed in Photomatrix

It's true you know...


DEVON is a large county in southwestern England


The name "Devon" derives from the ancient Dumnonia, which was home to the independent kingdom of Brythonic Celtic speaking people who inhabited this area of the southwestern peninsula of Britain continuously from through the Roman era until partial absorption into the English-speaking Kingdom of Wessex some time in the eighth or ninth century.

I had a really tough and frustrating morning today. Breaking a golden rule of not moving locations I just couldn't seem to find anywhere that wasn't clagged in mist though it was evident certain spots had breaks.


Went to Ramshaw Rocks in the end for sunrise and couldn't see more than 50m away so decided to drive about a bit then head home.


This shot was actually on the way home near Crowdecote and justified getting out of the car.


Quite pleased with it actually, definitely something different that you wouldn't see much.



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This shot was chosen by Pushkar Raj Sharma as Street & Repeat's Standout Shot for Edas Wong's Instruction 11 "Treat streets as a playground, take shots with imagination".


Pushkar said: "the stepping position and that gazing eyes is top notch to support your playground story! well seen"


In July 2015, this image won Maciej Dakowicz's Picture of the Month Facebook Competition:


Featured by APF Magazine in March 2016:


In August 2016, finalist in The Street Collective Beachlife Public Project:


Featured in my seaside series:

Another from the local Country Park.

It takes lots of faffing around with focusing to get eye shots, so I have to shoot my own eyes so as not to try the patience of the girls.

Wishing England a good game this afternoon and may you win!

Taken on way down from St Sunday's Crag whilst out with St Tees walking group.

Birmingham University, England


The Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower, or simply Old Joe, is a clock tower and campanile located in Chancellor's court at the University of Birmingham, in the suburb of Edgbaston.


It is the tallest free-standing clock tower in the world, although its actual height is the subject of some confusion. The university lists it as both 110 metres (361 ft) and 99 metres (325 ft) tall, whereas other sources state that it is 100 metres (328 ft) tall.


The tower was built to commemorate Joseph Chamberlain, the first Chancellor of the University (with the commemoration being carved into the stone at the tower's base), although one of the original suggested names for the clock tower was the 'Poynting Tower', after one of the earliest professors at the University, Professor John Henry Poynting.


The nicknames Old Joe, or simply The Clock Tower are used by the student population and local residents.


A prominent landmark in Birmingham, the grade II listed tower can be seen for miles around the campus, and has become synonymous with the University itself. There is a superstition, taken seriously amongst some students of the University, that if they walk through the tower's archway when it chimes, they will fail their degree.


Source Wikipedia

"Wonderful image and processing ! Like a step back in time." / "Une image et un post-traitement magnifiques ! Comme un retour dans le passé."

(etva101 / )

Hello again friends.


Delighted to be back again. Flickr is like another kind of home to me.

I feel like we've all grown up together! I will never leave.


Lots of new work to enjoy soon.....


Technical info:

RAW file

F11 - 1/25

ISO 200

Handheld 35mm

imagined as 16:9

Micro fill


(64 bit)


Lightroom 5.2


Colour shift

High Pass Sharpening

High Pass Contrast

Selective burning




Black and White Photography, Fine Art photography


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