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My Artist album.

Thanks a lot for your time, your likes and your comments.


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Thank you all for your support over the year. Hope everyone has a great Christmas.

Mejor en grande (3 fotos)


Mírate al espejo todas la mañanas cuando te levantes, y pregúntate si estás haciendo lo que quieres hacer. Cuando una mañana no lo creas............cambia.


(eso si,,,,ahora mejor espérate un poco....que con lo de la crisis uf¡¡¡¡)


Ánimo Ángel..........esta foto es para ti...

(tranqui, hoy a las 00:00h será miércoles entiendes no?)


electronic heroe

Gracias por no dejar Flickr. ¡¡ dales caña ¡¡¡¡


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Next Saturday the 22th at SL noon (21 h. Europe)


Music selected by Favio Piek.


Exhibition of a new selection of photos from the "Tango at Arrabal" group. Thanks to all for sending all these great pics!


Arrabal Tango Club


[Poster: Ludmilla Writer]

Press "L" please


iPhone - Hipstamatic - Bibbiena - Febbraio 2013

High Street, Rye, Sussex

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watch the full version here::


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Machinima by >> lyric lundquist and sevent uriza


SIM by >> skills hak "insilico"


thank you lyric for let my make a remix


thank you skills for the fantastic place ( INSILICO )


thank you Jackie Graves for the great outfit

Brussels based composer and electronic musician Cédric Dambrain.

Since my local Radio Shack is about to close, I've been stocking up on things I would usually go there for. I've been organizing everything on this pegboard to create my own little Radio Shack.

Fun in the sun with our electronic friends

detail of Electronic Castaways fabric on Spoonflower.

Warm Hello to all my Friends.

Home Made - Paris - France -


I'm feeling a little better, but a new bad trip is at the horizon !!!

くまね Kumane

/ 動物 Animal : くま Bear

/ 特技 Special Skill : 楽器の演奏 Playing Instruments

Finally finished it tonight.


I'd like to figure out some way to make the eyelids open and close also..

one experiment leads to another

leads to another

leads to another

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