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I'll comment tomorrow because I need my energy today rebuilding my website to prepare it for my plans for the coming year with a lot of nice items on photography. I inform you when there is something interesting for you in the photo description.

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Created for the Vivid Art Group Contest Vivid New Energy


Treat This 238 in the Kreative People Group


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Energía positiva para empezar semana

Positive energy to start the week

ENERGY Weekend price. Event 31- August 2


The event starts on Friday 01:00 pm slt and ends on Sunday 11:59 pm slt. just for 50L!


A U R U S - Candy Bento Nails -Maitreya & Slink


A U R U S - Alice Bento Nails - Maitreya & Slink


A U R U S - Alexandra Bento Nails - Maitreya & Slink




Kinky Event

mute swan, cygnus olor


Ryuichi Sakamoto: Energy flow

Continuing with my Positive Flags of the Nations

project with a tribute to Energy.


Positive energy evokes more energy, more initiative, and more happiness.



Give out what you want to get back.



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Energy is the key to creativity. Energy is the key to life.


William Shatner


There was a very low tide off New Brighton at 0.6m which reveals the wreck of The SS Denham that succumbed to a mine in 1946.


It's around a mile or so out and is only revealed at very low water. I'd been wanting to make the walk out for a while.


After a 20-30 minute walk across the sands you reach the wreck. Got some nice images which I need to process but because you are so far off the prom the skies seem huge and the wind farms seem so much closer.


Quite creepy being so far out, even with the knowledge that low tide wasn't for another 30 minutes....

Clean Energy in Vila do Conde

Genius is that energy which collects, combines, amplifies, and animates.


~Samuel Johnson

Serra da Freita wind energy park view

A big Tree and a little man. The sky. The roots. Static solemnity and vibrant energy. A strange connection. Emotions, many emotions. The magic of a moment that seems eternal.


Un grande Albero e un piccolo uomo. Il cielo. Le radici. La solennità statica e l’energia vibrante. Una strana connessione. Emozioni, tante emozioni. La magia di un attimo che sembra eterno.


"Di luce e di parole"

Progetto on the road insieme all'amico Fulvio che sovente mi accompagna nelle mie scorribande fotografiche.

E no, lui non fotografa, lui osserva. Osserva con la curiosità di un bambino, per cui tutto è nuovo, tutto merita un'attenzione.

Molte volte è lui ad indicarmi un dettaglio o una scena particolare.

Molte volte, poi, mi richiede degli scatti da pubblicare sui suoi social.

Mi ritrovo quindi il computer colmo dei suoi ritratti, ed allora perchè non usarli?

Io ci metto la luce, lui le parole. Piccoli testi e pensieri a commento dell'immagine.


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Energy plant on Lake Michigan.

Waukegan, Illinois

Transporting Energy across the River Elbe from North to South

High-voltage transmission line over the Rhine river near Uerdingen, Germany


Hochspannungsfernleitung über den Rhein in der Nähe von Uerdingen.

Dagebüll - Marschland 2019

Something different:

I alway wondered about these strange forests. A little research taught me that this is an energy forest, the trees I assume are poplars. I thought the line-up of trees could be a great motive for panning.


(Energy forestry is a form of forestry in which a fast-growing species of tree or woody shrub is grown specifically to provide biomass or biofuel for heating or power generation.)

New Post

Featuring Catwa,Maitreya,Kuni,Oxydate & Lunar


Credits ♥ - Energy Fools The Magician - Brian Eno

NEW from Junk Food - Hydrate Flasks Gacha ~ Gachaland

[DD] Get fit set ~ The Liaison Collaborative

CREDITS at Her Sketchbook

Solar Energy - August 21 2020 - Expressionism Van Gogh BC - TS2 LR


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Energieberg Georgswerder: a rubbish tip being converted into an "energy hill"

Energy is the language I understand best. Energy is the vibration I trust. Pose, Flow of Energy, is by Ink Gallery Poses and can be found on Market Place

It does look like he just had his energy drink, that marker looks like a soda pop can:-)

Actually he went flying across the pond not leaving the water.

Windpark Krammer is an initiative of the two civil wind cooperatives Deltawind and Zeeuwind. Together they realize the largest citizens' initiative in the Netherlands: 34 wind turbines with a combined capacity of 102 MW on the Krammersluizen, on the border of the Zeeland islands and the South Holland Goeree-Overflakkee. Construction started at the end of 2016, the first turbines will provide power at the end of 2017 and the park will be completed in 2019.


The cooperatives have been active for more than 25 years. Together they have realized 39 wind turbines and 53 MW in Zeeland and at Goeree-Overflakkee. Further expansion is planned for the coming years. The more than 4000 members - all islanders - are the owners and financiers of these wind farms. Wind from and for the region.


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C'est le premier navire à hydrogène 100% propre qui est venu s'amarrer sur les quais de Nantes avant de faire le tour du monde avec 101 escales afin de tester tous ses équipements.

Il faut dire que ce catamaran de 30,5 m de long, 12,8 m de large et de 30 tonnes est un véritable laboratoire flottant pouvant atteindre 8 à 10 nœuds de vitesse avec:

- 2 éoliennes verticales

- des panneaux solaires

- une hydrolienne

- une pile à hydrogène, clé de voute du projet car l'hydrogène est produit directement à partir de l'eau de mer


La propulsion est donc assurée par des moteurs électriques.


Aurélien Erussard, le président d'Energy Observer et Jéröme Delafosse, chef d'expédition, se donnent 6 ans pour tester toutes les combinaisons et possibilités dans un maximum de conditions sur toutes les mers du monde.


Bon courage, on compte sur vous !!!

Dronten, Flevoland, IJsselmeer, and left in the background Lelystad

Dark energy survives and is living – The law of the Big Bang (factors inside the stars will cause the laws of physics to be broken) – Chance (things happen for a reason) – Laws of Nature (things that happen have to be due to some initial causes) – Consciousness (what it is, why it exists, why is it "I" rather than something else or "me" – From Singularity to a Universal Theory of Mind) – Finding your Life purpose (what are your talents?) – Finding a purpose in life (what will make your life meaningful?) Expanding, it finds new ways to generate life.



I want to know what dark matter and dark energy are comprised of. They remain a mystery, a complete mystery. No one is any closer to solving the problem than when these two things were discovered.


Neil deGrasse Tyson


Peace To All!


Thoughts & Ideas,

Joseph Kravis

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“I gave you all my energy and I took away your pain

‘Cause human beings are destined to radiate or drain

What line do we stand upon ’cause from here looks the same?

And only scars remain . . .”


Credits. . .

The lovely Yorkshire Wolds from Garrowby Hill with fields of golden wheat and the odd one or two power stations on the horizon both supplying the energy we need to live today.

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