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getting a little more advanced in my usage of org mode, here is a typical day.

I'm just showing Robbie some neat things on his eMac. I think in this picture I was showing him a bit how to program in this awesome programming language Python ( Later that I found perhaps the best text editor in the world. I love it. It's called TextMate and it can do everything (

Twitter's new bed (by Filipe and Apple): old pillow + old emac

G-EMAC Robinson R.22 Beta @ Newtownards Airfield 01/11/2015

This is my Desk created using five different exposures over lapped using the new HDR Photoshop CS5 Feature, which I think works pretty good :D


So how is it?

In case it's not visible enough: count the fingers.

(And actually, I rather like emacs - but I like even more emacs jokes :p)


I'm not very satified with the way I did the fake tatt, but I'm not sure how to improve it, and not sure I want to change anything to that now.

BTW, woooh, layers groups are very handy.


A similar joke can be found here

android development with emacs

So it's taken two days to totally gut my room (that's how much stuff I have LOL) and now finally its down to a bare minimum. With the emptying complete the ceiling can be painted tomorrow :D. Thought I'd do a quick self portrait of myself in my very empty room.


The marks on the walls are sandpaper marks from where I've had to remove them annoying double sided sticky pads LOL.


Will post shots when done

Removing the titles of its former operator.

The ultimate keyboard for Emacs users! Now all I need to do is build a Symbolics to USB converter (easier said than done)

G-EMAC Robinson R.22 Beta @ Newtownards Airfield 01/11/2015

Which apple do you prefer?

What is a good text editor on Linux


If you would like to use this photo, be sure to place a proper attribution linking to

PG thought it'd be a good idea for me to help Steve with the programming of reddit.

emacs stuff


This is example usage of the test framework I'm soon to put on my site.

Lots of fixed eMacs waiting to be returned to service, read more at:

You know eMac's really do pack a punch =P



Tons of thanks to the #emacs community on for helping me make this better! =D

G-EMAC - Robinson R22 Beta - 3234 - Unique Helicopters (NI) Ltd - Newtownards Airfield - Sunday - 01-11-2015

Our 10 year old daughter also joins us so this space allows us all to work together.

G-EMAC - Robinson R22 Beta - 3234 - Unique Helicopters (NI) Ltd - Newtownards Airfield - Sunday - 01-11-2015

emacs stuff


One of my old analogue monitors was about ready to give in so I went online and got some new ones (what recession?) and bought twin 24"-ers. I should have got one because they're just huge. The shot is of them both, vertical orientation.


I'd never work with the above layout (I generally stick to a couple of windows on one of the monitors, the other for conkeror usually) but did that to demonstrate how cool going tall rather than wide is.

A la izquierda tenemos un fichero con codigo lex (para que sea parseado por un analizador léxico), a la derecha el código java que genera el analizador léxico, abajo el resultado de la compilación (ejecución de un microscript de shell)

Old eMac, G4 I still have it now

Whenever I learn something new topic, I always find myself wishing there was a bird's-eye view so that I can get a sense of what's related to what and what I can easily learn about next. The Org manual is great, but it can be a little intimidatingly awesome. Here are some concepts that you might recognize from what you've already learned about Org, and some tips on what you may want to learn about next. Comment or e-mail me at if you have questions - I'd love to help fill in the gaps!



My color theme for Emacs

Just to show a little Emacs-Lisp script I wrote the other day. We're in the process of translating all our class material into English, and thought of getting some help from Google Translator. Selecting a phrase and calling the `insert-translation' function substitutes current text with its traduction into English. You know, Google Translate fails a fair bit, but it helps, and you don't have to write all the slides again... Related blog post:

My home office, right after I cleaned everything up

emacs on vista with transparency, tango color theme. Showing python, org-mode and erc buffers.

pushing some changes for the next release of emacs identica-mode while enjoying a cuban cigar

WIth three GNU Emacs frames open.

a little messy yes. I hoard.

Quickpiece, about 10 min. Meeting of Styles, Wiesbaden 2010

I made the changeover... Goodbye, faithful eMac.

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