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Oak Creek Wildlife Are, Yakima County, Washington. IMG_4262

A bull elk in the velvet enjoys a grass snack in the summer afternoon. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

On my dad's bucket list was to hear the elks bugle in RMNP... and it happened.

Elk near Princeton B.C. Canada

Photographed at Oak Creek Wildlife Area, Yakima County. These elk will be migrating into the mountains soon. The bulls are starting to drop their antlers I always enjoy watching the interaction between the eagles and ravens. IMG_4181

A mature elk, at right, evicts a juvenile from a patch of grass. The high-nose posture signals aggressive intent. The juvenile's posture was not a serious resistance, but something more like an expression of displeasure.

The reason for the "... of course" is that I caught this guy on the Fairmont Banff Springs golf course, the the Canadian Rockies.


If you look closely you can see the spittle flying around his lips. It gives you a pretty good idea of his opinion about how close I was!



... Just this image on Fluidr (enhanced display).




... the flickr set of images from this trip (still a WorkInProgress).

... more of my LakeLouise area images.


Best if viewed large. Photo taken at Turnbull Wildlife Refuge a few miles SE of Cheney, Washington State.

Shot taken at Point Reyes National Seashore. Tule Elk Reserve

The elk were bugling in Yellowstone Park today. It was fun see and hear them.

A happy bull elk trotting toward his large harem.


May your day be happy as well.

An elk herd in their range near Mt. Rundle. Another of the many benefits and wonders of visiting Banff.


Thanks for your visit!


Have a most wonderful weekend!


Bull Elk in Grand Teton NP Wyoming

Bull elk lose their antlers each March, but they begin to grow them back in May in preparation for the late-summer breeding season


Bull Elk, Yellowstone National Park.


Another shot of this incredible elk that was so cooperative. We were fortunate to see it relatively close to the road as we went around a bend near the Blacktail Plateau. The light at the moment was beautiful, and I am glad these photos reflect that to some degree.


I have other images in my photostream from close to this same area where the elk is in much deeper snow. I am not sure it is the same elk, but, if not, both are impressive specimens.

Rocky Mountain National Park - Colorado

Rutting Elk bull with vine stuck on antlers at Point Reyes. It's that time when the Alpha bulls are gathering a harem, and all of the other bulls are still feeling like they have a shot. Tons of bugling going on today, you can hear it even when you can't see them. Its actually a good way to locate them.

Just below the grassy knoll.

Tule Elk, Point Reyes California

With a late spring / summer the Elk are still shedding there winter coats.

After many visits to Elk Island National Park, I finally caught an Elk. This was taken shortly after sun-up. It was just below freezing and that is frost on the Elk.

A big bull Elk pauses for a cool drink from the river. He had a cow and calf just to the right, out of the frame. I was within charging distance, with no choice but to sit tight and impersonate a rock. Which I did. Along the Athabasca River in Jasper National Park, Alberta.


Don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without explicit permission.

© James R. Page - all rights reserved

A bull elk near the beginning of the fall elk rut in the Moraine Park section of RMNP. The black splotches on his antlers and coat are the last remnants of his recently shed velvet. Behind Mr. Elk the aspen trees on Eagle Cliff Mountain were beginning to turn.


Bear Lake Road, Moraine Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA. Elevation: 8,079 ft. September 10, 2015.


GPS Coordinates 40°21'21" N 105°35'1" W

Just relaxing in the shade. Hope you enjoy.


Press L for better viewing.


Copyright Kev Dickinson Photography.

Can I just say how much I love my new camera!

The elk rut in Great Smoky Mountain NP occurs in September and October. It is a stressful time for the dominate bulls. They spend most of the day and night herding cows and guarding harems, running off lesser bulls that wander into the area and fighting with bigger animals when challenged. Usually, the battles are minor and the subordinate bull quickly retreats. But sometimes, the fights are more intense, and can result in injury or even death. Bull elk can weigh up to one thousand pounds and two bulls this size can do a lot of damage to each other. One of the rangers told me, just the day before this bull was in a serious dominance battle lasting over 15 minutes in which the two bulls pushed each other up and down the valley.


Because the bull’s attention during the rut is so focused on the harem, they often don’t take the time to eat. Bulls can lose 20% of their body weight during this time of year, while other animals, including the elk cows, are gaining weight to fatten up for winter. This photo was taken near the end of the rut and this guy was looking pretty gaunt. Not only can you count his ribs but his hips and shoulders look pretty boney as well.


Cataloochee Valley, Great Smoky Mountain National Park, North Carolina, USA. Elevation: 2,837 ft. October 17, 2015.

October 1 2013 Elk County Pa. 800 mm at about 125 feet

There is a herd of about 150 elk that move up and down our valley until they migrate to higher ground in the summer. Today they were right outside the entrance of our little village.

This bull came out of the brush to pose nicely for us. The cow elk in prior post helped us spot him.


Nice when they cooperate like this.


Enjoy a wonderful Sunday!

Nikon D700 camera; Nikkor 80-400mm lens

Our house is surrounded by elk this morning. The bulls are bugling, chuckling and glunking, all het up; the cows and calves are browsing in the fields and keeping away from the bulls.

Hope Everyone had wonderful Holidays, wishing you all a safe, healthy and Happy 2015!! Enjoy


This Elk was taken in Rocky Mountain National Park. To the left of him, down the little hill is small creek, that it was just walking along. We all watched him for quite a while, then he climbed out crossed the parking lot, found himself a comfy spot and just plopped himself down and relaxed..

Elk (Wapiti, Cervus canadensis) photographed during the winter in Jasper National Park. They have to paw away the snow to reach the vegetation. Compare this to my "Summer Elk" photo.


This image is the exclusive property of its author, Roger P. Kirchen, and is protected by Canadian and international copyright laws. The use of this image, in whole or in part, for any purpose other than the private online viewing, including, but not limited to copying, reproduction, publication (including web sites and blogs), "hotlinking", storage in a retrieval system (other than an internet browser as part of its normal operation), manipulation and alteration (digital or otherwise), transmission in any form or by any means (such as, but not limited to: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, photographing, recording) is expressly prohibited without the prior written permission by Roger P. Kirchen.

All artistic and moral rights of the author are hereby asserted. Copyright :copyright: by Roger P. Kirchen. All Rights Reserved.



Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada


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