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Hanging out with my crew last weekend at the Meeting of Styles 2010.

Great fun big tyme.


Syck - Emac - Pern - Cole Blaq

A picture of my (in)organized moleskine notebook. I used it as a buffer for my other moleskine and/or my electronic notebook (Emacs).


some notes :


The image seems to be used at various places on Internet (happy to see that sharing photos is useful) :



This is Moose, the guard hippo that protects my computer from gremlins.


He is in a festive mood and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.


I had an old tape day since my parents were gone all day (6a.m.-10:30 p.m.). I started watching tapes at 7:15 in the morning. I also wrote down every detail of the day in my journal, and funny quotes from the tapes I watched (in orange--I only use colored pens for quotes and such).


This was me about an hour and a half before I ended old tape day at about 10:15 p.m. Watching the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode entitled: Operation Double 007.

Long time ago since I made my last post. But after some people already ask me, if I have stop doing photography, I thought it is time to post at least one picture today of my trip to Lisbon last week. Greetings to all the nice people from the EMAC conference.


For the story & technique behind this shot and more, please visit my blog:


!!! creative commons: Feel free to use photos with credits and links. No commercial use without permission. For commercial use, please contact me on my website and we will find an agreement for the permission!!!

My view today of part of the Flickr word on my old Apple eMac. What a surprise - I used that computer for several years without realising the monitor looked like that!! Even the seemingly pure white background of the Flickr page is actually made up of colours on that computer - very different to the pixels of my newer laptop. Best seen in the large size - if your eyes are up to it!


Seen through my Cosina 100mm macro lens.

Lots of fixed eMacs waiting to be returned to service, read more at:

Emac 2019. Foto: Carme Ripollès (ACF).

the entire orginal manuscript for Neal Stephenson's "Baroque Cycle".


Excerpt from a note at the end of the "Quicksilver":


"The manuscript of the Baroque Cycle was written by hand on 100 percent cotton paper, using three different fountain pens: a Waterman Gentleman, a Rotring, and a Jorg Hysek. It was then transcribed, edited, formatted and printed using eMacs and TeX. When it was totally finished, the TeX version of the manuscript was converted to Quark XPress format using an eMacs LISP program written by the author."


I had forgotten that the manuscript was kept here until I came across the display, and my jaw dropped. Neal Stephenson is one of my favorite authors, and this alone was worth almost the entire trip for me, because I am big goddamn nerd.

Emac 2019. Foto: Carme Ripollès (ACF).

FULL VIDEO This is just a comilation of old footage for my EMAC final || Raw Umber Twilight By: WALLS

In the beginning was the lambda, and the lambda was with Emacs, and Emacs was the lambda.


Hallelemacs! Hallelemacs!


– OliverScholz on news:alt.religion.emacs, 2003-03-28




Algo de humor de mi otra pasion, el mundo de la programacion.


EMACS es un editor (realmente mucho mas que esto, puede hacer fetch de correo, conectarse a los newsgroups, ser un browser y muchas mas cosas gracias a que es expandible) creado por RMS atravez de la Free Software Foundation; por mucho tiempo en la red ha existido una gran discucion acerca de cual es el mejor editor VI o Emacs, para muchos como OliverScholz EMACS ha sido la opcion numero 1



Explored #416, May 15 2009

Another Buchstabensalat with all the Members of my other Crew...


SYcK, jAE, PYRO, DeGoUt, PERN, EMaC, jAnGO, DRyP nz



Emac 2019. Foto: Carme Ripollès (ACF).

Scanner art. I really like this and will probably work with the scanner again for some of my 365s. I haven't used a scanner in this way since my Emac class at Mica in 2006 so this was fun.


I enjoyed collecting the leaves too!!



This make me happy, and didn't feel it in me to shoot much today.

Before this became a tablecloth it was a wallhanging. So glad the colors go with new pad.


Bought a new phone with a bunch of chargers but I can't figure out this new, the one in the kitchen that I set up does not appear to be working.


Still not sure where the heck the voicemail is.. Do i use the machine? or the web?..


Also, can't figure out why i can't send email from my emac that is connected via ethernet. Spent time trying to send something, only to spend more time opening up a web-based email account just so I can send email. that Ive whined enought. Have a nice nite!

This is my Desk created using five different exposures over lapped using the new HDR Photoshop CS5 Feature, which I think works pretty good :D


So how is it?

Ahhh... the sweet smell of procrastination...

Actuación de Christina Rosenvinge en la segunda edición del festival Emac de Burriana. Centre Municipal de Cultura La Mercé. Domingo, 5 de febrero de 2017. Foto: Carme Ripollès.


created with emacs

Emac 2019. Foto: Paco Poyato.

Actuación de Museless en la segunda edición del festival Emac de Burriana. Centre Municipal de Cultura La Mercé. Domingo, 5 de febrero de 2017. Foto: Carme Ripollès.



3rd place


by Lisa Bartoli

ASU students gathering in the Life Sciences Courtyard on ASU's Tempe campus to show pride for their university.

The civic space is in front of ASU's Cronkite Building where one can find students relaxing every evening over the green grass under the blue sky and the great monumental outdoor sculpture, 'Sky Bloom'.

Actuación de Christina Rosenvinge en la segunda edición del festival Emac de Burriana. Centre Municipal de Cultura La Mercé. Domingo, 5 de febrero de 2017. Foto: Carme Ripollès.


A bunch of Apple eMacs, lined up like stormtroopers, with one showing a surprise.

Olympus e410, Zuiko 9-18mm


Some people have suggested that God wrote the universe in Lisp. As an athiest (with regards to God - Lisp is a whole different matter) that doesn't really fly for me. What I can say is that nature has some stunning representations of recursion and I like to think that each of the tiny blobs in this photo is representative of a fixed point of a function called cauliflower.


Generally speaking, I don't really like the taste of cauliflower, but I find it works nicely in vegetable curry so I now, for the first time ever, had an excuse to buy this wonderful variant. Quite the most lovelly vegatable I have ever had the pleasure to own :D


It's not often I can relate my dinner back to programming :-D Perhaps emacs needs a cookbook mode.


Update: It's now not clear if this is a cauliflower or a broccoli, or whether it is just the third of this family. Other outstanding questions include: "Did it evolve by natural selection or by artificial selection (human influence)?"

Segunda edición del festival Emac de Burriana. Centre Municipal de Cultura La Mercé. Domingo, 5 de febrero de 2017. Foto: Carme Ripollès.


This photo was taken from my dorm room in Manzanita in the evening. I wanted to take a photo that would demonstrate just what type of view some dorms have at ASU's Tempe campus. When you ask someone what they picture in a dorm, they picture cramped spaces and a small window. But the truth is, many dorms at ASU have great views of Tempe's beautiful scenery.


Photographer Adam Moreno"

this is a corner of a room, which is a set on the stage in a performance.

actually this is quite nice.

i believe so~~


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