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Sincerity from Designs by Helly @TDC

ACTION: Embellisher by Wendyzine Scraps @TDC

photo by Anastasia Serdyukov

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thank you Miss JJj for your inspiration about the name of this Brooch

Mixed Media Collage made with the Embellisher

about 24 x 35 cm

available in my shop (view profile for shop details)

about 7 cm high

Wool Needlefelt

hand embroideries


a girl can never have too many houses to wear!

I sell each of them !!!!

20 x 20 cm

done with my Embellisher and hand embroidered


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29 x 20 cm - die Anleitung in deutsch - 30 Seiten - kann nun bestellt werden!

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The tutorial in English is also ready

My spring is green

10 x 15 cm

In my Embellisher Yahoo group we'll make a card every months in this Year.

6 cm high

made with the Embellishe

these are for freinds a little gift


more in my shopBlog

available in my shop (view profile for shop details)


embroidery on a bottom made with the embellisher, panted cotton, silk and wool

Yes, it is true - here my first Christmas cards

10 x 15 cm

mixed media

and a House motive :-))


house #64- #69

The larger one is fabric machine quilted onto felt with a decorative machine stitch, embellished with fabric tiles and sequins. The edges are finished with hand buttonhole stitch. The smaller ones are fabric, wool fleece(roving) silk scraps and fancy yarns needlepunched on the embellisher machine, quilted with decorative machine stitching and embellished with beads, sequins and hand embroidery.


Awaiting closures!


Things I love Thursday - my friend Julie's beautiful quilt inspired by the colours of St. Ives, a beautiful rusty boat, tranquil waters, reflections, rust textures on a boat in St. Ives harbour and textiles inspired by it


1. St Ives stroll 2. Boat / Photography 3. SS 716 4. PZ in textiles


Love Stitching Red and Carolyn Saxby - Mixed Media Textile Art


I'm especially happy about the shading of the wing feathers. The varied thrush is closely related to the American robin.

Needle-felted background. Wool and synthetics felted on an embellisher machine. Hand embroidered bird and details. In preparation for my "In the Garden" exhibition at Circle Craft Gallery with Vanessa Thackray Cunningham, May 31-June 18 2013.

7” x 5”

12" x 15" framed

Both sides of the heart now complete.

BabyLock Embellisher used to machine needlefelt this southwestern themed landscape. I've been working on this for 2 to 3 months... off & on. Deciding whether it needs some defining free motion topstitching. Size is 11.5 inches by 29 inches.

Textile Challenge House Swap

Made for Michelle.

Bottom of the house is lutradur that I painted. The thatched roof is yarn felted on embellisher...


5" x 7"

At 5,500 light years distant, the GREAT FLOWER EYE NEBULA is sprawling across hundreds of light-years. Alternatively known as the BLOOM OF DARK SKY NEBULA or XBY-000-01 this emission nebula mixes glowing cosmic gas and dark dust clouds. Stars are forming in this area in the high and far off constellation of Mad Crafter.



This unique needle felted brooch was born after I got some gorgeous one-of-a-kind spinning batts made by Steph Gorin of Loop. The textures, shades and glitzes of these beauties inspired me to create again Universe inspired items and to bring some magical images from outer space to the earth.


The brooch is needle felted by hand and with felting machine/embellisher onto cheer fabric and could be worn on everyday clothing or evening gown, on hat or bag...


Brooch is adorned with small shiny seed beads.There is safety pin on the back.


This brooch measures approx 9,5 cm X 11 cm / 3.75" X 4.33"


More pictures:



not finished, I'm working on it...

embellisher, machine and hand stitching

This is done on dyed curtain interlining with scraps of silk and washingup cloths needle punched on. The cross stitch is in variegated stranded and perle cotton.

Friday, October 09, 2009

This is a Fast Friday Fabric Challenge #37. The first one I've done in a year. The theme was outer space.

The planets are flying willy nilly through the sky.

The little dog is saying "They took Pluto away. WHY?"

22-1/2" x 24-3/4"

I was asked how I made the planets. The following is how I did them:

I was looking for a sky showing the planets on the internet but the only thing I found was a picture of them, individually, in a vertical row.

1. The large brownish one in the top left hand corner was just fabric painted with shiva paints.

2. The orange one to the right of it was a red fabric covered with orange sari silk.

3. The light blue near the top was a shiny, ravelly fabric. I don't know what the fabric was but I covered it with a layer of netting and then tulle on top of that.

4. I think I used a jersey like material for Saturn and painted it lightly with shiva paints. Saturn's ring was just a piece of silver lining from a peanut brittle box.

5. The dark blue, just above the dog, was just a piece of soft wool. I made pock marks on it with the heat gun. The marks don't really show up unless you are very close to it..

6. The small brownish one beside the blue was just a piece of cotton fabric. The name of it was "bookbinders". I bought that many years ago and hated to cut into it because it was so pretty.

7. The big red one on the bottom was a paper towel that I had used to wipe up some spilled tsukineko inks many months ago. Of course it was scrunched up at one time. (This is my favorite).

8. And last, but not least, the one on the bottom had the same soft wool used for the darker blue as a base with green and red yarns felted into it using my embellisher.

I will see if I can add the above to the blog entry.


Okay, so maybe three isn't a stack, but it's the beginning of a stack. All three of these birds are hand embroidered on a machine needle-felted piece of wool. I've had an embellisher/felting machine for a while now, but I haven't been using it much until now. It makes a nice background for hand embroidery. I've felted yarns, fleece, threads and roving into the surface of the wool and then added hand embroidery throughout.

Top to bottom: spotted towhee, varied thrush, Northern flicker

Full pictures coming soon.

Preparing for my exhibition "In the Garden" at Circle Craft Gallery with weaver Vanessa Thackray Cunningham, May 31-June 18, 2013.

needlefelted postcard,

handembroidery; couching, satinstitch and buttonhole stitch

traded with Terri


Soft box made from a square of 'embellisher' fabric decorated with bonnet stitch in cotton perle. The fabric is a piece of dyed wool blanket machine needle punched with scraps of silk and wool roving, then handstitched in wool and finally machine stitched in matching matt and shiny thread to blend in all the colours.

Pink and green embellisher play with machine and hand embroidery.

Southwestern landscape created with Babylock Embellisher. Fiber art made by attaching dupioni silk, merino wool, yarn & angelina for sparkle on to denim base fabric.

When I sew it together the rough bark tree will be on the side and the distant tree will be on the other side... That is the plan!

Pink and green embellisher play with machine and hand embroidery.

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