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A little texture and saturation makes for a colorful rutic scene.


Happy Slider Sunday

In keeping with posting all these elevators photos I have.. here's a nice old classic from Cherokee, IA.

The show had been amazing. The dinner afterwards was exquisite. It would have been - if they had been pay attention. They wanted to, really they did because they had been looking forward to this night for weeks. Though when the night was over, and they entered into the elevator that would lead up to their apartment, they were free to do whatever they wanted.


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left: former Sask. Wheat Pool elevator; right: Former-National Elevator Co.


The smaller green [not the annex] National elevator is believed to be the "second" oldest grain elevator in western Canada and the oldest still standing in Saskatchewan dated approx 1901-1903


Elevator in the Metro Station Hamburg Airport

Huawei P20 Pro : comp_IMG_20190526_125209-01pse

I'll drive 700 miles to photograph an old grain elevator. I found this one 3 miles from my house and I'd never really noticed it before.

Indian Head's last remaining wooden grain elevator. Originally Indian Head had a row of 12 elevators and a flour mill. The demolition was completed 2019 11 27.


Originally constructed in Avonhurst SK for North Star Grain Co. Ltd. in 1921 with a capacity 35,000 BU. It became Sask. Wheat Pool No. 652 "A" in 1927 until 1978 when it was closed and moved to Indian Head in 1979.


Ault, Colorado


This is the first time I have visited this elevator when the light was spectacular and the base wasn't littered with parked trucks and campers.

View of 3 glass elevators from the Atrium of the Carnival Spirit cruise ship.

I posted another shot late last year of this elevator with a truck passing is a version without any traffic in the foreground. Stopped here for a few shots after some aurora hunting...seen in Auroraville, WI on November 10, 2016.



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Tracks are gone.


Das Düsseldorfer Stadttor


Stadttor (Engels: stadspoort) is een wolkenkrabber van 84 m (276 voet). verdiepingen in de Unterbilk-buurt van Düsseldorf, 20 verdiepeingen Het gebouw is ontworpen door het in Düsseldorf gevestigde architectenbureau Petzinka, Overdiek en Partners en voltooid in 1998. Het markeert de zuidelijke ingang van de Rheinufer-tunnel, die daarom de parallellogramvormige plattegrond is.

Het gebouw beschikt over een atrium met 15 verdiepingen en dubbele gevels, waardoor natuurlijke ventilatie ook op hoger gelegen verdiepingen mogelijk is. Het totale bruto vloeroppervlak is ongeveer 30.000 m2 (320.000 sq ft). [4] Sinds 1999 is de stadspoort de zetel van de staatskanselarij van de premiers van Noord-Rijnland-Westfalen.


Stadttor (English: City gate) is a 20-storey 84 m (276 ft) skyscraper in Unterbilk neighborhood of Düsseldorf, Germany. The building was designed by Düsseldorf-based architecture firm Petzinka, Overdiek und Partner and completed in 1998. It marks the Southern entrance of Rheinufertunnel, which is also reason for its parallelogram-shaped floor plan.

The building features a 15-story atrium and a double-facades, allowing natural ventilation even on higher elevation floors. The total gross floor area is some 30,000 m2 (320,000 sq ft) .[4] Since 1999, the Stadttor is seat of the state-chancellery of the Prime ministers of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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The Face

Kenny Rolands

Pose Fair (opens May 4th)

Rama Salon


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As soon was walking to the elevator that’s when my phone rang. The ringtone told me it was you . . .


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An old grain elevator shows off its odd but geometric built structure and materials.

(Clarksville IA)

Have a Great Weekend!

Another shot of this old building.


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Workin' for the company

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I'm gonna have a fantasy

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They tell me that love is blind

I really need a girl like an open book

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Love in an elevator

Livin' it up when I'm goin' down

Love in an elevator

Lovin' it up 'til I hit the ground


Jacki's in the elevator

Lingerie second floor

She said 'can I see you later

And love you just a little more?'

I kinda hope we get stuck

nobody gets out alive

She said I'll show ya how to fax in the mailroom honey

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Love in an elevator

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goin' down


Love in an elevator

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Love in an elevator

Lovin' it up when I hit the ground


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Love in an elevator

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Love in an elevator

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für Ulrike


... Bilder Beute - trotz eines "neurotischen" Empfangsschefs ;-)


f 9,0

1/30 s

2000 ISO

24 mm

interior details

T1 Mall Of Tallinn

How would you feel if you get stuck in an elevator with way too many people, a dragon and a leopard?!


I can tell it is disturbing af. This event, created by Bryn Oh and Ini In, totally got me out of my comfort zone. I never expected that it is even possible in SL. Genius idea and convincing implementation. Bravo!!!


ELEVATOR by Bryn Oh and Ini In | BlueOrange

Mokrá, Czech Republic – 2014, October 03


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Landtag NRW


Gothia Towers is the largest hotel in the Nordic countries. It has 1.200 rooms and 11 suites and offers a variety of restaurants and bars. In 2014, the Upper House was inaugurated in the second tower, a five-star hotel within the hotel. The Upper House has an awarded restaurant and an exclusive 3-floor spa with an outdoor glass bottom pool on the 19th floor.


The first tower was built in 1984 and the second in 2001. The third tower was built between 2011-2014.


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As seen in Marks & Spencers department store, Moorgate, London.

Shoving into a cut of loaded hoppers, two C30-7s switch out Tyson before heading back the CSX interchange in Humbolt, TN.


A conveniently-timed red cab sits under the elevator unloading corn to be loaded into the covered hoppers on the adjacent track.

Do you ever feel like going to the salt mine just before the elevator door opens to work.

Elevator Lookout Amsterdam

This is for Patti (aka: Jayhawk Explorer) - Who inspired me with her excellent presentations of grain elevators.

Check out her photo stream sometime:


I applied some Topaz filters and some of my own texturing.

Happy Sliders Sunday (HSS)


Northern Bohemia - Retirement home

Thanks Megan for your help :)


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