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embellisher, machine and hand stitching

embroidery on a bottom made with the embellisher, panted cotton, silk and wool

Things I love Thursday - my friend Julie's beautiful quilt inspired by the colours of St. Ives, a beautiful rusty boat, tranquil waters, reflections, rust textures on a boat in St. Ives harbour and textiles inspired by it


1. St Ives stroll 2. Boat / Photography 3. SS 716 4. PZ in textiles


Love Stitching Red and Carolyn Saxby - Mixed Media Textile Art


Yes, it is true - here my first Christmas cards

10 x 15 cm

mixed media

and a House motive :-))


house #64- #69

these are for freinds a little gift

Both sides of the heart now complete.

The larger one is fabric machine quilted onto felt with a decorative machine stitch, embellished with fabric tiles and sequins. The edges are finished with hand buttonhole stitch. The smaller ones are fabric, wool fleece(roving) silk scraps and fancy yarns needlepunched on the embellisher machine, quilted with decorative machine stitching and embellished with beads, sequins and hand embroidery.


Awaiting closures!


Mixed Media Collage made with the Embellisher

about 24 x 35 cm

Textile Challenge House Swap

Made for Michelle.

Bottom of the house is lutradur that I painted. The thatched roof is yarn felted on embellisher...


5" x 7"

not finished, I'm working on it...

I'm especially happy about the shading of the wing feathers. The varied thrush is closely related to the American robin.

Needle-felted background. Wool and synthetics felted on an embellisher machine. Hand embroidered bird and details. In preparation for my "In the Garden" exhibition at Circle Craft Gallery with Vanessa Thackray Cunningham, May 31-June 18 2013.

7” x 5”

12" x 15" framed

This is done on dyed curtain interlining with scraps of silk and washingup cloths needle punched on. The cross stitch is in variegated stranded and perle cotton.

Okay, so maybe three isn't a stack, but it's the beginning of a stack. All three of these birds are hand embroidered on a machine needle-felted piece of wool. I've had an embellisher/felting machine for a while now, but I haven't been using it much until now. It makes a nice background for hand embroidery. I've felted yarns, fleece, threads and roving into the surface of the wool and then added hand embroidery throughout.

Top to bottom: spotted towhee, varied thrush, Northern flicker

Full pictures coming soon.

Preparing for my exhibition "In the Garden" at Circle Craft Gallery with weaver Vanessa Thackray Cunningham, May 31-June 18, 2013.

needlefelted postcard,

handembroidery; couching, satinstitch and buttonhole stitch

traded with Terri


Soft box made from a square of 'embellisher' fabric decorated with bonnet stitch in cotton perle. The fabric is a piece of dyed wool blanket machine needle punched with scraps of silk and wool roving, then handstitched in wool and finally machine stitched in matching matt and shiny thread to blend in all the colours.

The future bride will be wearing a gorgeous antique dress and had some scraps of silk from a matching scarf, so I suggested creating an antique-look accessory made from the soft, muted, pink silk,

White velvet was used as a base, and embroidered with a variety of beads, embroidery on net and embellished silk borders.


I am working on the beaded edging and will make the fastening from velvet loops and pearl buttons for a romantic finish

on linnen,, wool ,fantasie yarn , beads

available in my shop (view profile for shop details)

about 7 cm high

Wool Needlefelt

hand embroideries


a girl can never have too many houses to wear!

I sell each of them !!!!

Travail en cours. Organza et laine feutrée à l'Embellisher.

With thanks to Isabell for the suggestion :)

about 21 x 30 cm

Felt, Pearls, Embroidery, Embellisher

Post Card--First attempt at using my new embellisher.

The background is the little dog ears cut from triangles.

The flower is angelina fiber and the leaf is felt. Completely done with the embellisher.

December 27, 2008

Spotted towhee, male.

Needle-felted background. Wool and synthetics felted on an embellisher machine. Hand embroidered bird and details. In preparation for my "In the Garden" exhibition at Circle Craft Gallery with Vanessa Thackray Cunningham, May 31-June 18 2013.

5 ½” x 3 ½”

9" x 11" framed


I have done this already in May, however, I did not know how I should finish it.

Now I have strengthened it so. the fact that the gate can stand alone.


I love stories about doors full of secret and sometime they can be open for a walk in a wonderland of my dreams .


Now I have my own secret gate


About 22 x 29 cm

mixed media

This is a piece of gold printed sari silk needle punched by machine onto a piece of dyed felted wool fabric. The needles did not like the metallic paint so it made an interesting texture because the painted bits did not get felted. This was very hard on the needles, though, they kept jumping and sliding, so I don't think I will do it again!

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